Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 346: This Time, Their Attacks are Directed Straight for the Madam

Chapter 346: This Time, Their Attacks are Directed Straight for the Madam

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"Don't be afraid, we will be by your side to help you," Lin Sheng comforted in a gentle voice.

Tangning turned her head around and looked at Mo Ting. She noticed the corners of his lips were curved upwards with an obvious smile, but she still felt uneasy, "I've caused 'Stupid' to hit rock bottom. Aren't you guys worried at all?"

"What is there to worry about?" Mo Ting asked back.

"When it comes to being a model, I have everything within the palm of my hands. I know exactly what to do to save my image and push myself forward. But, when it comes to being an is completely foreign to me."

"With your acting and President Mo's PR capabilities, there will definitely be a day when the Fei Tian Best Actress Award will be yours," Lin Sheng did not hold back his praise at all.

Because he felt, within this industry, there were too many people that had talent without diligence or diligence without talent. Whereas, people like Tangning, with both talent and diligence, was hard to come by.

"I simply want to do my best with 'Stupid'. Regarding everything else, I don't want to think too far ahead..." Tangning expressed her thoughts.

"You don't need to think too far ahead. The man behind you will have the path planned out for you."

Unfortunately, people had their opinions and it wasn't long before they started labeling her: 'Zero Acting Ability'!

Seeing these three words, Tangning was reminded of Mo Yurou during the Oriental Trend. She had previously caused Mo Yurou to be called 'Zero Mentions'.

Who would have thought, her turn to be called 'Zero Acting Ability' would come around so quickly?

'Zero Acting Ability'...

The fans continued to be in an uproar for quite some time. They even gathered a small group of people to boycott the film. However, the entire production crew knew, Tangning didn't have zero acting ability as rumored. In fact, her acting was shockingly impressive.

"Hmmph, once the film is released, these people will know how it feels to have a sore face!"

"But, if they continue to boycott it, who's going to go watch the film?"

"Hopefully Hai Rui will resolve this issue soon and not allow such a great film to be disregarded..."

Whilst all this was going on, a director decided to post up his opinion on social media. He complained that there were many hardworking and professional actors who watched their youth pass them by, simply because they couldn't grasp onto good resources. Meanwhile, there were people who could not act that occupied the best positions; dragging down the entire industry...

He was obviously hinting that Tangning was one of these people that could not act... well as, one of the people that were dragging down the entire industry.

"If this director was to appear in front of me, I would throw him a slap across the face. He's never even seen you act before, how could he make a judgment so quickly?" Long Jie was overflowing with anger. Even when she was being forced to kneel in front of Qin Lu, she did not feel as wronged as she did now.

"He has the right to express his opinion," Tangning replied in a completely unfazed manner.

"But, his opinion is too harsh..."

"The harshness of his words now will be equivalent to the redness of his face in the future."

In reality, the progression of the incident had already exceeded everyone's expectations. The famous director ended up teaming up with a few other directors to boycott unprofessional actors, placing a label on all actors that hindered the development of the industry, like Tangning.

As examples, they even pointed out a few films that were well-made but ended up being destroyed in the hands of their actors. 'Stupid' was included in the mix.


"President, someone is behind the entire director boycott," Lu Che handed the information he had found to Mo Ting, "Previously, Hai Rui used powerful methods to destroy 'Stardom' before it was even born. But, who would have thought, the producer of 'Stardom' was a rich heir. He happened to come across the script and decided to play around with it. So, he was extremely angered when he found out what Hai Rui had done."

"The directors that started the boycott were his parents...I must say, the two elders have quite a broad range of contacts!"

"This time, their attacks are directed straight for the madam."

"The heads of the film association have attached importance to this issue and official media sources have issued a statement saying that all actors should receive the treatment and respect that they deserve."

In other words, they were telling everyone that those that should be replaced will be replaced, otherwise, it will be difficult for them to pass the film review stage.

"Tangning has almost completed her scenes for 'Stupid' and I have already lined up her next audition," Mo Ting's eyes scanned through the script of 'Gunshot' that was sitting in his hands. "Create a stage name for Tangning and put through an audition application."

"Isn't 'Gunshot' directed by the opinionated director?"

"Yes, I want him to witness Tangning's acting. I want him to see it clearly for himself," Mo Ting's eyes lit up with a fiery flame.

"What if the Madam passes the auditions?"

Mo Ting stood up from his office chair and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window, "This is merely a method to prove my wife's capabilities. To be honest...his film is not one that interests me at all. It's best if he doesn't change his mind and come begging at my doorstep."

"I'll make arrangements immediately!"

A slight sense of excitement appeared in Lu Che's eyes.

Mo Ting was indeed Mo Ting - black-bellied as ever. Since the director had never seen Tangning act...they were going to let Tangning audition in front of him; they were going to let him witness with his own eyes whether Tangning could act or not. This was perhaps the best way to throw a slap across someone's face.

So many pairs of eyes and so many judges would be present. As long as Tangning received acknowledgement, the slap would land solidly on the director's face.

Not only this, the rumors that Tangning had zero acting ability would be abolished without them having to lift a finger.

That evening, Lu Che sent the script of 'Gunshot' to Tangning and explained Mo Ting's idea to her, "Madam, there is a female shooter in the film. If you are willing, the president can arrange for you to have shooting lessons."

He was indeed the King of Black Bellies - he completely understood her interests.

"OK," Tangning nodded her head. Cool fighting characters were indeed where her interests lied.

"What about the fighting scenes?"

"Ahem...the President said he could teach you personally," Lu Che rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. He then said softly to Tangning, "Actually, the President's fighting skills are pretty impressive. I've seen it before. His skills are at the academy level!"

Tangning lowered her head and smiled, "I never doubted his skills."

"In that case Madam, can you select a stage name?"

"Yizhen (Truth), Tang Yizhen. What's true is false, what's false is true..." Tangning casually settled on a name. In reality, she was well aware that Mo Ting merely wanted her to prove her acting ability to everyone; he didn't actually want her to partake in 'Gunshot. Even so, Tangning still looked through the script in complete seriousness.

Not only this, Tangning couldn't wait to see Mo Ting teach her how to fight...

Her biggest aim, however, was to throw a satisfying slap across the director's face. If not, 'Stupid' would continue to remain in its ditch.

This was an important opportunity she had to grasp onto.

After all, she also wanted to present Mo Ting with a substantial wedding present!

"OK, I'll go arrange your application and audition. Prepare well, you only have a few days, it's quite rushed."

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