Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 282: Tangning, Do You Really Have Three Men?

Chapter 282: Tangning, Do You Really Have Three Men?

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"Then, I will reluctantly continue to be your fourth and fifth man," Mo Ting brushed his hand through Tangning's hair and placed a kiss on her forehead. "You don't need to worry about other things, just keep yourself in the best condition. Focus on your meeting with Claude. N and try your best to secure their endorsement..."

"You seem to always have so much faith in me. By the way, will Second Uncle end up seeing the photo? Will he develop an opinion towards me?" Tangning was conscious of how Mo Ting's family viewed her.

"Second Uncle will merely blame me for not taking good care of you."

Tangning snuggled up to Mo Ting; he was someone she could rely on for life. He was her husband; the person she most trusted, admired and treasured.

"Don't worry. With you accompanying me through all my battles, I will only grow stronger!" Tangning exclaimed with confidence.

"Your status in Beijing is relatively stable. If possible, you should spend more time interacting with your fans. This time, with the photo incident, your fans are really worried about you. In a moment, let's not take the VIP route; we will take the normal route so you can let your fans see that you are doing well."

"I've always felt that I owe my fans the most. Through all my battles, although I put in all my effort, I still would not have got to where I am today without their support," Tangning nodded her head in agreement. "Thank you hubby, I will follow your arrangements."

"I am currently your manager, your husband won't be online until 8pm tonight."

Tangning involuntarily let out a laugh.

Indeed, a while later, the couple did not take the VIP route. Both Tangning and Mo Ting wore sunglasses as they walked the short 200m walkway. Even though the walk wasn't long, multiple fans still spotted them. Some stared at them, some took photos, some shook hands and some asked for autographs.

Of course, with Mo Ting around, they didn't dare to act recklessly. However, Tangning still signed every autograph request and tried her best to satisfy everyone.

"Tangning, were you really the one kissing in the photo? Who was the man?"

" you really have three men?"

Tangning listened to the questions from her fans and couldn't help but turn around as she walked, "Three men? You will need to ask the man beside me if he would allow that."

The fans glanced at Mo Ting quickly before shrinking back in fear. They smiled at him awkwardly, "It must be nonsense. With President Mo by your side, a hundred men would not be able to compare to just one of him."

"You have good taste!" Tangning praised before Mo Ting turned her head and guided her through the ticket-checking gates.

Plenty of fans captured the loving scene at the airport and many of them felt that the Tangning they met today was a little different to her usually cold self.

She walked quickly and wore sunglasses like she usually did, but, this time, she smiled and no longer answered their questions with her usual cold tone. Could it be that Mo Ting influenced this change in her?

"Welcome everyone to another episode of 'Full Access Entertainment'. If we are to talk about the most famous model at present, no other person would be more suited than Tangning from Hai Rui. With her perfect legs and envy-inducing professional catwalk, as soon as she steps on the runway, she immediately demands everyone's attention."

"However, a recent photo has been released online of Tangning kissing a man accompanied by a suggestive comment that she may have more than one man. Our editor would like to point out that Tangning gained the success she has today through taking one difficult step at a time. How could someone bear to defame a hardworking person like her?"

"As for today, some witnesses have reported a sighting of Tangning boarding a flight to France at the airport. Rumor has it that she has been invited by Claude.N! God, this is massive news for the modeling industry!"

"Above all, Tangning appeared relaxed the entire time. It seems she has not been affected by the photo incident at all. This is evidence that those with true capabilities will never be held back by other's envy..."

The current Tangning had become a regular on entertainment news. Of course, by creating such a scene with her trip to France, wasn't she announcing her schedule to those that wanted to follow her? No matter if it was Quan Ye or Editor Lin from Hua Rong, they both immediately booked the next flight to France.

Not only did Quan Ye want to appear before Tangning, he even found an expert photo editor to change Mo Ting's body into his own and re-released the photo.

Seeing how much Mo Ting cared about Tangning. If he could hurt Tangning, it would be equivalent to hurting Mo Ting.

Since he couldn't compete with Mo Ting, he could only mess around with Tangning. Let's see how many people will believe her...

However, by suggesting Tangning to take the normal airport route, would Mo Ting have not considered this outcome?


That night, Fang Yu was a little worried whether Huo Jingjing was getting along with Fang Yue. So, he decided to leave the office early and bring his work home.

His keys gently unlocked the front door, revealing the woman and child asleep on the sofa. Huo Jingjing was hugging Fang Yue; they looked extremely close.

Fang Yu's heart was slightly moved. He approached the sofa, knelt down before the two and watched them in silence for quite some time. Finally, he noticed they didn't have a blanket, so he quickly retrieved one from the bedroom and lay it on top of them so they could sleep in more comfort.

No woman would ever accept a child born from another woman, right? Fang Yu thought.

Fang Yu stood up and hurried into his study room.

In actual fact, Huo Jingjing had long been awake. When she felt Fang Yu's eyes upon them, she was extremely nervous. However, she also heard him sighing to himself.

Time quickly flew by and it was already the middle of the night.

Fang Yu had been sitting in front of the computer the entire night. It was time for him to seek revenge for Huo Jingjing.

Every hour that ticked over, he would release a piece of news about IY. Every time the public thought things couldn't get any worse, he would reveal something even more shocking. By 3am, one of the most popular social networks found their website had crashed due to excessive activity.

[Ten Scandals of IY, Number One: Has IY Actually Ceased Providing 'Special Services'? Undercover Reporter Reveals All!]

[Ten Scandals of IY, Number Two: Model Refuses to Appear on The Runway so Was Drowned in The Sea]

[Ten Scandals of IY, Number Three: IY Summoned by Police Multiple Times, but Issue Always Gets Covered up by Underworld Connections.]


After an entire night without sleep, Fang Yu finally returned to his bedroom early in the morning. At this time, Huo Jingjing was awoken by a phone call; it was her manager.

"Jingjing, go online and check out the news. The internet is exploding!"

Huo Jingjing hung up the phone and immediately logged into the mainstream social networks. Straight away, she saw the latest update of IY's progress; their Boss had been summoned by the police.

In just one night...

...Mo Ting and Fang Yu were capable of destroying an entire brand. Of course, it wasn't merely a brand, they had also torn apart an entire nest of criminals. Need they be so cool?

Before she became friends with Fang Yu and Tangning, she had always tackled things on her own. So, she had never experienced the charm of a man. It turned out, things were very different to when she was a crying woman.

Especially when it came to Fang Yu. From close up, she could now feel a sense of security from him.

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