Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 345: Do You Want Me to Step Out and Clarify Everything?

Chapter 345: Do You Want Me to Step Out and Clarify Everything?

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"They can insult me all they want...I simply don't understand why they are implicating you," Tangning's voice sounded a little upset.

As soon as Mo Ting heard this, he couldn't help but chuckle, "That's because you and I are one entity. Are you making mistakes because of this? This isn't like you...this isn't the Tangning that was versatile on the runway and filled with confidence during her rehearsal."

"I don't like it when people insult and defame you - I can't stand it at all."

Mo Ting ran his fingers through Tangning's hair and gently placed a kiss on her forehead, "Since I've been scolded so many times because of you, how are you going to make up for it? Huh?"

Tangning took a deep breath. She felt it was probably because her love for Mo Ting had gotten stronger and stronger that she had gradually changed. For example, after marrying Mo Ting, every time she felt a spike in emotions, it was always because of him; whether it be the time when he was sick and wouldn't take medicine or the time he had a migraine but wouldn't get it checked out...

It turned out...loving a person could reach this extent.

"Let me compose myself," Tangning closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. After her emotions settled she pulled away from Mo Ting's embrace and returned on set to continue filming.

"Scene 163, Act 1. Action!" a production staff clapped the clapperboard.

In this scene, the female lead was 7 months into her pregnancy, but like a junkie, she continued to smoke and drink alcohol. This was a likely reason why her child was to be born with a slower intellect than others. At this point in the film, she suddenly showed signs of a premature birth. Holding in her pain, she continued to smoke as she gave her assistant a phone call.

Not long after...there was a knock on the door.

Tangning stood up from the sofa, but her head started spinning and she ended up falling back down...

When acting as a pregnant lady, many actresses forgot small details like this. Many even strode around swiftly on their feet, but Tangning was different...

...her acting made the scene feel real. She made them believe that this was how a pregnant lady should be and that she was truly pregnant.

Because of the female lead's popularity, she needed to keep herself hidden at all the times. She even kept things a secret from some of Beijing's wealthiest businessmen.

There were many times when she was almost revealed and barely made it through...

"The man that had a one night stand with you is a member of the national swimming team..."

As soon as the female lead heard this, she froze. After chewing a few times on the cigarette in her mouth, she finally spat it out and extinguished it, "Not bad, my child won't starve."

"I can't believe you actually care about your child when you are obviously the one that's trying to poison it!" her assistant swept away the layer of smoke in front of her. At this time, the female lead suddenly made a shocking decision, "I want to give birth at home."

Her assistant stood in stunned silence...

"OK! Pass!"

It was worth noting that the character Tangning was playing, could easily be portrayed incorrectly as a crazy woman. However, Tangning focused on a lot of the finer details, convincing everyone that her every move was reasonable and making the character impossible to hate...

The two hidden reporters also saw Tangning successfully pass her scene.

They couldn't conclude whether the Tangning that was full of mistakes not too long ago was the same person as the powerfully skilled actor they saw at this moment...

They even looked at each other questioningly as one of them asked, "Are we still defaming Tangning? Why do I feel that her acting isn't too bad? She's practically brought a pregnant lady to life."

"How would I know?" the other reporter replied. "Plus, even though her acting is fine here, it doesn't mean this is her usual acting quality. Her mistakes earlier are a good example."

"In that case, did you record the part just now?"

"No I didn't. I thought you recorded it."

"I didn't either!"

The two reporters looked at each other. In the end, they came to the same conclusion, "In that case, we have no choice but to defame Tangning..."


That day, the rumor of Tangning acting was finally confirmed. It naturally created quite a stir in both the modeling and acting world.

Those working in fashion expected to watch a good show. Instead of focusing on being model, Tangning actually jumped over into film and decided to start all over again! So, naturally, they didn't believe the acting industry was one that she could enter just because she wanted to.

In modeling, one could rely on resources and background to get a quick walk on the runway. But, when it came to acting, one's abilities would be exposed right from the start...

The audience would not overlook bad acting just because the actor's clothing looked good.

"Must Hai Rui self-destruct in this way? If they insist on using Tangning, I won't watch it!"

"They are practically ruining a good script."

At this time, a few other films held press releases. They were all huge productions with good storylines, famous directors, and top-notch actors. This created quite an impact on 'Stupid' and posed a huge threat.

An expert box office speculator concluded, in comparison to the other announced films, the originally highly anticipated 'Stupid' was no longer held in high esteem by industry professionals because Tangning had been revealed as the female lead.

Instead, the latter announced 'Armor', became the leading competitor for the Fei Tian Awards and box office sales were expected to exceed one billion.

Meanwhile, 'The Apocalypse Thief' was the newest creation from a comedy genius screenwriter. Although it wasn't as creative as the other two films, it couldn't be denied that it had the possibility of being a dark horse.

Apart from that, there was also a romantic drama that was announced. Even though 'Stupid' had a famous director and the participation of top actor, Lin Sheng, it still ended up being overtaken because of the inclusion of Tangning!

Lin Sheng's fans expressed their disappointment, telling Mo Ting that if he wanted to play with fire and kill himself, he shouldn't drag Lin Sheng down with him!

He actually dared to use Tangning! This wasn't simply playing with ticket sales, it was practically playing with Lin Sheng's life!

"I strongly advise Hai Rui to change female lead again. Otherwise, I'd rather they not release 'Stupid' at all. What a waste of our Sheng Sheng's skills!"

"Exactly! It started off so well and all their promotional material was so captivating. Why did they have to change the female lead to Tangning? I really can't understand!"

"Replace Tangning!"

"Replace the female lead!"

"If Hai Rui insists on going ahead, us 'Lin Fans' will unite to prevent 'Stupid' from being released."

After seeing the drama that was happening on the outside, the production crew looked at Tangning comfortingly, "It's OK Tangning, you aren't anything like they say you are. Your filming is almost complete, so don't let their words affect you."

"That's right! Your acting ability and professionalism are both things that we witnessed with our own eyes. We will support you all the way!"

The production crew tried their best to comfort Tangning. Even Lin Sheng approached her during filming and asked, "Do you want me to step out and clarify everything?"

"No need. Once the film is released, the truth will be"

"Plus, there is no way President Mo will sit idly by," Lin Sheng continued her sentence. "But, there are some things that should be clarified as early as possible. Otherwise, you might miss out on the opportunity."

"I understand..." Tangning nodded her head.

"If you need me for anything, just let me know...Since you have been exposed to the public now, President Mo will probably get you to appear in front of everyone at the next event. Of course, I'm hoping you can create a miracle out of the situation. But, since neither modeling nor acting can stand in your way, I'm sure a few skeptics wouldn't faze you."

While no one noticed, Mo Ting quietly approached Tangning from behind and overheard their conversation.

"That's time we have an interview, you will need to attend."

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