Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 276: Isn't She Just a Model?

Chapter 276: Isn't She Just a Model?

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Father Quan categorized Mo Ting as a goody-two-shoes because his own son was well known for being a rich player.

Quan Ye enjoyed the attention and endless supply of women that the entertainment industry provided him. But, he was absolutely not suited to a position of power. Because apart from arrogance and a know-it-all attitude, he had nothing else to bring to the table.

Second Master Mo suddenly felt Mo Ting was being a bit cruel. Quan Ye was born into a life of privilege and had always been treated like a precious treasure; no one ever went against him. Unfortunately for him, there was someone called Mo Ting.

The media immediately placed the photos they shot online.

In the end, the so-called 'truce banquet', started off with a battle. Of course, this wasn't the netizens' main focus. Everyone was instead drawn to Mo Ting's attractive body!

Yes, that's right, his body!

All that could be heard were multiple slaps across the face. With Mo Ting's heavenly physique, could a scrawny body compare?

"Wipe my bloody nose, my HP is low! God...this body is enough to instant kill Quan Ye a thousand times over..."

"The commenter above, calm down...I've already compared this body to all the male models in the industry and couldn't find any better. The only comparable ones are athletes!"

"God, who claimed that President Mo didn't have a fit body? I'm so angry. They made me stand on the wrong side."

"According to experts, this body can't possibly be gay. He is so attractive and overflowing with testosterone..."

The internet was in an uproar. Originally, there were still a few people that supported Quan Ye, but they had now changed their preference to Mo Ting. Not only this, Mo Ting's sexy photo was finally revealed, making him the fitness role model for many people and becoming their long-term goal.

Of course, this was also Long Jie's first time at seeing Mo Ting's body. Apart from Tangning and Lu Che, she was the person that came in contact with him the most. But, before seeing the photo, she couldn't imagine that Mo Ting's body was good to this extent.

"God, my nose is going to bleed!"

After putting down her phone, Long Jie glanced at Lu Che. She tried hard not to imagine his body.

"Don't worry, although my body isn't as great as the President's, it is at least better than the scrawny guy!"

Long Jie laughed slightly and put down her phone with a satisfied expression. Let's see how the supporters of Quan Ye continue to spout words of insult.

A while later, Long Jie retrieved her phone. After spotting Tangning standing below the ring waiting for Mo Ting, she couldn't help but tease the couple on the screen, "Look at our poor Tangning. She worked so hard to get to where she is today. However, someone dared to come along and insult Boss. Luckily, our married couple's hearts are bound together."

"So, my heart and yours isn't bound together?"

Long Jie stared at him proudly, "That's different..."

"However, I am sure that you had a crush on me first."

Long Jie: "I feel regretful now. Especially after seeing Boss' body..."

Lu Che: "If you continue like this, you will lose your boyfriend."

Long Jie smiled as she buried herself in Lu Che's embrace. To be exact, she forcefully occupied his space.


Inside the high-class venue, they had already changed locations.

Everyone felt it was a pity that they didn't get to see Mo Ting raise a fist. How dominating would he have been?

Tangning accompanied Mo Ting as he changed back into his suit. She then helped him put on his coat, "I feel regretful as predicted. If I had known the result would be like this, I wouldn't have let you expose yourself. Now there are wolves everywhere, out to get you. What should I do?"

"But, the only one capable of taking a bite of me is you," Mo Ting lowered his hand and hooked his finger with Tangning's pinky, "If you start to feel bored, let me know. I will directly KO him."

"No, I'm actually quite curious what you will be competing in next." After speaking, Tangning held onto Mo Ting's hand and led him out of the changeroom.

Of course, she was merely here to accompany Mo Ting today.

So, even if the reporters captured a photo of Tangning, it was either of her holding onto his coat or standing quietly by his side. The couple did not do anything overly affectionate, but watching them not leaving each other's side was enough to feed them a round of dog food 1 .

After getting changed, the couple returned to the main hall. The media were temporarily blocked out because Mo Ting dealt too much damage not too long ago.

Without the flashing cameras, Tangning finally relaxed. It wasn't because she was was because she was worried she wouldn't be able to hold back the admiration she had towards Mo Ting.

She was worried if the media were to figure something out she would be exposed in front of him.

Of course, the more she got to know Mo Ting, the harder it was for her to control the adoration she had for him. She liked him so much she couldn't control herself; it was like an incurable disease.

"What will you be competing in this time" Second Master Mo questioned the father and son who was sitting behind the fountain.

Quan Ye's unrestrained eyes shook as he stared down at the table before him. He then lifted his eyebrows and suggested, "How about we play a game of cards? Since the media have already left, there's no point competing in 5 rounds. Let's just play a simple game of Texas Hold'em Poker. But, I want to increase the bets."

"What do you want to bet on?" Mo Ting asked calmly; his expression was completely composed.

Quan Ye quickly glanced at Mo Ting and stood up. He then looked at Tangning who was sitting beside Mo Ting and said, "I want to bet on her. If you lose, the model goes to me."

Even Father Quan could tell Quan Ye was deliberately stirring up trouble. So, the uncle and nephew from the Mo family also caught on.

"You can also request something from me."

Mo Ting lowered his head and contemplated for a moment before laughing, "She isn't a wager..."

"Isn't she just a model? If I lose, you can sleep with my model twins."

Mo Ting's expression darkened. Father Quan quickly noticed, so he grabbed onto Quan Ye's arm and restrained him, "Rascal, are you asking to be taught a lesson? Have a look at President Mo's expression."

"What? Are you afraid?" the more Quan Ye got scolded, the more he wanted to win.

But, while Mo Ting was still thinking of a way to teach this reckless jerk a lesson, Tangning suddenly said, "I'll bet with you. But, if you lose, you will need to announce on all the biggest media channels that you are a jerk and are impotent!"

Father Quan's face turned red. Just as he was about to step in and say something, Quan Ye stood up happily, "OK! Then it's set. However, I don't pick on women. You can team up with President Mo. After all, you are practically a family."

Mo Ting glanced at Tangning. Since Quan Ye thought he didn't know how to play and was bursting with confidence, he might as well play along. Moreover, he was given a chance to play poker with Tangning.

Second Master Mo once again sighed to himself. The father and son seemed to have left home without their eyes.

If they were to go up against someone else in the Mo family, perhaps they would have had a chance to win. But, challenging Mo Ting?

Second Master Mo was tempted to find a quiet spot and have a nap. He wanted to leave this pointless competition for Mo Ting to entertain his little delicate wife.

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