Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 277: This President Quan is an Experienced Swindler

Chapter 277: This President Quan is an Experienced Swindler

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After the Quan father and son duo left, Mo Ting turned around and looked at Tangning. With a doting and helpless voice he asked, "You agreed so quickly. Aren't you afraid of losing?"

"I know how to play Texas Hold'em Poker," Tangning replied. "With me here, you don't need to make a move."

"But playing around is this spoilt rich kid's strength. Are you sure you can win?"

"You won't allow me to lose," Tangning lowered her head and took a deep breath. "Don't ask me why I know how to play poker, it's all in the past. Tonight, I simply want to put up a fight for you. Can you let me do that?" Tangning asked as she grabbed onto Mo Ting's sleeve.

Mo Ting tilted his head, looked at her delicate right hand and laughed, "Do I have the ability to refuse?"

"But, what if I lose..."

"Then, I will take it on for you and lose on your behalf."

Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "Trust me, just this once."

Mo Ting had never doubted Tangning. He knew she had never been the type of woman to hide behind a man. Plus, he remembered how she had previously said that they only knew about each other's habits but had no idea about each other's hobbies.

He could accurately point out Tangning's shoe size, body measurements, favorite food and favorite color, but when it came to everything else, he was looking forward to learning about them.

In the end, Mo Ting replied, "I can only trust you because my Texas Hold'em Poker skills aren't great."


Mo Ting's lips slightly curved upwards with a charming smile before he led Tangning into the entertainment hall.

Quan Ye was already getting prepared at the poker table. After all, this was one of his strengths; how could he not be excited? It was correct to say that he intended on 'bullying' Mo Ting because he thought he was the king of the poker table. Just because he couldn't beat Mo Ting in a fight, did that mean he couldn't beat him in playing?

A moment later, Tangning went to sit down on a chair in front of the table. However, Mo Ting stopped her and pulled her back up.

Tangning looked at him questioningly before he sat down on the chair first and placed her upon his lap...

This posture...

Although they often sat like this at home, at a place like this, Tangning felt a little awkward.

Mo Ting wrapped his arms around Tangning and reminded, "It's time to start."

"Need you be so clingy even when playing a game of cards. Are you afraid that you won't be able to hug her anymore if you lose? Let me warn you in advance - we are only playing one round," Quan Ye sneered before telling the dealer to get started.

Those familiar with Texas Hold'em Poker, would know that each player gets dealt two cards face-down before five community cards are dealt face up over three stages. In the end, the person with the best combination of five, combining both the cards in their hands and three cards from the community cards, wins.

A straight flush was obviously the best combination, followed by four-of-a-kind and then a normal flush.

Of course, Quan Ye had come across women on the poker table before. But, he had never seen a woman win. This little model was being much too brave.

A moment later, the dealer started to deal out the cards. Amongst her two cards, Tangning held an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Hearts.

Whereas, Quan Ye held a pair of Tens.

Of course, his hand wasn't great, but it also wasn't bad.

Since the wager had already been decided, there was no point deciding whether to bet or fold. So, Quan Ye instructed the dealer to directly deal the first three community cards.

Amongst the cards was a King of Spades, a Three of Diamonds and a Ten of Hearts.

So far, Tangning had a high chance of getting a straight. Whereas, Quan Ye, already had a triple.

Of course, upon the Poker table, apart from luck, there were also other factors; for example, psychological warfare.

Quan Ye had always been lucky on the poker table, but what about this time?

Although Mo Ting held Tangning in his arms, from beginning to end, he did not say a word to her. He just watched the cards quietly. Because she was extremely familiar with Texas Hold'em Poker, a possibility came to his mind; Tangning must have played this with Han Yufan in the past.

With this thought, he felt a little jealous.


...when he thought about how Tangning said she was fighting this battle for him, he quickly let go of the jealousy.

Not long after, the fourth community card was dealt. This time, it was an Ace of Hearts. Quan Ye still had the advantage. Whereas, Tangning's chances seemed to have dropped; all she had was a pair of Aces. If the last card wasn't a Queen, then she would lose.

This time, Quan Ye paused for a moment as he propped his chin on his hand and asked, "How's it going? Do you want to give up? Let me warn you, the last card is about to be dealt."

Mo Ting hooked his hand around Tangning's neck and whispered in her ear, "Let me look at the last card."

"Then, if we win, would it be considered as my luck or yours."

"Yours," Mo Ting replied.

Tangning nodded her head. She had no patience to listen to Quan Ye's rubbish, so she directly asked the dealer to reveal the last card. In the end, the fifth community card did not make much of an impact. It was merely a four of Diamonds. This card had no use for either party.

Tangning suddenly felt a little anxious...

...because it was time to reveal their hands. From the looks of it, her chances of winning were high, but...

...without hesitation, Quan Ye flipped over his hand to reveal he had triple Tens.

Tangning turned her head to look at Mo Ting, but Mo Ting gestured for her not to move.

"Show us your hand. Today, I trust in my luck."

Tangning only had a pair of Aces so she definitely lost. But, she did not say a word.

"You should admit it if you lost. I'm sure President Mo isn't a sore loser, right?" seeing their reactions, Quan Ye assumed they had lost. He couldn't help but cheer, "It seems tonight I will get to enjoy this little model."

"What a pity..." three words resounded from Mo Ting's chest before he flipped the cards in front of him.

The cards had turned into a Queen and a Jack.

No one knew as well as Tangning what cards she originally had in her hand. At the same time, she also understood why the Ace in her hand had now turned into a Queen.

"A straight is bigger than a triple. We win."

Quan Ye looked in disbelief at the straight before him. His expression was exceptionally displeased. In the end, he plopped down on his chair and punched the table in front of him.

"President Quan, I hope you can uphold your promise. Remember to tell everyone you are a jerk and are impotent!"

"Hmmph!" Quan Ye stood up and threw back his chair before leaving with Father Quan. Afterwards, the dealer finally opened his mouth to speak to Mo Ting.

"This President Quan is an experienced swindler..."

"I know," Mo Ting replied.

"What about you?" Tangning turned around and stared at Mo Ting.

"President Mo only wanted to teach that jerk a lesson. If President Mo really wanted to win, he could have had whatever card he wanted."

"You know each other?" Tangning asked as she pointed to the dealer.

"When I first took over Hai Rui, I met all kinds of business partners. Back then, I wasted a lot of money on things like this. So, I decided to study and look into it. These days I haven't really put what I've learned to use, but it's useful to have skills ready in case I need them," Mo Ting explained.

"It seems you've never had to experience yielding to someone else's control. Yet, here I was declaring that I was going to fight for you...Look what happened in the end..." Tangning sighed. According to Mo Ting's reasoning, if he always went to study what he didn't know, how many skills did he actually have?

"If it wasn't for cheating, your cards would have been better than Quan Ye's. So, you're still considered the winner."

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