Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 344: Can't She Just Focus on the Runway?

Chapter 344: Can't She Just Focus on the Runway?

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That night, Tangning gave Mo Ting a phone call. She wanted to share her idea with her husband, "At the moment, 'Stupid' is still being filmed. Although my parts are almost done, Sheng Ge still has a long way to go. On top of that, there are still 2 weeks left before your book goes on sale. In order to prevent other issues from occurring, let's start accepting preorders!"

"Let's get the main media sources to share some previews of the story and put the book on preorder. Money is not the main motive, the main motive is for everyone to know that 'Stupid' has a copyright and no one should dream of messing with it..."

"I agree, that's a good idea," Mo Ting smiled as he nodded his head. "Ning...even though I spoil you, you have not forgotten how to think for yourself."

"I simply don't want you to be stressed, time and time again, over issues like this."

"Focus on your filming. I will get Lu Che to make arrangements. Tonight, I will come visit you on set and take advantage of the opportunity to help you warm your bed," Mo Ting's mood lightened as he teased.

Even though they had been married for quite some time, Tangning couldn't help but blush when being teased.

After their chat, Mo Ting put down his phone. At this time, Lu Che smiled, "The Madam is smart, but I've already started doing what you told me to do."

"Don't tell Tangning," Mo Ting lifted his head and looked at Lu Che with a threatening glare.

Lu Che lifted both hands, pretending to surrender, "I wouldn't dare."


"I heard 'Stupid' is releasing a book. Have you guys heard?"

"Of course we heard about it. Sheng Ge has even posted photos of it online!"

"But, I still don't know where we can buy one."

Since Hai Rui wanted to create a stir, it was only natural for discussions to be initiated by the main lead. Lin Sheng was the first to get conversations going; he perfectly displayed what it meant to 'receive a hundred responses with one call' 1 as fans quickly spread the word. Not long after, came the recommendations from online personalities, followed by the interest of novel fanatics...

After word had spread, Hai Rui's subsidiary publishing company officially announced that the book for 'Stupid' would be on sale from mid-March. They also announced that the book was currently accepting preorders and the official website would be sharing regular previews from the story...

"I really must worship the author of 'Stupid'; the story starts off jumping straight into the first time our protagonist gets abandoned. It's so captivating! His father sure is ruthless. I can't wait for the day that he regrets what he did!"

"It's so frustrating to have read the previews. I originally clicked in to see what it's all about, who would have thought I'd be completely drawn in straight away. This is such a slap to the face!"

"Can anyone tell me who the author of 'Stupid' is?"

"Right now, I really can't wait to see Sheng Ge play the role of the protagonist. Oh! Seeing him turn the situation around and getting revenge is definitely going to be entertaining!"

"I really want to know if the female lead will be played by Tangning..."

Thanks to Hai Rui's plan, 'Stupid' experienced a strong momentum. Film fanatics opened up to the world of novels and novel fanatics opened up to the word of film.

Actually, not only were the public curious about who the author of 'Stupid' was, even Lin Sheng couldn't help but question Tangning, "You said from the start that you came here because of the screenwriter, so does that mean you know who it is?"

"Yes, but it's a secret!" Tangning smiled as she raised the only copy of 'Stupid'.

"Can I have a look through that later tonight?" Lin Sheng stretched out his hand for the book, but Tangning refused.

"No Sheng will need to follow the updates on the official website. This book is not for lending."

"Since we can't have a look at it, then stop flashing it around in front of us..." Lin Sheng glared at her, "What a tease!"

Tangning giggled. Deep down she was also happy that their problematic issue had been resolved.

However, the popularity of 'Stupid' wasn't completely a good thing. There were also a few drawbacks. For example...

...the public's curiosity towards the female lead had gotten to a point where they'd do crazy things just to find out. This included trying to capture photos in secret!

Although the crew of 'Stupid' were extremely secretive, the powerful fans still managed to locate their filming location. They even tried multiple times to climb over the surrounding walls to get inside.

In response to this, Mo Ting adjusted the filming schedule with Coque and instructed him to focus on completing Tangning's parts first. She didn't have much left to film and most of the scenes took part indoors.

Even though the fans had no luck getting into the studio, they still had the option of showing up at the hotel allocated by the production crew and investigating Tangning's room number...

It just so happened, the daughter of the hotel's owner was also one of these nosy people. So, she secretly found out Tangning's room number and illegally went inside!

[Explosive News! Female Lead of 'Stupid' Revealed. It's Really Her!]

[Insider Reveals Details of Tangning's Hotel Room - Confirming Rumors That She is Currently Filming]

[Model Changes Career Path and Displays Horrible Acting!]

After seeing rumors spread rapidly overnight, Mo Ting arranged for the crew to be extra cautious.

"F*ck! I never thought Tangning would be so brave."

"I never imagined she'd actually go film 'Stupid'. Can't she just focus on the runway?"

"She probably thinks she's invincible because of her relationship with Mo Ting."

Seeing the publics' harsh speculation, Long Jie angrily turned off her phone. She then glanced at Tangning and noticed she was sitting patiently in her chair waiting to film her part like nothing had happened.

"It's OK, everyone's first time at filming is like this."

"I think you're the one that's not OK," Tangning chuckled. "I prepared myself for this a long time ago. No matter how harsh their words are, as long as I know what I'm doing, that's all that matters."

"With your acting abilities...once the film is released, all those that are currently defaming you will need to seal their mouths shut."

"Since you understand this, why are you still angry?" Tangning confiscated Long Jie's phone, "Don't look at the discussions online anymore. You are affecting my mood."


"Right now, all I need to do is endure. The more they doubt me, the harder I will work to prove that they are wrong!" After speaking, Tangning heard the Director call her name; it was time to film her next part.

In reality, no matter how much the public insulted her, it didn't matter; she was already used to it. But...

...she didn't know why, seeing people insult 'Stupid', the screenwriter and/or even the author, it was something she couldn't tolerate. As a result, her filming this time was filled with mistakes...

"Tangning, what's wrong with you today? You don't seem to be in the right mental state," Coque asked as he stood up from behind the camera, "Are you not feeling well?"

"No, I'm fine Director, let's continue..."

However, after a series of takes, Tangning still could not get into character...

At this time, two reporters were hiding amongst the props taking photos. One of them scoffed to the other, "With this level of acting, even I could do better than her. I really can't understand why, out of all the actresses in Hai Rui, they insisted on choosing her."

"That's because she has a boyfriend and you don't. Regardless, who cares how many mistakes she makes, as long as we have something to write about, that's all that matters."

A little while later, Mo Ting arrived on scene. Seeing Tangning continuously making mistakes, he was a little surprised. So, he walked up to her and pulled her aside, "What's wrong?"

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