Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 278: Whatever My Wife Says, Goes

Chapter 278: Whatever My Wife Says, Goes.

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A weird feeling suddenly emerged from the depths of Tangning's heart. Perhaps, she had not truly experienced the magnitude of Mo Ting's power.

Seeing Tangning deep in thought, he wanted to continue explaining things. However, at this time, Second Master Mo entered the hall and looked at the couple sleepily, "You won pretty quickly..."

Mo Ting turned around and looked at Second Master Mo before leading Tangning to his side, "This is second uncle. I didn't get a chance to introduce him to you earlier."

Before Tangning could respond, Second Master Mo dragged Mo Ting to one side and asked, "Are you being serious? You're dating a small-time model? Have you told your parents about this?"

Mo Ting turned and looked at Tangning before responding, "Does second uncle think she's not good enough?"

"Of course she's good. I can tell she is a good person and I quite like her. But, what about your parents? When do you plan to tell them?"

"I hope second uncle can keep this a secret for now. The timing is not yet right," Mo Ting responded with a deeper meaning.

"You and your father are the same; always acting all mysterious. I won't get myself involved anymore, you can do what you want," Second Master Mo waved his hand casually. "It's just a shame that the truce banquet ended up driving an even deeper wedge between the two of you. You need to hold back a little...if you continue like this, how am I ever going to face old man Quan?"

"Didn't second uncle enjoy everything that happened today?"

"No need to point out what you already know," Second Master Mo looked at Tangning after speaking. "Why don't you give me the honor of sharing dinner with my potential niece-in-law. Tell me, how many people found out about your relationship before me?"

"Grandfather knows I got married, but he has no idea who with."

"Married?" Second Master Mo covered his mouth. "I thought you guys were merely dating."

Mo Ting presented his ring-bearing left hand and chuckled, "It's already been four months."

"In that case, we definitely need to have dinner."

Mo Ting nodded his head and returned to Tangning's side, "Second uncle wants to have dinner with us, do you want to go?"

"Need you ask? Let's go..."

After leaving the venue, the trio went to a nearby hotel. Second Master Mo watched the expression on Mo Ting's face as he doted on his wife. He felt it was quite hilarious, "Good boy, you are becoming more and more like the younger version of your uncle. A wife should be doted on."

"I've never forgotten," Mo Ting responded.

"You're already 32-years-old. When I was your age, my son was already old enough to buy his own soy sauce 1 . When do you plan to have a child?"

"No rush," Mo Ting brushed him off.

Tangning watched the interaction between the uncle and nephew. Perhaps because of genetics, Tangning felt Second Master Mo was quite approachable; the Mo family members seemed quite likable.

Seeing Mo Ting always had an endless supply of work, Second Master Mo turned to Tangning and said, "Niece-in-law, don't let this rascal control you to death. Don't listen to everything he says. Ever since he was small he has always been a control freak."

"At home, whatever my wife says, goes," Mo Ting placed his arm on the back of Tangning's chair and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"That better be the case."

Tangning started to feel a little warm, so she decided to remove her coat, revealing the beautifully embroidered Qipao she was wearing underneath. Both Mo Ting and Second Master Mo froze in surprise.

Mo Ting even leaned over and questioned, "Why are you dressed so sexy? Who did you dress this way for?"

Second Master Mo cleared his throat and laughed, "Our little Ning sure knows how to impress the elders. Looking at you like this reminds me of how beautiful your second auntie looked when she was young. Anyway, second uncle would like to give his blessings to the two of you."

"Seems I don't have to worry about whether you will get along with the Mo family," Mo Ting whispered into Tangning's ear after they finished dinner.

"But, in regards to a child..."

In the past, she had never considered this topic because her and Mo Ting hadn't been married for long. But, after hearing Second Master Mo mention a child, she was reminded that Mo Ting was already 32-years-old...

32! That was indeed an appropriate age to have a child. But, if she was to have a child at this time, the career she had worked so hard to grow, would need to be restarted again.

"Let's talk about it when you want one. I'm in no rush."


"Am I at an age where I definitely need to have a child? Within the entertainment industry, there are plenty of people that have children at 40-years-old."

On the way home, Tangning lowered her head and contemplated. Was she eliminating the choice of having a child? No, she wasn't.

Once upon a time, she had wanted to reach the pinnacle of the modeling industry because she wanted to seek revenge against Han Yufan and Mo Yurou. Afterwards, her reasoning turned into wanting to match Mo Ting.

Now, to her, she believed a woman should have her own career, but, she also wanted a baby that resembled Mo Ting.

"By the time you are 40, I will be 33," Tangning reminded Mo Ting.

"Then, let's do it a little earlier. It's dangerous to be pregnant at an older age."

"You even know about this..."

Mo Ting continued driving. As the traffic light turned red, he turned around and looked at Tangning, "After marrying you, I've done some studies. Married life is also one of the things I want to learn about."

"I really regret not meeting you earlier."

"If you had met me earlier, our relationship may have been unsteady. Wifey, I was once a typical youth with a bad temper and liked to argue."

"Hmm, I really want to see that side of you."


Next morning. Quan Ye posted online that he had lost a bet and his punishment was to admit that he was a jerk and was impotent.

The majority of the media found out about how Mo Ting had beaten Quan Ye. In an instant, Quan Ye became a joke in the industry. From what they heard, apart from giving up the boxing match, even when he cheated in poker, he still could not beat Mo Ting. Of course, this was only a small piece of news, but it proved one thing: No matter how much Star King struggled, they would never be able to escape the palm of Hai Rui's hand.

"If something was to blame, it would be Quan Ye's cheap mouth. For a face slap to be thrown so quickly, President Mo is indeed a man of action."

"How dare he say our President Mo is gay? I bet he is the one that is actually gay. President Mo has a shockingly perfect body!"

"Haha, even if he isn't gay, judging by how he plays with multiple women a day, he must either be covered in diseases or almost depleted of sperm! If not for the support of Star King, he couldn't even dream of being a celebrity."

"I don't care what you guys say. I simply want to express my ultimate respect for President Mo!"

"Did you guys notice that Tangning was also in the photo that was released this time? She was quiet like a beautiful painting of a wife accompanying her husband."

"If only they could come out and admit to everything. They are causing us to put up with so much guesswork. How tiring!"

While everyone was focused on this topic, a comment suddenly appeared, "For someone like Tangning that sleeps with multiple men, she will definitely be abandoned sooner or later. Just wait and see."

"Who are you? Are you crazy? You must be envious of other's joy."

"Tangning has at least three men; wait for the evidence to be exposed."

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