Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 281: We Are Working Together

Chapter 281: We Are Working Together

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Upon seeing Fang Yu, Huo Jingjing felt a little embarrassed. After all, she wasn't wearing much.

As soon as he saw Huo Jingjing's blushing cheeks, Fang Yu immediately removed his jacket, approached the runway and placed it on her shoulders.

However, just as he was about to take her away, the show director suddenly asked, "Who are you?"

"Hai Rui's Artists Director, Fang Yu!" Fang Yu replied in a cold tone.

The man was taken aback for a moment before asking with less momentum than before, "She can't leave, she is still working. Do you want to breach your contract?"

"Contract?" With the mention of the contract, Fang Yu turned to Huo Jingjing's manager and ordered, "Bring the contract over here!"

Huo Jingjing's manager wiped her tears and immediately handed the contract to Fang Yu.

Fang Yu casually flipped open the contract and scanned the terms. He then circled a few key points with the pen from his pocket and lifted the contract to show the director, "Are you blind?"

The show director scoffed.

Seeing the man still refused to acknowledge the terms, he directly turned to the bodyguards and ordered, "Seize him."

"What do you want?" the show director's expression changed dramatically.

The bodyguards obeyed their orders as two of them quickly stepped forward and grabbed hold of the chubby show director. They then forced him to kneel before Fang Yu.

"I thought you couldn't see clearly, so I'm helping you take a better look!"

"I want to sue you guys, what you are doing is illegal!" the show director screamed at the top of his lungs.

Seeing this, Fang Yu signaled the bodyguards to throw a punch at the show director's stomach before he asked, "Have you seen it clearly yet?"


"It seems you still haven't seen it clearly!"

As he was used to having total control over every situation, Fang Yu's gaze only looked piercing when he was holding press conferences. However, at this moment, his eyes were as piercing as an eagle's.

The show director was beaten until he lay on the floor, before Fang Yu threw the contract in his face, "Would you believe it if I told you, Hai Rui is capable of making IY's shares plummet overnight?"

"Originally, we each stood on our own side of the line. Since your boss doesn't know what's good for him and is teaming up with the people at Star King, he must face the consequences of offending Hai Rui!"

"The rules of the underworld are, if you offend me first, then I have reason to seek revenge." After speaking, Fang Yu wrapped his arm around Huo Jingjing's shoulder and stepped right over the back of the show director's hands.

Huo Jingjing subconsciously looked at Fang Yu's right hand which was sitting on her shoulder. She suddenly felt, the suffering she had experienced today wasn't a complete loss.

After leaving the hall, Fang Yu helped Huo Jingjing into his car, grabbed a blanket from the back seat and placed it on top of her legs.

"You have suffered..."

"I never thought IY's people would be so shameless. Moreover, I never expected them to totally disregard Hai Rui."

Fang Yu slightly turned his head and had a quick glance at Huo Jingjing before he started up his car. He was ready to drive her home, "Before IY started selling high-class lingerie, they started off in the adult service industry. It was after they successfully transformed the business that IY was created. Although their background has been purified, there is still a trace of their past. Back when you first accepted this job I warned you to reconsider."

"As for their disregard towards Hai Rui, I suspect IY wants to retrace their steps and treat the business world like the underworld."

"Then, after the way that you treated them, what are we going to do?" Huo Jingjing asked Fang Yu in a worried tone.

"How many people in the entertainment industry are completely clean? Isn't everyone playing a game of money and background? President Mo will naturally deal with matters like this, you don't need to worry about it."

"Have you dealt with Tangning's photo yet?"

"It's currently in the works," Fang Yu replied before pointing his chin towards their destination, "Who would have thought your home was so close. Hurry and head upstairs."

Huo Jingjing looked around. She wanted to return Fang Yu's jacket back to him, but Fang Yu was one step ahead as he pressed down on her right hand to stop her, "Did you want to walk up dressed like this?"

