Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 285: Your Wife is Very Fortunate

Chapter 285: Your Wife is Very Fortunate

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Mo Ting and Tangning were to meet the French Director at his manor, so Mo Ting led Tangning there in low-profile. However, en route to the manor, Mo Ting discovered a black car trailing them.

It wasn't hard to confirm who it was, as their camera equipment reflected in the sun. But, Mo Ting pretended not to notice as his lips curved up into a smile. He then sped up the car and soon drove into the garage of the manor.

Upon seeing the man, Tangning realized Mo Ting had come to see the French Director, Coque.

In the international circles he was extremely well-known and had previously won the Oscar for Best Director. However, after getting married and dedicating more time to his daughter, his productions had decreased in quantity.

Perhaps it was because his wife was overseas and he had to take care of his daughter on his own, he looked extremely worn out. The little brat was currently clinging to his thigh unwilling to have breakfast.

Coque's image was a mess as he smiled apologetically at the couple, "I'm so sorry, I really don't think I have the time to talk about our fact, I don't have the intention to consider it at all!"

Mo Ting let out a gentle laugh as he pointed to Tangning and replied, "My wife can help you with this little problem. As for our collaboration, I'm sure you will be interested."

Coque analyzed Tangning and adjusted the golden frames on his nose, "Do you guys have children too?"

"No, but my wife is very gentle and caring...I'm sure she can handle children better than Mr. Coque," Mo Ting replied straightforwardly.

Coque shrugged his shoulders, "Then, I will need to trouble the Mrs."

Tangning's French was no worse than Mo Ting's, so she directly approached the little girl, lifted her in her arms and said to the two men, "You guys go talk, leave the child with me, I will take good care of her. If I really can't, I will ask the nanny for help."

Mo Ting watched as Tangning carried the child. His heart suddenly felt a little moved as he lowered his head and asked her, "Will you really be OK?"

"Yes," Tangning nodded her head, gesturing for him not to underestimate her!

Coque looked surprisingly at his non-resisting daughter. In Tangning's arms she was unexpectedly obedient. So, he asked the little girl, "Why is it so hard for me to carry you?"

The little girl cracked up laughing and hugged Tangning's neck...

It seemed the child based her preferences on good looks!

Afterwards, the two men entered the study room to chat. Meanwhile, Tangning carried the little girl to a patch of grass in the garden. She had enquired with the maids beforehand and they told her the grass had undergone special treatment and was safe to sit down on. So, she carried the child directly to the grass and sat down.

The little girl was called Kathy. She was an adorable little brat. Luckily, Tangning was quite patient towards children...


"Although Director Coque's most recent film 'Escape' broke box office sales in the Western markets, it did not open up to the Asian market."

"Yes, I admit, this is true," Coque replied in a serious tone, "After all, the Eastern and Western culture is very different and I don't have any interest in creating an Oriental film. If I was to do so, it would ruin my reputation. I don't like Eastern actors/actresses; they aren't very good at acting."

"Yes, I agree, there are indeed more Eastern 'celebrities' than there are true actors. But, I think you should have a look at the script first, before giving me an answer. Finding an actor is not the issue," Mo Ting pulled out the script and handed it to Coque, "Think about it."

Coque had a look at the cover of the script. It didn't have bells and whistles to attract attention, it simply had one word, 'Stupid'.


What an interesting name. Coque couldn't resist flipping open the script.

The story was about a talented athlete and an actress who gave birth to a child after a one-night-stand. In order to protect his status, he gave away the child.

But, a few years later, he got married, only to realize, due to his years of injuries sustained from sports, he had become infertile. As a result, he got divorced and decided to adopt a child as his protege.

However, this student was the world's most stupid child. No matter how simple a task, he never seemed to pick it up.

Worst of all, the child's parents were uncontactable. He felt he had been tricked, so he tried multiple times to abandon the child.

Eventually, the child was adopted by his enemy. Not only that, they discovered the child's talents and trained him into a success.

This child had the same athletic talent as he did and broke multiple world records. As this child stood on stage to receive his medal, he simply said one thing, "My father abandoned me 12 times! I want to prove to him that he is a b*stard!"

After reading through the script, Coque slapped his hands on his thighs excitedly, "Amazing! This is brilliant!"

"In that case...will Mr.Coque still refuse?" Mo Ting rubbed his bottom lip confidently.

"The draft is already so good, I..." Coque's eyes glimmered, "...I agree to the collaboration...but as for the actor..."

"I guarantee he will be a great actor."

"OK," Coque nodded his head in agreement.

A moment later, the two men heard cheerful laughing resounding from the garden. Coque held onto the script and approached the window to find Tangning hugging Kathy as they rolled in the grass. He couldn't help but laugh, "Your wife seems to like children. Are you planning to have any?"

"I want her to enjoy a few more years of being doted by me. After all, women have more restrictions than men. Once she becomes a mother, she will be completely tied down."

Coque nodded his head, "You're right President Mo. If it wasn't because my wife went to the states and left me with this opportunity of taking care of a child, I wouldn't have known how difficult it was. Your wife is very fortunate."

"I'm the one that is fortunate."

"Since that's the case, I don't think I need to hesitate anymore - let's sign a contract. I believe someone that deeply loves their wife will be able to produce a heart-wrenching and emotional film better than anyone. It will be like the film is your child."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning and smiled, "I can't deny, ever since being with her, everything I do seems to have meaning."

"Mr. Coque, do you have a set of binoculars?"


"May I borrow it?"

Coque handed the binoculars to Mo Ting curiously. Mo Ting scanned the premises and as expected, found a daredevil reporter sitting in a tree holding a camera...

He was indeed good at capturing candid photos. Unfortunately...

"Is someone stalking you? These reporters are disgusting," Coque was a bit agitated as he watched Mo Ting put down the binoculars.

"No choice, my wife is too famous," Mo Ting explained, "She is also a model..."

"I hope you both stay safe," Coque once again shook hands with Mo Ting before sitting down and signing the contract. As for the reckless reporters outside...

...they were sent by Editor Lin. Had they all arrived yet?

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