Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 283: Blame Taker

Chapter 283: Blame Taker

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Huo Jingjing was filled with joy. She subconsciously ran over to Fang Yu's study room and started knocking on the door. But, it took quite some time before Fang Yu tiredly opened the bedroom door on the opposite side of the hallway, "I'm over here."

"You said you'd only take one day. You did it!" Huo Jingjing was dressed in a loosely-fit white sweater. Her hands were behind her back as her voice slightly trembled.

"Did you come look for me to tell me this? It was all President Mo's doing," Fang Yu yawned, skewing his usually handsome face.

"President Mo and Tangning have gone to France. I saw the news from last night. Even if President Mo initially played an important role, without you here to control the situation, it would not have been such a huge success, right?"

"Basically, yes," Fang Yu couldn't be bothered to say much. He simply returned to his bed dressed in boxers, "If possible, make breakfast for my daughter. I didn't sleep all night and am exhausted. When you leave, make sure to lock the door."

Huo Jingjing lowered her head and stared at her feet. She eventually opened her mouth and asked, "What was the reason this time?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why did you put so much effort into screwing up IY?"

"No reason. It was President Mo's orders," Fang Yu replied calmly before closing his eyes.

"It doesn't have the tiniest bit to do with me?" Huo Jingjing suddenly increased the volume of her voice.

Fang Yu remained silent for a while, without a word. Just as Huo Jingjing was about to give up waiting for a response, Fang Yu suddenly said, "It's pointless to tell you the truth."

"If you really feel it's pointless, then stop offering me your help. I will be extremely thankful." After speaking, Huo Jingjing turned around to leave. However, at this time, Fang Yu suddenly sat up and questioned her.

"You've already wasted over a decade of your life to a jerk. Do you want to be ridiculed by everyone for becoming a stepmother?"

"Is that what you want? Do you want to be treated as a laughing stock?"

"I thought you were disgusted by my past," Huo Jingjing suddenly laughed after hearing Fang Yu's questions. However, her voice concealed a sense of bitterness, "I thought you were afraid that other's would say you picked up a pair of broken shoes."

Fang Yu had actually become completely awake after all the questioning. He felt it was time to lay everything on the table. So, he put on a robe, pulled Huo Jingjing back into the room and closed the door, "Let's talk."

Fang Yu led Huo Jingjing to his bed and sat her down on the edge before saying to her in a serious tone, "You saw it. I already have a daughter."

"So what? I've had an abortion three times."

Fang Yu felt his blood rush to his head. Huo Jingjing had already been so straightforward; it was obvious she didn't mind that he had a daughter at all. If he was to continue to hide, would that mean he was less courageous than a woman?

"Xiao Yue is actually the daughter of my younger brother. I indeed had a girlfriend, but she passed away."

"My brother...Fang You made a mistake when he was still in high school and ended up with Fang Yue. He decided to abandon her after she was born, so I took her in and treated her like my own daughter."

No wonder, even though she wasn't his actual daughter, they still looked similar. It was because he was her uncle. Outsiders would not be able to tell.

"Look, even though she isn't my own flesh and blood, I am still responsible for her. So, whoever ends up as my partner, won't be able to ever reveal the truth..."

"I see where you're coming from," Huo Jingjing nodded. She was already satisfied with the fact that Fang Yu was willing to open up to her, "That's why you technically have a clean past. I, on the other hand..."

"I've never felt any less of you, nor have I ever been afraid of getting ridiculed by others. But, being with me is filled with difficulties. If you think about being exposed in the future you will realize it won't be easy."

Huo Jingjing lifted her head and laughed, "I am not Tangning, I'm not as smart as she is and I can't counterattack everything. Whereas you aren't President Mo, you're not a master strategist with a plan for everything. We aren't a perfect match like they are."

"But, as long as you don't give up on me, I am willing to give us a try. I am certain I still have the strength to love, no matter how much pain is coming my way."

After hearing this, Fang Yu wrapped his arms around Huo Jingjing and pulled her into his embrace, aggressively hugging her.

This was the most special thing about Huo Jingjing - she still had the courage to love.

Physically, she was worn and battered, but her soul was still dazzling.

"Let me warn you, you can't turn back."

"Are your parents aware of Yue Er 1 ?"

"After they realized I had an unexplainable daughter, they cut off all ties with me."

It turned out...

...Fang Yu was also a blame taker. On the surface, everyone was wearing a mask, but the pain one felt inside could only be understood by someone of the same kind.

"It's OK, we can get through everything together."


After arriving in France, the first phone call Tangning received was from Huo Jingjing. As close girlfriends, Huo Jingjing naturally had to share everything that happened with Fang Yu to Tangning.

Unfortunately, the first thing Tangning did when she arrived in France was go to sleep so she could adjust to the time difference. So, the person to pick up the phone was Manager Mo, "What is it?"

"President Mo! Where's Tangning?"

"Sleeping. You can leave a message, I'll pass it on to her," Mo Ting's voice was calm without a trace of emotion.

How could she speak about her private matters to a man?

So, Huo Jingjing ended up hanging up the phone on Mo Ting.

Mo Ting put down the phone and looked at the woman in his arms. He then got in contact with Claude.N while watching over Tangning as she slept.

Not long after, Mo Ting received a phone call from Fang Yu. He had called to report about Hua Rong Studio.

"President, we've searched through Hua Rong's supposed base, but only found small amounts of evidence. Amongst the evidence was the photo of Tangning kissing. This photo is proof that it was indeed leaked by the guys at Hua Rong. They are currently well hidden."

"No matter how well they are hidden, you need to dig them out. Even if you have to dig 3 feet underground," Mo Ting replied in a deep voice. He then continued, "But, no rush. Perhaps...they may have followed us to France."

"Obviously, the release of the photo wasn't intentional. Or else, they wouldn't have kept the photo hidden for so long. This is why they had to run away," Fang Yu analyzed, "No matter what President, Lu Che and I will look for information regarding the Boss of Hua Rong. Hopefully, he won't cause any more dramas."

"But, his whole purpose is to create drama..."

"Since we dealt with someone like IY, did you think a small studio like Hua Rong could get away?" Fang Yu was in a good mood and full of energy.

"Maybe we can turn things around and use it to our advantage."

"President Mo, what you mean is..."

"Let's play along with Hua Rong's plans and see how many people want to get involved. When the time comes, we can take them all down at once. Let's sit back and see what else Hua Rong wants..."

The only reason why Mo Ting was brave enough to play along was that he was betting on the fact that he and Tangning were married.

Whatever claims Hua Rong was to make, he'd have evidence to refute them.

Perhaps, he may even need to bring a certain event forward. Would Tangning blame him?

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