All Huo Jingjing was wearing was a white set of lingerie. In this cold winter weather, if she was to walk up dressed like this, she would have to be crazy and would definitely appear in the headlines.

"How about you hand me your keys and I'll go up and retrieve a set of clothes for you."

Huo Jingjing hesitated for quite some time before she replied, "I think I'll go to my manager's place. I am feeling a little scared." She was scared of IY's revenge.

"If IY really intend to seek revenge, did you think there's any use hiding at your manager's place?"

"Take me to a hotel then."

Fang Yu looked at her as he tried to conceal his emotions, "Since it's only one night, why don't you come to my place?"

"What do you mean by one night?"

"You don't need to know." After speaking, Fang Yu restarted the car and drove towards his home. "My daughter is really well behaved. If you are willing, you can stay with her and keep her company. If you don't like children, you are welcome to sleep in the guest room."

Huo Jingjing snuck a look at Fang Yu; just one quick look.

Last time, after their chat, she never got the chance to analyze her love life in detail. It was not until earlier on when Fang Yu placed his jacket upon her shoulder and slapped IY fiercely across the face, did she realize, Fang Yu had helped her so many times.

Huo Jingjing didn't notice when she arrived at Fang Yu's home. All she knew was, as soon as she walked in through the front door, the first thing she saw was Fang Yu's daughter. She was currently doing some art with the help of her nanny.

"Precious, come here..." Fang Yu waved at Fang Yue. The little girl quickly pounced into Fang Yu's embrace and buried herself in his body.

"This is Auntie Huo..."

"Call me big sister!" Huo Jingjing swiftly corrected.

Fang Yue scratched her head and said in her cute little voice, "Papa, I think she is better suited as a big sister..."

"Up to you," Fang Yu gently patted her on the head before leading Huo Jingjing into the guest room. He then brought her a set of home clothes, "I need to return to the office. You can make yourself at home here. Tomorrow, everything will be better."

"Are you and President Mo going to deal with the IY issue?"


Huo Jingjing took the home clothes from Fang Yu. After he left, she cautiously returned to the living room and leaned against the corridor.

No matter how one looked at it, it seemed Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu was still quite distant. It wasn't just their identity and status that got in the way; there was also a little girl that stood between them.

Eventually, Huo Jingjing decided to give her assistant a call, "Come pick me up, I am at Fang Yu's home. Tonight, I think it's best if I stay at the hotel."

As soon as Fang Yue heard that Huo Jingjing wanted to leave, she immediately got up and tugged at her pants, "Big sister, can you not leave? Did Xiao Yue 1 make you unhappy? Auntie (the nanny), is about to finish work...If you leave, Xiao Yue will be left all alone again."

Huo Jingjing was stunned. Such a small child already knew how to be considerate of other's feelings.

Seeing this, the nanny quickly explained, "Xiao Yue only has Fang Yu. So...she is quite sensitive."

Huo Jingjing thought back on how she once lived her life depending on one man. So, she understood how Fang Yue felt as she said to the nanny, "You can leave. I'll take care of her."


Fang Yu quickly returned to the office.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting was sitting in the airport's private departure lounge.

Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's shoulder, while he typed away on his laptop; busy at work.

Lu Che showed the information he had collated to Mo Ting. After Mo Ting reviewed it, he forwarded it to Fang Yu, "Release all this information tonight."

Tangning had a quick glance and discovered the content, "How did you get your hands on all this negative news regarding IY?"

"I asked someone for it..." Mo Ting explained. "My youngest cousin is an interpol officer. He's been trying to find evidence to bring down the boss of IY. So, we are working together."

After hearing this, Tangning felt a rush of emotions, "Ting, everyone in your family is so outstanding."

"A moment ago, Fang Yu mentioned that the people from Hua Rong have gone missing."

"Perhaps, they are nearby trying to capture a photo of me again. They probably want to know if I am on a date with a fourth man."

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