Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 339: Beat Ling Ziyi

Chapter 339: Beat Ling Ziyi

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During the time that Tangning was filming, the top singer, Yu Feng, decided to hold his wedding and the newcomer, Ling Ziyi, shook up the modeling world.

One couldn't help but sigh; it seemed, the entertainment industry remained busy and full of gossip, regardless of who was missing. To add to it, Lan Xi's methods had never been weak, so as soon as Ling Ziyi became famous, Lan Xi struck while the iron was hot and created a whole heap of hot news stories about her. Of course, no matter how brave she was, she did not dare to drag Tangning into the mix. The only people brave enough to make comparisons with Tangning were the noisy reporters.

Lan Xi was well aware that even Star King had to kneel before Hai Rui, let alone her badly damaged Cheng Tian. Above all, she had experienced Tangning's methods; whenever she thought about it, she would still feel a slight sense of fear.

Of course, she too could not understand why, at such an important point in her career, Tangning would be absent from Fashion Week.

If she was present, Ling Ziyi would not have been noticed at all...

2 days later, after Tangning finished her morning shoot, she rushed back to Hyatt Regency with Long Jie. As soon as she got home, she found that Mo Ting had already prepared an outfit for her and they were to head to the airport straight away.

Tangning looked at the glamorous outfit Mo Ting had prepared and placed a questioning look upon her man.

"You've been quiet for so long without making an's time to show the world what true popularity looks like," Mo Ting said as he relaxed on the sofa.

So it turned out, this was a response to the newcomer model...

"Does that mean our schedule is open to the public?" Tangning guessed.

"Of course," Long Jie replied cheerily, her eyes almost just a line. Every time they went anywhere with Mo Ting, the path he organized would always be refreshingly filled with face slaps; Long Jie expected that this time would be no different.

Tangning nodded as she went into the bedroom to get changed. After a few moments of preparation, they left Beijing together.

If it wasn't because someone was stepping on Tangning to elevate themselves, it would not have been necessary for Long Jie and Lu Che to accompany the Mo couple to the wedding.

If they thought they could take advantage of the situation to bully Tangning...

...haha, they were dreaming.


Yu Feng had been in the music industry for many years and had accumulated a lot of contacts. So, his wedding saw the attendance of almost half the industry.

As a result, Beijing airport was almost impossible to walk through, as there were much too many big shots making an appearance.

Tangning's attendance was something Mo Ting had deliberately leaked to the public ahead of time. So, in order to cure their yearning for her, fans gathered at the entrance of the airport well in advance.

Most notably, Mo Ting and Tangning's 'couple fans' waited patiently to see the loving couple as they held signs and banners.

At this time, Lan Xi and Ling Ziyi had just arrived at the airport. As Ling Ziyi's fame was only a recent occurrence, she did not have any die-hard fans yet. So, as she and Lan Xi entered the airport waiting lounge, they did not receive much of a reaction; only a few passersby recognized her.

Ling Ziyi was still young, so, upon seeing her reception and her lack of fans, she naturally felt a bit upset.

Lan Xi understood how she felt, so she patted her comfortingly on the shoulder, "There will definitely be a day when you will become a superstar."

Ling Ziyi nodded her head, but as she was wearing sunglasses, it was impossible to see her true expression. As a result, Lan Xi was completely unaware of this young girl's narcissism.

Not long after, wildly excited screams echoed through the corridors of the waiting lounge. Lan Xi and Ling Ziyi thought a famous singer or actor must have arrived, but at this time, they heard someone crying out Tangning's name.


"Tangning's legs sure are beautiful."

"Tangning, have you lost weight?"

With Mo Ting's protection, Tangning continued walking forward whilst Long Jie and Lu Che followed behind with their luggage. Fans followed beside them, endlessly offering gifts and asking for autographs. Most importantly, they were all curious about how Tangning was currently doing.

It was worth mentioning that this was quite an odd spectacle. Tangning was a model, but her popularity...

...was no less than some of the top actors and singers. In fact, she had fans from all over the world. It was obvious to see that she had achieved quite a lot over the course of her modeling journey.

"Tangning, can you tell us if you've been partaking in a film? Just tell us in secret!" one of her fans whined.

Tangning wasn't walking particularly fast. As soon as she heard her fan's question, she looked to her left and smiled, "Ask him!"

The fan involuntarily lay eyes on Mo Ting and felt a shiver down her spine, "I'm too afraid..."

Tangning smiled gently before whispering something to Mo Ting whilst in his embrace. She then said to her fans, "President Mo said, when the time is right, you will be the first to know. Good news will always be shared with my beloved fans first." After speaking, she reached out her hand and patted the fan she was speaking to on the head.

Her fan was so happy, she almost fainted...

"Tangning, we will love you for the rest of our lives."

"You have good taste!"

After Tangning gave her response, she continued through the security inspection and continued to give autographs even after she passed through.

"Could President Mo also sign?" one of her fans requested.

Tangning stopped and looked at Mo Ting.

Mo Ting thought for a few seconds; he didn't want to move from his position. So, he directly hugged Tangning from behind and grabbed her pen-holding hand as he signed his name upon the fan's notebook.

"Ahhhh...Oh God! This is too sweet!"

"Our favorite couple is handing out sweets!"

The fans' screams roared through the airport. The couple seemed to have stirred up quite a scene...

Lan Xi, at this moment, felt like Mo Ting had given her a huge slap across the face.

Why did Mo Ting and Tangning choose to leave Beijing at this time? Was it really a coincidence? Or did Mo Ting organize it on purpose because people were comparing Tangning with Ling Ziyi?

Most importantly, they were to board the same flight.

In the end, it was actually lucky that not many people recognized Ling Ziyi. Because, in comparison, Tangning's reception was an obvious contrast.

Afterwards, some netizen's discovered Lan Xi was at the airport. That was when they realized Ling Ziyi had also left Beijing at the same time as Tangning. But, when they looked at her photos at the airport compared to Tangning's... was living proof that without comparison, there would be no harm.

Although Tangning had disappeared for almost an entire month and Ling Ziyi had skyrocketed to fame, they had never appeared in the same frame. Now that they were finally compared side-by-side... was obvious to see, Tangning beat Ling Ziyi in every single aspect...

This included her presence, her body, her fashion sense and, most importantly, the man by her side.

"And here I was, worrying that our Tangning would have the limelight stolen by Ling Ziyi. From what I saw today, my worries are all gone! The difference between them is much too big!"

"I almost thought that everyone had forgotten about our Tangning. Who would have imagined there were so many die-hard fans, haha."

"Our Tangning was merely being kept away by Mo Ting. To be honest, after going through so many obstacles, how could a small-time model compare. My heart is finally relieved!"

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