Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 343: A Good Personality Doesn't Guarantee Good Acting

Chapter 343: A Good Personality Doesn't Guarantee Good Acting

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After Yu Feng's wedding, Tangning and Mo Ting appeared on the headlines of many entertainment news sources. Their popularity was something many artists could only look up to. However, after that small interlude, Tangning retreated from the spotlight and returned to filming.

At this time, the ranking results for the 'Asian Model with the Highest Public Confidence' was released. Tangning was ranked number one in Asia with double the votes compared to the model in second place.

A big picture of her was published on an international news source. As everyone looked questioningly at the popular model, they realized they had not seen her face at the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week!

"If Tangning has actually gone into filming, she is seriously brave for giving up on everything she currently has."

"Actually, an artist's value shouldn't be limited to the current form in which they exist. I think Tangning understands her standpoint very clearly, so she is willing to challenge herself."

"Although I like her. If she is to act...I still would not watch it."

"Exactly, a good personality doesn't guarantee good acting."

Tangning was undoubtedly unpredictable. She had been on and off in the industry for 9 years, but it merely took her 4 months to return to the pinnacle of the modeling world. Just as she was about to become an international supermodel, she suddenly took a sharp detour and made a surprising sacrifice

The path she took...

...was extremely fascinating to observers.


Meanwhile, on set, Tangning's filming had long surpassed the halfway mark. After a grueling night of filming, Mo Ting's car arrived outside the studio.

Tangning had a look at the time. Without removing her makeup, she headed straight for the car, "It's almost dawn, why are you here?"

"Taking you to celebrate," Mo Ting said as he held onto the steering wheel and gestured for her to quickly get changed.

"Celebrate?" Tangning looked at Mo Ting confusedly. It wasn't her birthday, nor was it Mo Ting's birthday. So, what were they celebrating?

Mo Ting smiled without a word. After she got changed, he started the car and pulled away from the studio.

"At this time of night, all the restaurants have already closed."

Mo Ting didn't say anything. He simply drove her straight home.

Just before she walked in through the front door, Tangning was a little nervous. She was afraid that this man had planned something over-the-top. However, after the door opened, all she saw was a candlelit dinner in the living room. She relaxed and smiled, "You scared me."

"I have a present for you," Mo Ting held her hand as he led her to a seat at the table. He then placed a white box into her hands.

Tangning removed the decorative ribbon and opened the thoughtfully prepared box. Inside, she found...the fully published book for 'Stupid'.

"You've already finished it?" Tangning excitedly removed the book from the box and quickly tore away the packaging.

"It's a wedding gift," Mo Ting replied in seriousness. "The first copy in the entire world is in your hands..."

"When will it be on sale?"

"Have a look below..." Mo Ting instructed.

Tangning froze as she held back her excitement. She turned back to the box and noticed, right in the middle, there was a key, "What is this?"

"Didn't you notice it?" Mo Ting subconsciously looked around the room...

Tangning followed his gaze and finally noticed there were changes in their home. It seemed, everything in the house was suddenly in pairs. In fact, everything was custom made, including furniture and utensils, so that they all had the couple's names engraved on them.

Tangning stood up from her seat and headed for the bedroom. She then used the key in her hand to open the door. The originally Spanish palace style room, was now filled with a red and white newlywed vibe. And just like the rest of the house, everything in the bedroom was in pairs with their names engraved on them.

"Since we are about to announce our marriage...our home should have a newlywed vibe..." Mo Ting said as he crept up behind Tangning and wrapped his arms around her. "From now on, every August 19th, we will decorate our home like newlyweds. Every August 19th, we can pretend that we just got married."

Tangning held back her tears as she said in a choked up voice, "How long did it take you to do all this?"

"From the moment that you suggested we announce our marriage..." Mo Ting released her from his embrace and walked around to face her. He wiped the tears from her face and continued, "How could 'Stupid' be enough as a present? That was simply something I wanted to share with you. This was the true surprise..."

"Although we had a flash marriage...I want you to experience being doted on, the way that other brides do."

Tangning clung to Mo Ting's neck and suddenly broke down in tears...

"Don't be so good to me."

Mo Ting carried her in his arms and placed her on the big red bed. He then said to her gently, "You were even willing to give up your career for me, how could I let you receive the short end of the stick?"

"If you continue to be this good to me, all I can do in return is give you my life," Tangning mumbled.

Mo Ting pressed Tangning beneath his body and asked in a deep husky voice, "Are you still in the safe period?"

"Yes..." Tangning replied as she bit her lower lip.


The next morning. Mo Ting had just finished a video conference and was heading back to his office. At this time, he saw Lu Che rushing over with some information in his hands. He immediately handed them to Mo Ting, "This is an online drama that has just been proposed by Bluestone Studios in collaboration with Wind Studios. The drama is called 'Stardom'. From a secret source, I managed to get a copy of their synopsis. It is 70% similar to 'Stupid'."

"Not only this, in order to cater to the audience, not only did they decide to release the episodes as they film them, they also added an extra love line for the male lead. It has vaguely turned into a drama about homosexuality...they obviously did this to earn some quick money."

"Are they trying to find a loophole?" Mo Ting asked calmly as he looked at the information.

"It seems like it!" Lu Che nodded. China had become a lot more liberal towards what could and couldn't be filmed, so there wasn't anything wrong with the story they wanted to tell. The true loophole they wanted to find, was one to avoid Hai Rui.

"When will the online drama be released?"

"It is proposed for early next month!" Lu Che replied.

Mo Ting threw the information aside; he wasn't going to waste too much energy on an issue like this, "From tomorrow onwards, I don't want to see the word 'Stardom' again!"

In a world driven by profits, there were times when one should not show too much mercy.

"Understood, President!" Lu Che replied in a respectful manner.

Sometimes, for a film to be born, things weren't always smooth sailing.

Not long after, Tangning found out through Coque that 'Stupid' had been plagiarized. But, with Hai Rui's methods, the word 'Stardom' quickly disappeared without a trace.

However, just because they prevented it this time, what about the next time? This was all a result of the mess that Yue Shanshan had left behind!

"Hey, Tangning! Has 'Stupid' released a book?" a member of the production team saw the book in Tangning's hands and decided to ask her out of curiosity.

Tangning nodded her head, "Do you want to have a look?"

"No need. Just tell me where I can get my hands on one..."

"Xiao Yu, do you think you can find an online personality that is really good at writing for me?" Tangning suddenly asked.

Although she already got her hands on a copy of the book, 'Stupid' would not be officially on market for at least another 2 weeks. In order to prevent another issue from arising, Tangning came up with an idea!

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