Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 140: It Wasn't My Daughter, It Was Tangning!

Chapter 140: It Wasn't My Daughter, It Was Tangning!




Hearing this name, Yang Jing felt like someone had switched on a light bulb in her head. She apologetically turned to everyone, "I hope you can keep it a secret."

"Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital?"

Under such circumstances, how could word not spread?

"No need," Yang Jing stood up with the assistance of onlookers. After rubbing her head and making sure she was OK, she left Night Color Bar.

As she returned to her car, she tried to remember how Lan Yu looked when she saw her. She was wearing a hat, so no one recognized her. And as a 16-year-old, it was illegal for her to enter a bar, so she must have used a fake ID.

Since Lan Yu was taking drugs, her future did not look promising. But, being able to take advantage of the situation to implicate Tangning, made all her pain and suffering worth it.

The name Mini-Tangning finally came in use!

Apart from this, Yang Jing also wanted to mess up the deal between Tangning and Her Vision. So, she stopped her car on the side of the road and gave Editor Lin a phone call, telling her she had a huge scandal to expose and requested to meet in person.

Editor Lin already knew about everything that had happened at Cheng Tian earlier in the day. Although she didn't want to care about Yang Jing - since Yang Jing said it had something to do with Her Vision - she ended up giving her her address after a moment of consideration.

Time went by quickly and it was already late into the night. The search terms 'Tangning', 'drugs' and 'fight' slowly made it's way up the search rankings. Yang Jing arrived at Editor's Lin home holding her phone excitedly. She sat on the sofa and handed her phone over to Editor Lin, "Tangning is tainted, you can't use her for your cover."

Editor Lin held her head with her left hand and held the phone with her right. Afterwards...

She threw the phone back at Yang Jing, "I'm sure you are clear whether this is really Tangning. Yang Jing, as a friend, I'll give you a friendly warning: Tangning has someone backing her. Even if you flip the sky upside down, you won't be able to lay a finger on her."

"Who is it?" Yang Jing was stunned. She didn't expect to hear something like this from Editor Lin.

"This, I won't tell you, but...don't impulsively challenge her bottom line. Otherwise, you may not be able to stay in Beijing for long."

"This is impossible. If Tangning had someone backing her, she wouldn't torture herself by climbing up one step at a time like this."

"So, you're aware that she's suffering, then can you use less vile methods and do some good deeds instead to accumulate some merit for yourself?" Editor Lin sneered. "Yang Jing, I know you've been kicked out by Cheng Tian, but I have something I want to say to you. A pitiful person must have a reason for why they've sunk so low."

"Try and throw another attack at Tangning and see how she will make your life a living hell."

Yang Jing looked at Editor Lin with an icy cold glare and finally understood what people meant when they said 'hitting a man when they're down'. The entertainment industry had always been this realistic; she was down on her luck at the moment, so it was normal to be bullied by everyone.

"Even if you aren't thinking for your own sake, you should at least think about your mother. Spending your life trying to step on top of others will definitely lead to a bad ending."

After hearing this, Yang Jing stood up all of a sudden and stared furiously at Editor Lin, "That's enough, you are merely the pot calling the kettle black. I just want to know who's backing Tangning?"

Editor Lin did not answer her question. Instead....she burst out in laughter.

Yang Jing's heart sank. She picked up her phone ready to leave. At this time Editor Lin spoke up, "Just wait and see Yang Jing. Tomorrow the tables will turn."

Yang Jing left Editor Lin's home without turning back...

Fear was actually growing inside her. If...

...Editor Lin's words were true. If Tangning really did have someone backing her. Then with her current circumstance, what could she use to fight with Tanging?

No, don't scare yourself. Let's wait to reassess the situation tomorrow.


The second half of the night, comments about Tangning taking drugs was spreading like crazy online and causing quite a stir. There was plenty of interest, but, the thought of being face-slapped by Tangning so many times in the past, made everyone hesitant to jump to conclusions. Firstly, there wasn't any evidence and secondly, they had developed a trust in Tangning's character.

At 2am, Mo Ting received a phone call from Lu Che.

"President, Madam is in the news again. I've already sent someone to investigate. The person that took drugs was Lan Yu. Because they look similar, madam got stuck with incorrect rumors..."

Mo Ting looked at his phone and gently freed Tangning from his embrace as he headed into the study room, "Have you found evidence?"

"As there were plenty of people on the scene, I was able to get evidence. But, none of it is HD quality."

"Contact the main media sources, give them the evidence and make them change their search terms. As for the information I asked you to retrieve previously regarding Lan Yu's school life, it's time to make use of it. However, hold back a little, I want to leave it for the grand finale. I want to see who else wants to stand in Tangning's way."

Lu Che made a sound of agreement and didn't say anything else. After a short pause, he reported, "By the way, president, this scandal was started by Yang Jing..."

Hearing this, Mo Ting's expression darkened. Afterwards, he responded in an extremely cold voice, "Do I need to teach you how to deal with someone who hasn't learned their lesson?"

"No need," Lu Che understood what Mo Ting meant.

Since Yang Jing enjoyed going into battle, then she shouldn't dream of having a day of peace for the rest of her life.


Yang Jing waited in her car for the entire night. After waking up the next morning, the hottest search term had changed from 'Tangning' into 'Lan Yu'.

Yang Jing closed her phone in fear. Her mind endlessly ran through the warnings Editor Lin had given her...

Tangning has someone backing her.

How could Tangning have someone backing her? This was impossible. Tangning had been bullied by her previously. If there really was such a person, then he mustn't truly care about her.

She, at most, could only be a mistress!

Yang Jing put away her phone. She originally wanted to look for Luo Hao, but while driving there, she received a phone call from the hospital, "Miss Yang, please come to the hospital to pay your mother's medical bills."

"I don't have any money left, who am I going to get the money from to pay the medical bills?" Yang Jing screamed.

"Then, you have no choice but to come take your mother home and take care of her yourself..."

How was she suppose to take care of a paralyzed person? Plus, if people were to find out, how would she live up to it?

Yang Jing had no choice but to turn the car around and drive to the hospital. As for the incident about Lan Yu taking drugs, the public were in an uproar. Even Lan Yu's parents stepped out to try and clear her innocence, "This can't possibly be my daughter. If it's my daughter, I'll die right in front of you. Isn't my daughter's nickname, Mini-Tangning? Since my daughter looks so similar to Tangning, how could you guys be certain it wasn't Tangning that took drugs and claim that it was my daughter?"

While accepting an interview, Lan Yu's parents cried while they spoke, "I know my daughter better than anyone. There's no way she would take drugs. It must be Tangning. For the sake of passing the blame, she must have used some underhanded methods."

"It wasn't my daughter, it was Tangning!"

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