Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 348: I'm Not Willing

Chapter 348: I'm Not Willing

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"This Zhang Yidan sure isn't bad...According to her information, she graduated from one of the top performing arts colleges - not bad, indeed."

"Yes, she's not bad. But, I think it's because you sat through so much rubbish that you are so easily impressed by someone that's slightly OK."

"You're quite right, let's continue!"

After a short discussion, the judges decided to continue the auditions, however...the actresses to follow either showed bad acting, completely non-existent acting or overacting.

The judges rolled their eyes. They suddenly realized they may not come across another actress better than Zhang Yidan - in fact, it was likely they would keep getting worse.

"Number 33, Tang Yizhen."

Tang Yizhen?

"I've never heard this name before, have any of you?"

"I've never heard of her either. Let's see how she goes," the judges lowered their heads not expecting much, especially since they had never heard of her name.

However...just as all the judges' attention wasn't on the stage, suddenly...

...a surprised scream echoed through the room. The judges quickly found themselves drawn to the stage. As soon as they spotted the person in front of them, their mouths opened in shock.

The Tangning at this moment was dressed in a white torn t-shirt paired with a pair of tight jeans. Her hair was short and neat and most importantly, there was a mole between her eyebrows. This look exactly matched the description of the female lead given in the script. In fact, it was like the female shooter had come to life.

The judges were extremely excited. One glance was enough for them to be completely consumed in this actress.

Atop the dimly lit stage, Tangning's hair made it hard to distinguish her facial features. However, this did not prevent her from being calm and capable.

"Open the script to page 23 and act out the scene."

One of the assistants handed Tangning the script, but she did not accept it. She simply replied, "I don't need the script."

"How presumptuous! I like it!" one of the judges clapped his hands cheerfully.

"Great, since you don't need it, then let's get started!"

This was the first time all morning that all the judges placed their focus on the stage at the same time. Even Zhang Yidan had flaws and insufficiencies. But, Tangning was able to capture all the judges' hearts with something as simple as her costume. Above all, she exuded a presence that put everyone at ease...

The judges looked intently at Tangning. Then...

"1,2,3..." Tangning counted to three before lifting the gun in her hands and breaking open the door to enter the room. That's when the judges realized her gun-holding technique was extremely accurate...and valiant-looking. Most importantly, a few of the judges noticed, the pinky finger on her left hand was extended even when she was holding the gun. This was because the script had explained that the female lead had undergone an illness in the past that caused a part of the joints in her left hand to be hardened.

Who would have expected Tangning to capture even this smallest of detail...

It was also because of this small detail that the female shooter appeared more complete.

This was a scene where she was supposed to break open the door and save someone. But, after she entered the room, she realized she had fallen into a trap and all she found was a ticking time bomb. This was also when she realized her only exit had been sealed.

Tangning searched everywhere for an exit as she tapped on the wall, listening carefully for changes in sound. After a while, she lost her patience and started punching the wall furiously.

This was a scene that went from controlled calmness to an explosion of emotions.

The judges followed Tangning's gaze like they were also stuck in the difficult situation with her.

In the end, Tangning noticed an opening that had recently been blocked - it was the exit. However, there were only 10 seconds left on the bomb. So, she flipped the gun around and started slamming on the wall with the back of the gun; one hit harder than the one before it and filled with more power.

The wall finally crumbled open...

One of the judges was so consumed in the scene that he thought there really was a bomb. Just as the bomb exploded, he subconsciously covered his head...

But, the scene...

...ended right there and everyone was left stunned.

This captivating feeling, this level of acting, this soul-stealing performance; there really wasn't anyone else better and more suited to the character.

The room immediately erupted in a loud applause as Director Zhang continuously screamed "Fantastic!"

"Oh God, that was spectacular! Absolutely spectacular!"

Tangning looked at Director Zhang and the other judges and politely bowed.

At this time, Director Zhang directly said to Tangning, "Tang Yizhen, you are the one! You are the female shooter, no one can do it better than you."

Her clothes, her acting and her expressions; apart from not having any lines, Tangning performed perfectly.

Director Zhang was filled with excitement. It had been many years since he had met an actor with such soul. It was obvious to see that Tangning had put in a lot of effort for this character.

"Director Zhang, shouldn't we at least finish the auditions?" his assistant asked.

"No need. Even if we find someone with similar acting abilities, they may not necessarily look similar. Haven't you realized? She's taken every little detail into account. It's clear to see how much she has studied and understood the character inside and out," Director Zhang remained in an excited and overjoyed state. Meanwhile, all the judges present also agreed that Tangning did extremely well.

"Are you willing to join the cast of 'Gunshot'? You are the one we've been looking for..."

Hearing this question, Tangning smiled as she removed the wig on her head, revealing her true appearance. She really needed to thank the wig for disguising her so well...

"No, I'm not willing," Tangning said in a serious and powerful tone, "Not willing at all."

"What's this all about?" one of the judges growled. "If you're not willing, then what are you doing here at the auditions?"

"Why do I feel like I've seen her before?"

"Ah! That's Tangning..."

"How's this possible? How could it be Tangning?"

"Yes, I am indeed Tangning," Tangning revealed calmly. "I came here today because of the post that Director Zhang put online. You keep clinging to the claim that I am dragging down the industry and that I have zero acting ability. However, today, you've invited me to join 'Gunshot' as the female lead. May I ask if you've felt your face being slapped yet?"

Director Zhang's expression tightened...

"It's true that I was once a model. But, that doesn't mean, I can never be a good actor."

"I simply came today to prove myself. As for whether there are any problems with my acting, I'm sure you all have the answer in your hearts."

"Your identity guarantees that your every word and move is noticed by the public. Yet, before you'd even seen me act, you concluded that I couldn't act at all. Do you know how much trouble you've created for both Hai Rui and I?"

Director Zhang's face alternated between red and white...

...because Tangning's face slap was impossible for him to retaliate against...

So many people were watching and so many people had witnessed Tangning's acting. She was a complete natural; it was a fact that could not be denied. So, he was left with nowhere to hide.

"F*cking awesome!" someone praised Tangning.

Since she had used such an impressive method to prove herself, who else could be more awesome than her?

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