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Chapter 349: Tangning is Awesome!

Chapter 349: Tangning is Awesome!

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Tangning left the room with her head held high, but the scene of the auditions was left in an uproar!

No one would have expected, the actress to receive a standing ovation from the entire room, would end up being the person they had previously teamed up to boycott - Tangning!

They especially didn't expect Tangning to use such a method to prove herself and her acting ability.

Every single person that witnessed her performance today couldn't help but sigh. If Tangning was considered to have zero acting ability, then what about the idol actors and the actors that only had one expression throughout an entire film?

Tangning didn't have zero acting ability. On the contrary, her acting flowed naturally and smoothly.

The judges suffered a huge blow. They couldn't believe they had teamed up to boycott her. How were they to face the world from now on? In fact, could they still face the world?

After leaving the auditions, Tangning directly boarded Mo Ting's awaiting car. At this time, someone finally noticed her.

"The couple that just left, was that Tangning and Mo Ting?"

"How's that possible? Why would they appear at the auditions for 'Gunshot'?"

"Oh, perhaps I was just seeing things..."

The blue Maybach pulled away from the scene, leaving everyone in a flustered and confused state. There were still another hundred or so candidates that hadn't auditioned yet, but...after seeing Tangning's acting, the judges felt like she had cast a spell on them. No matter what they saw, Tangning would still feel like the most suitable option. Those with acting abilities didn't look the part, whereas those that looked the part couldn't act at all. Even Zhang Yidan from earlier seemed like a weak option in comparison to Tangning...

"Hey, have you guys heard? Tangning appeared at the auditions for 'Gunshot'!"

"What did she go there for? To do a catwalk?"

"Let me show you a video and you will understand."

Rumors started as a video of Tangning was posted online by an anonymous source. In an instant, news that Tangning had appeared on the set of 'Gunshot' to give face slaps went viral.

Everyone opened the video, doubtful of Tangning's acting ability and ended up closing their phones with an expression of someone that had seen a ghost. They would then remain dumbfounded for quite some time.

"Tangning actually used this method to face slap everyone. She truly is awesome! I must bow down to her..."

"Wasn't Director Zhang the one that claimed she was dragging down the entire industry? Tangning completely tore him apart. From what I heard, Director Zhang had no idea the person auditioning was Tangning, he even invited her to join the cast right on the spot. But, he ended up being rejected by Tangning, haha."

"I must say, Tangning sure knows how to let go. Look at the way she acts, she completely transforms into another person - what talent! I noticed before that she was really good at capturing the essence of the products she displays. Who would have thought she'd be able to transfer these skills to acting. I'm completely convinced by her."

"To be fair, Tangning's acting surpasses all the young and popular actors and actresses. The film industry really should invest in more newcomers. On the official website of 'Stupid', I read the part where the female lead abandons her child. I'm really anticipating how Tangning will act as this character."

"Tangning is awesome!"

Everyone originally felt she should have attended Fashion Week and become an international supermodel. So, when she went into acting and everyone assumed she had zero acting ability, she presented them with an impressive audition as a response. As a result the anticipation for 'Stupid' once again escalated. For those that took note of her, it was hard not to feel like her life was filled with miracles.

Not long after, 'Stupid' organized an open day on set for the media. Those that qualified, were finally allowed to watch Tangning act for the first time. Meanwhile, not too far away, Mo Ting stood to one side holding onto her jacket - the couple displayed perfect harmony.

20 minutes later, Tangning completed her filming. The reporters immediately approached her and politely interviewed her, "Tangning, how are you? May you spare us a little bit of time?"

Tangning turned to look at Mo Ting. After he gestured it was OK, she turned back to the reporters and nodded her head, "Yes."

"How did you manage to go from being a model to an actress and display such natural acting?"

"There's no special technique. During filming, I simply become the character I am portraying. That's all."

"In that case, let's talk about the doubts that the public had towards you. Although you used your own method to abolish the rumors, how did you feel when everyone doubted you?" one of the female reporters asked.

Tangning adjusted her uncomfortable wig and smiled, "The fact that they had doubts means that they have expectations. I'm quite happy because it means the hardwork of the crew won't go to waste."

"What about for yourself? Don't you feel unhappy for yourself?"

"It wasn't enough to make me upset. But, I do hope, whether you're an expert or a professor, you are deserving of the respect that others give you," Tangning replied in seriousness. "Public figures shouldn't be so subjective. If you provide criticism after you've seen me act, then I will think of it as an incentive to work harder. If you say that I am dragging down the entire industry without ever seeing me act, even if I didn't turn up at 'Gunshot', your face still would have been slapped after the release of 'Stupid'."

"I don't want to make enemies, I simply want to do my best with 'Stupid'. I welcome critique, but I have always been straightforward; if you don't attack me first, I won't attack back!"

"I don't care about any film career, I don't have an almighty goal. My biggest wish is to complete 'Stupid' to the best of my ability. As long as you haven't gone overboard, I will tolerate any critique because I respect the truth. As for my future plans, you will need to ask my manager. Thank you." After speaking, Tangning finally removed her wig as Mo Ting covered her with a jacket.

Ever since her debut, this was possibly the most straightforward and heartfelt words she had said to the public.

Her words were powerful, but her motive was pure.

She simply wanted to act well and didn't want to make enemies. If someone initiated an attack, then sorry, she wasn't going to hide in fear.

"Should I draft out a speech for you from now on? How dare you say such words?" Mo Ting complained as he wrapped her in his arms.

"You're right here next to me. Plus, you understand me the most. Don't tell me you didn't know what I wanted to say," Tangning pinched Mo Ting on the waist.

Mo Ting chuckled, "I never thought you'd be so full of power."

"I am still on the moral high ground. If I don't express my thoughts clearly right now, and someone continues to provoke me, what should I do then?"

Could Mo Ting not understand such simple reasoning?

In actual fact he was only afraid that she was too straightforward and may step on someone's toes. But, this time, all she received was a loud applause.

Her audition at 'Gunshot' was such a slap in the face that everyone couldn't help but cheer in satisfaction!

Her method was a text book example of a perfect counterattack...

"Everything is getting better...and 'Stupid' is about to complete it's filming. Following on, it is time for you to make a decision: will you return to the runway or will you take on another film?" Mo Ting asked for Tangning's opinion, but deep down he already knew the answer.

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