Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 280: So What if we Reveal our Relationship?

Chapter 280: So What if we Reveal our Relationship?

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Editor Lin wanted to use Tangning's incident to gain instant fame. So, he had kept it a secret until he could reveal everything at once. But, he never expected, one of his staff would be so impulsive as to place Tangning's photo directly online.

Inside the hidden office, Editor Lin glared at the staff that was kneeling on the floor. He was so tempted to chew him to pieces. "I must be having a stroke of bad luck to have come across rubbish like you. Let me tell you, if you weren't my cousin, I would have demanded you to leave behind a finger!"

The man held onto his head as he trembled. At present, the people at Hai Rui were also trying to hunt him down.

"Hurry and pack your bags. How long do you think it will take for Hai Rui to find you? Let me warn you. If Hai Rui are to find you, your fate does not look promising. So, you better not take a step away from my side."

The man had acted on impulse and just realized the seriousness of his actions. He stood up on his wobbly legs and headed back to his own office to pack his belongings. Meanwhile, Editor Lin decided he would have to completely abandon the hidden office.

Otherwise, if Mo Ting was to track them down, how would he continue living?

Fang Yu had never heard of Hua Rong Studio before. Amongst the multiple media companies, Hua Rong did not even have a ranking. Yet, Mo Ting had instructed him to place all his focus on investigating them. It was obvious that Mo Ting had already assumed this issue had something to do with Hua Rong.

If this was the case, for such a small studio to have their hands on a photo of Tangning kissing a man, they must have been stalking Tangning for quite some time.

At the same time, while Tangning's photo was exposed, Huo Jingjing also attracted some trouble.

She had previously come in contact with a top domestic lingerie brand, IY. They had invited Huo Jingjing to appear in the finale of their Beijing launch show.

According to their contract, Huo Jingjing was only required to wear one set of lingerie for the finale. But, when it came to the rehearsals, they requested for her to change into 3 sets of lingerie and demanded she pose the way they wanted her to. Huo Jingjing used the contract to reject their demands, but...

...they insisted on clinging to her. They even dragged her onto the stage and forced her to complete the rehearsal!

According to Huo Jingjing's status, she wasn't normally subject to this kind of treatment. But, IY had connections in the underworld...

Even if they were dealing with Hai Rui, they didn't care.

Not long after, Huo Jingjing was once again defamed. The person insulting her directly called her a pair of broken shoes and complained that, as a model, she didn't know how to act like one.

While Huo Jingjing was being oppressed, Fang Yu received a phone call from Huo Jingjing's assistant; she secretly found an opportunity to make a call.

Fang Yu's face turned pale. He then reported the incident to Mo Ting.

"Ever since Quan Ye returned, our problems have increased," Fang Yu pointed out. Of course, this was a conclusion he had come to after careful research. Quan Ye and the boss of IY had become friends when they were overseas a long time ago. So, his worries weren't towards Hai Rui, but Huo Jingjing.

Mo Ting stood before the floor-to-ceiling window and looked outside. Afterwards, he turned around, pulled out his phone and gave Father Quan a call, "Old Man Quan..."

"Is that Mo Ting...what's the matter?"

Mo Ting was silent for 2 seconds before he gave a gentle laugh, "If Quan Ye touches my bottom line again, I have no choice but to paralyze him."

"What has Quan Ye done this time to make President Mo unhappy?"

"Do I sound like I'm joking?" Mo Ting's voice suddenly turned cold and firm, making those around him shudder.

After hearing Mo Ting's tone, Father Quan realized he couldn't just brush him off. So, he ended up nodding his head seriously, "I will try my best to control him." The only issue was, being threatened by someone from the younger generation made him slightly angry. However, there was nothing he could do. Although he was often walking a fine line under Hai Rui's nose, he never dared to retaliate.

"President, is there any use in warning Star King like this?"

"I have no intention to warn them, I was merely letting them know before I make a move!" After speaking, Mo Ting returned to his office table. "This afternoon, Tangning and I will fly to France. Make sure to solve the issue with the photo."

"Don't worry, the photo hasn't spread very far. Just wait a couple days, when other news gets exposed, everyone will forget about it. Plus, I will make good use of my time and find the source of the photo," Fang Yu placed his right hand in his pocket and gave Mo Ting a serious guarantee.

"But, you don't plan on announcing your relationship with Tangning?"

"I promised Tangning I would announce our marriage after 6 months. If it's not the last resort, I want to try my best to keep my promise." After speaking, Mo Ting locked away some important documents before retrieving his car keys.

"However, if someone wants to play games with me, I'm more than happy to play along. So what if we reveal our relationship? As for IY, if they insist on using their underworld background, then we should use underworld methods to deal with them."


The news of Hai Rui hunting down Hua Rong Studio soon spread throughout the entire industry. On the way to look for IY, Fang Yu received a phone call from his assistant, notifying him that they had located Hua Rong Studio's whereabouts.

Fang Yu immediately turned his car around and headed for the building where Hua Rong was located. However, by the time he arrived, the studio was already empty. All that was left was scrap paper sitting in the rubbish bin with Hua Rong's logo printed on them.

"We simply wanted to talk to their boss. Did they have to treat us like the triad? Why did they run away?" Fang Yu's assistant complained.

"When someone feels guilty, they will naturally run away," Fang Yu carefully analyzed the studio and searched through every possible hiding spot, including the balcony.

"What's up with them?"

"It's either they colluded with someone, or they still have other evidence related to Tangning and are afraid Hai Rui will find it," Fang Yu guessed. He began to head for the bathroom, but at this time, he received a phone call from Huo Jingjing's assistant; IY was going a bit overboard. They desperately needed his assistance.

"You guys continue the search. Collect as much evidence and useful information as you can." After speaking, Fang Yu left the building and rushed to Huo Jingjing's location.

With her fame and the backing of Hai Rui, it had been a long time since Huo Jingjing had come across such an unreasonable collaboration.

They completely ignored their contract and weren't afraid of Hai Rui's background; forcing her to change into 3 sets of lingerie and forcing her to pull particular poses.

Huo Jingjing's manager was already crying from anger below the stage and her assistant was endlessly calling Fang Yu. A forceful collaborator like this was shameless and frightening.


As it was a rehearsal, the venue only contained staff and Huo Jingjing only brought along her manager and assistant. IY warned that if they didn't follow their demands, they would not be able to leave.

Huo Jingjing was afraid they would get violent, so she could only hold back her anger and follow their orders. After all, this wasn't the first time she had experienced humiliation like this.

"Huo Jingjing, you are doing the wrong pose. Let's start again!" the show director directed.

Huo Jingjing stood blankly on the stage. But, at this time, Fang Yu made an appearance accompanied by a bunch of bodyguards; there was a total of 7-8 of them, all in a line.

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