Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 337: Giving up on the Career That's Going so Well

Chapter 337: Giving up on the Career That's Going so Well

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Lu Che finally understood...

He looked at the two men in the office; those who understood PR were indeed different!


Early February, the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week officially started. As like earlier, Tangning still did not make an appearance. Fans began to believe that their suspicions were correct: Tangning must be filming 'Stupid'. They thought she must have changed career paths.

However, the studio restricted fans from visiting the set. So, the other actors in the movie, unfortunately, had to put up with questions about the female lead wherever they went - especially Lin Sheng. Whether he was filming other movies or attending interviews, the reporters would ask him if the female lead was Tangning. This was because they all knew Lin Sheng didn't like lying.

They also knew, when accepting jobs, apart from considering the script, Lin Sheng also cared about who he'd be acting with.

If any of the other actors couldn't act, there was no way he'd accept it.

But, this time... come he didn't say anything?

"Today, our top actor Lin Sheng is here with us at the New Movie Festival. As we all know, Lin Sheng is currently in the process of filming 'Stupid'. Regarding 'Stupid' and their recent female lead replacement, netizens have been predicting that the new lead is none other than the model that's been missing from Fashion Week, Tangning. I wonder what our top actor thinks of this prediction."

"Would Sheng Ge mind sharing a bit of information regarding the female lead?"

"Sheng Ge, say a few words."

Lin Sheng had just finished presenting an award and was surrounded as soon as he left the stage. As a sign of respect, he stopped in his track and looked at the cameras, "Regarding the female lead, I unfortunately, have nothing to say."

"Is it Tangning?"

"Who is it?"

Lin Sheng suddenly thought about Tangning. After spending almost 2 weeks with her, he couldn't deny that his opinion had changed. Although she was a rookie in terms of acting, she did not take on 'Stupid' because she overestimated herself. She was actually well aware of her capabilities.

Plus, when filming, she was never arrogant nor did she complain. The only thing he felt she could improve on was the fact that she'd ask to refilm parts that the Director had already approved.

Her attitude towards producing a good film was even more serious than him.

A female artist like this, made it impossible for him to point out any flaws. Even though he had once disliked Tangning, in his heart, he now considered Tangning as his student. Above all, she wasn't stupid... fact, she was very smart.

So, when looking at the cameras, Lin Sheng had the urge to throw words of praise. He didn't understand why he felt this way.

In the end, Lin Sheng awoke from his daze and finally replied, "Sorry, I've signed a confidentiality agreement. You will need to wait for an official response instead."

"However, I have said many times before that I don't act with those that can't act."

His words meant one of two things: either the female lead wasn't Tangning or that Tangning knew how to act.

But, as a model, Tangning had never appeared in any films. To suddenly be able to didn't seem possible. So the media made the assumption that Lin Sheng was trying to hint that the female lead wasn't Tangning.

Lin Sheng's fans immediately patted their chests and let out a sigh of relief, "Aiyo, I was so afraid the model would drag our Sheng Sheng down. After what Sheng Sheng said, I feel a lot more at ease."

"Our Sheng Sheng is a top class actor. Please don't mention him in the same sentence as the model; they are on a different level."

"We should trust in Sheng Ge and look forward to the film."

'Stupid' was a hot topic within the film industry. This was because, from the moment they started filming, they had already been surrounded by an air of mystery. On top of that, Mo Ting was well-skilled in PR, so the set of 'Stupid' was completely off-limits to the public. During filming, even a fly wouldn't be able to get in, let alone a human.

After returning to set, Lin Sheng took advantage of his spare time to show Tangning some of the comments online. However, as she looked at the insults, Tangning simply smiled, "If it was me, I'd probably throw even harsher insults!"

"It seems, you never step out to explain yourself," Lin Sheng retrieved his phone and looked at Tangning.

"Words can be said by anyone, but only actions can truly convince others. Plus, I don't want my life to be so complicated, so fame and fortune isn't something I care about. I simply want to be responsible towards the person I care about and responsible for the things I like to do," Tangning smiled. "If there is one thing I care about, it is to make everyone satisfied."

Lin Sheng slightly smiled and gave her a rarely seen praise, "You've completely seen through this industry and are clear about what you want."

"Thank you Sheng Ge, for your guidance in acting."

"I know it won't be possible in this film...but in your next film, I would love to act alongside you. To act out a scene with such a serious actress would definitely be interesting," Lin Sheng exclaimed. Afterwards, he stood up from his seat; the filming for another scene was about to start.

Tangning watched as Lin Sheng filmed his part. However, there was one thing she did not tell him: the reason why she was trying so hard was because 'Stupid' was the result of Mo Ting's blood and sweat.

The love she had for Mo Ting had already gotten to the stage where she'd pursue film in order to protect him...

It was currently the beginning of February and her parts were expected to be completed by the end of the month.

In reality, a few hundred scenes could be completed in 10 or so days by some actors, but because Tangning was relatively serious, many scenes went through multiple takes.

During her spare time, Tangning received a phone call from Huo Jingjing, "What's up with you? Why aren't you at Fashion Week? This is the biggest opportunity for the advancement of your career."

"I won't be attending this year..." Tangning replied.

"Could it be that you have actually gone into acting?"

"Yep, I'm acting," Tangning confirmed without the slightest bit of hesitation.

"Do you know how many newcomers have appeared at this season's Fashion Week? How could you run off to start all over again in another industry? Let me tell you now, if your film flops, I'm not going to comfort you," Huo Jingjing warned harshly.

It wasn't easy for Tangning to get to where she was in the modeling industry and Fashion Week was the most important chance for her to increase her value. Yet, she gave up on it, just like that...How was she to make up for all the suffering and humiliation she had gone through?

"Why must you take part in this film? Can you tell me the reason? Don't tell me you did it just because President Mo told you to..."


"Don't tell me I'm right?" Huo Jingjing understood what Tangning's silence meant. After a few minutes, she asked, "Although I don't know why you must give up on the career that's going so well to support him. If he does anything bad to you, I will..."

Tangning giggled...

"You're laughing? How could you be laughing at a time like this? Who's to say, after Fashion Week, how many people will still remember your name. Don't tell me you don't know what you've given up on."

"Don't you feel the slightest bit of regret?"


"Feng Ge is getting married soon. When I come back to attend his wedding, I will come give you a proper interrogation!"

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