Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 347: I Want You

Chapter 347: I Want You

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After deciding to audition for 'Gunshot', Tangning trained in shooting and fighting during her time off. But, because their time was limited, Mo Ting and her shooting instructor both selected a few key moves that would be of most benefit to her.

Originally, the shooting instructor was worried Tangning wouldn't be able to handle the harsh regime. But, after meeting Tangning, he realized this 26-year-old model had a certain power and tenacity to her.

So, while waiting on set for her parts, Tangning would practice putting together a gun and mastering her shooting technique. And after returning to the hotel, she would practice basic fighting moves with Mo Ting in the gym.

Luckily, due to her previous training, Tangning was flexible and nimble. If another model was in her position, they may have cried out in pain from all the training.

Mo Ting can actually fight!

Tangning had never seen Mo Ting fight. She always felt that a serious person like Mo Ting would not be interested in something so aggressive. But, how did the Big Boss respond?

"I was also young once..."

As she watched Mo Ting's powerful kicks and punches, Tangning felt her heart flutter. He was much too attractive; so attractive that her heart rate continued to increase.

Although observing Mo Ting's attractiveness was important, Tangning placed 100% focus on practicing her moves to perfection.

Over the next two days, fans continued to argue without resolve. But, Hai Rui still did not give a response.

In particular, Lin Sheng's fans continued to act like their idol had been ruined by Hai Rui. They even requested for Lin Sheng's agency to cancel Lin Sheng's contract with Hai Rui.

"Sheng Sheng's already been negatively implicated. Could Hai Rui please let him go!"

"I don't care so much whether he stays, but if our Sheng's film is dragged down by Tangning, I promise I will be her anti-fan for the rest of my life."

"Since it's already been filmed, there's no point saying anything now. All I can say is, I feel slightly disappointed in Hai Rui."

"Hmmph, Tangning sure has a strong backing. Even though she's implicated the entire production crew, she still has the audacity to turn up on set. I must bow down to the thickness of her skin."

Apart from people that were aware of Tangning's acting ability, no one else was willing to believe in her. Of course, as a newcomer to the industry, Tangning never dreamed she'd receive their understanding.

That night at home, Mo Ting held Tangning in his arms as he said, "Tomorrow, I'll escort you to the audition."

"No need. Since it is meant to be a secret, if you turn up, our intention would fail," Tangning replied. "Don't worry, I know what to do. I will definitely prove myself to everyone."

"It's almost time for us to announce our marriage...yet you are still working so hard."

Tangning ran her fingers over Mo Ting's neck and buried herself peacefully and dependently into Mo Ting's arms. She then said in a satisfied tone, "But, I've never felt tired...when it comes to being tired, you are definitely more tired than I am."

"Fine, it's time to sleep. You need to get up early tomorrow."

Tangning reached out her hand to hold back Mo Ting as she gave a gentle smile, "But, President Mo...I want you."

Mo Ting was stunned as he looked down at Tangning and asked, "What did you just say?"

"I said I want you," Tangning repeated straightforwardly. "Didn't you know that your every move at the gym was much too seductive?"

"If it wasn't to seduce you, did you think I'd be so serious?" Mo Ting flipped himself on top of Tangning as he spoke in a deep and charming voice.

Tangning hugged his waist underneath the bed covers and pressed her body against Mo Ting's, "You've succeeded..."


"The production 'Gunshot' is about to hold their auditions!"

News about the auditions for 'Gunshot' was bound to get out sooner or later. As for the director for 'Gunshot', it was none other than the man that posted his opinion about Tangning online, Director Zhang.

When the time came, over 100 candidates showed up at the auditions. This meant, the chance to become the female lead was one in a hundred.

Amongst the judges at the auditions, apart from Director Zhang, there were also 7-8 famous artists, actors and investors. The lineup was quite powerful.

At this time, Tangning appeared as Tang Yizhen to participate in the auditions. Her appearance number was 33.

In other words, she was relatively close to the middle!

In order not to be recognized, Tangning specifically wore a wig as she left home and chose baggy clothes to cover up her legs. As expected, because everyone was nervous about the auditions, no one noticed who she was. However, Tangning noticed amongst the candidates were a few currently popular actresses.

In reality, Tangning knew the judges for the audition may not necessarily test the candidates on scenes from 'Gunshot', so she felt those that were holding onto the script endlessly reciting it, were quite pitiful.

Sometimes, acting also depended on instincts.

As she watched one person after another enter the audition room, Tangning remained relatively calm. On the other hand, the people around her were extremely nervous. A few of them even went to the bathroom multiple times anxiously.


Tangning lifted her head to look at the person that had patted her on the shoulder. She was a little surprised but did not say a word.

The girl that faced her was in her early twenties and dressed in a police uniform. From the looks of it, she was also here for the auditions, "What number are you?"

"Number 33," Tangning replied.

"I don't see a script in your hands, nor do you appear to be nervous. Are you here to accompany a friend?" the girl sat down beside Tangning questioningly.

"Perhaps," Tangning did not want to converse with the girl for too long so she brushed her off with a brief reply. Only later would she find out that this girl dressed in police uniform would end up going against her multiple times on her future acting path.

"Yidan, it's your turn."

Yidan's manager yelled in their direction.

Yidan stood up from her seat and said to Tangning, "You're actually here for the auditions aren't you...Tangning?"

Being exposed like this, Tangning did not panic at all. At the same time, Yidan did not appear to have the intention to reveal her identity to everyone. As their eyes met, Tangning suddenly felt this young girl was quite interesting.

Afterwards, Zhang Yidan entered the audition room and faced the judges confidently.

"Flip to page 94 of the script and act out that scene," the main judge instructed.

Zhang Yidan nodded her head. As soon as she flipped to the page, she realized it was the scene where her friend made a sacrifice for her. This scene required her to act on the spot.

Apart from testing the basics in acting and expressing the lines in the script, this scene also tested an actors ability to act freely.

Zhang Yidan quickly adjusted her emotions before she erupted in a loud wail. Kneeling on the floor and pressing on her friend's chest, she cried, "Don't die! You can't die..."

Panic, fear, anger and an unwillingness to accept reality...Zhang Yidan's eyes flowed with tears as her nose ran uncontrollably. She got into character extremely quickly.

"I beg of you...don't let anything happen to you."

Afterwards, she stood up and smashed the props around her before collapsing on the floor painfully...

Although her performance wasn't anything special... was full of emotion. On top of that, her gaze was multi-layered and most importantly, her acting was smooth!

"Not bad, this actress is not bad..."

"Zhang Yidan right? Not bad."

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