Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 340: You Will Definitely Shock Everyone

Chapter 340: You Will Definitely Shock Everyone

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By simply looking at the reception of fans at the airport, the difference between Tangning and Ling Ziyi was clear to see. Rumors could spread all they wanted, but as soon as Tangning made an appearance, one glance was enough to distinguish what was true popularity and capability.

Just before boarding their plane, Long Jie spotted Lan Xi and Ling Ziyi. She lowered her head and said to Tangning, "Do you want to go over and say hi? Lan Xi is following that newcomer around everywhere. It's obvious how important she must be to her."

"There's no need," Tangning replied swiftly. Long Jie seemed to have already forgotten about the kneeling incident that happened not too long ago, but Tangning was going to remember it for the rest of her life.

In actual fact, Long Jie hadn't completely forgotten, she simply didn't want to stress Tangning out, so she pretended to be relaxed.

Long Jie nodded her head and whispered into Tangning's ear, "Boss has gotten more and more black bellied..."

"Is this the first day you've known him?"

In reality, Ling Ziyi had wanted to use Tangning's name to boost her own popularity. However, Tangning also knew how to flip the situation around and use it to prove the level of her status. At the moment, she had a break from filming, but even if she had been absent for a few more days, would she have lost her status?

If she was signed with a different agency, perhaps. But, did they consider who was backing Tangning?

Lan Xi naturally noticed Tangning and Long Jie. Most importantly she also noticed the man with a king-like presence who she didn't dare to look directly at.

"I simply stole a few good resources right out of Tangning's hands. Why can't Hai Rui accept it?" Ling Ziyi complained. "They should stop saying that I would be nothing if Tangning had appeared at Fashion Week, when in reality, Tangning gave up on Fashion Week herself."

"Your current status isn't enough for you to be mentioned in the same breath as Tangning. Just put up with it for a little," Lan Xi tried to convince Ling Ziyi. "Tangning got to where she is today because of her ability to endure."


"That's enough. This time at Feng Ge's wedding, we will see people from all walks of life. Make good use of this opportunity. You will catch up to Tangning very soon."

Although Lan Xi didn't understand why Tangning had given up on Fashion Week, she never once believed the rumors that were going around. Because no one knew how clear minded Tangning was, better than she did.

However, right now, the thing that she was most worried about, was that Mo Ting still had something up his sleeves. So, she decided it would be best not to provoke Tangning, in case she attracted a face slap.

After all, the incident with Luo Hao had only just passed.


Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu arrived at the wedding destination before Tangning. As soon as they reunited, Huo Jingjing couldn't help but hug Tangning and pull her into the bedroom for some 'girls talk'.

"The recently famous Ling Ziyi will also be attending the wedding tonight, how do you plan on dealing with this? The media are bound to cling to you..."

"What can I do? It's true that I didn't attend Fashion Week," Tangning smiled with her usual calmness.

"I saw the entertainment news just a moment ago. It seems you and President Mo made quite a stir with your appearance. I think I'm beginning to understand President Mo's intentions."

"Regardless, even if your film is a complete failure, you still have me!"

Hearing this, Tangning was a little uncomfortable. So, she opened her eyes wide and glared at Huo Jingjing, "You're the failure..."

"But, you're a model! If I was in your position, I would only be able to take on the role of a corpse - the ones that lie still on the floor," Huo Jingjing completely doubted Tangning. "So, you..."

Huo Jingjing couldn't be blamed for not believing in Tangning's acting ability. If others hadn't seen it with their own eyes, not many people would have believed that she had such an amazing stage presence.

Plus, Tangning did not say anything to explain herself. She simply smiled because she knew time would be able to prove who was right and who was wrong.

As there was still quite some time until the wedding, the men gathered in the study room to discuss business while the women watched a movie to pass time.

At this moment, Long Jie seemed to have remembered something. She suddenly jumped up from her seat and presented her phone to Huo Jingjing like it was a precious treasure, "Do you want to watch Tangning's rehearsal? I guarantee it is very impressive!"

"Rehearsal?" Huo Jingjing put down the red wine in her hand and received the phone.

"Yep. As you are aware, Tangning appeared on set out of nowhere. At that time, none of the crew liked her, especially the top actor Lin Sheng. So, Tangning powerfully declared to the director that she wanted to try out a scene and that she wanted the crew to be judges. If someone felt her acting wasn't up to speed, they could have directly told her to leave!"

Huo Jingjing was a little curious, but she wasn't surprised. This was something Tangning often did when she was prepared to give face slaps, but...they were talking about acting this time...

Huo Jingjing opened the video on Long Jie's phone with extreme curiosity. She then saw the recording of Tangning acting as the female lead; it was the scene where she had just discovered she was pregnant.

Tangning did not join in with the two women. She simply looked outside at the rain and felt the weather wasn't ideal for a wedding.

Huo Jingjing didn't know when she finished watching the short video. After putting down the phone, she only had one thought, "If I was Mo Ting, I would have also got you to pursue acting. Forget about the runway!"

"I always thought you were meant for the runway, but after seeing you act, modeling might as well become a secondary career for you to play around with."

"You're no longer against it?" Tangning laughed as she asked Huo Jingjing.

"After being on the runway for so many years, you must be well aware that our industry feeds off youth. There are so many talented models these days and competition is getting fierce. By the time we turn 30, I doubt anyone will still remember our names," Huo Jingjing sighed as she held onto her head and took a sip of her wine.

"On the other hand, actors are different..."

"Actors have films."

"They leave something behind for the world..."

"From the looks of it, I reckon Mo Ting is prepping you to become a top actress. When that time comes, our status would be driven miles apart."

"If that's the case, let people talk all they want. Who cares if you've given up on Fashion Week?"

"Go ahead and act!"

"When the film gets released you will definitely shock everyone - just like how you've shocked me!" This was what Huo Jingjing truly felt, because she had indeed been shocked by Tangning.

She had originally thought that Tangning was on the same level as her.

But, who would have thought, when officially compared, there was actually a difference.

"That's not something that I can control" Tangning did not continue the conversation and smoothly changed the topic to Yu Feng's wedding, "It seems a lot people have been getting married lately..."

"Feeling envious?" Huo Jingjing teased. "You and President Mo were married a long time ago, is this something you should be envious about?"

"Ting and I have decided to announce our marriage after filming is completed," Tangning suddenly announced in seriousness to the two women before her.

"While we're on the topic, how did you guys end up getting married in the first place? I've never heard you mention it before..." Huo Jingjing was filled with curiosity.

In reality, even when it came to Tangning herself, she still felt her marriage was quite unbelievable. So, her lips slowly curved upwards, "On the day that we got married, it was only the second time we had ever met each other. The first time was merely at an event."


"On that day, I directly stood in his path and asked if he wanted to get married."


"He quickly agreed and within half an hour, we had the marriage certificate in our hands."

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