Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 335: You're Not Just Acting as a Pretty Face Right?

Chapter 335: You're Not Just Acting as a Pretty Face Right?

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But, if she was to report it to the police...

...then, the fact that she got pregnant before marriage would be exposed.

Yue Shanshan lowered her head for quite some time without a word. On one side she had her child to think of, while on the other, she had her career to consider; she didn't want to lose either one.

Lu Che could see through her hesitation, so he added, "There is no way President Mo will let go of J-King. Whether it's because he tried to steal power or schemed against Tangning or even because he has plans to plagiarize 'Stupid'. All of these are the President's bottom line, yet he stepped over them without hesitation."

"I came looking for you today, simply to give you a chance to not lose so badly."

After speaking, Lu Che put away his phone and stood up. At this time, Yue Shanshan finally spoke up to hold him back, "I will report it to the police, but... you need to guarantee that my child will be OK."

"That is the responsibility of the police. I can't guarantee you anything."

Yue Shanshan's lips twitched, but she didn't say a word... Afterwards, she did as promised and headed to the police station with her assistant. She handed her evidence to them as well as proof that her child had not been home or at school for a few days.

The police immediately opened an investigation and sent out a few men to seize J-King...

Meanwhile, J-King was in the middle of discussing the series he wanted to film with a popular actor. In his hands was the script that Yue Shanshan had given him. As soon as he saw the police barge into his home, his mind went blank, but he still resisted arrest...

Not long after, news of him being arrested by the police, quickly spread around the industry. Many assumed it had something to do with drugs.

Adding on to the situation, news spread from the higher-ups of Hai Rui that the recent incident involving Tangning was all an act to help J-King. It was a self-scripted and self-directed act.

As proof, a video was released online showing J-King discussing the violent fan incident. He admitted to hiring an anti-fan to act as a fan of Tangning's and using the anti-fan to stir up an argument between Tang Fans and Yue Fans. He also admitted that he self-scripted and self-directed the fight that had occurred. It turned out, the fan that had gotten into a fight and hurt someone, wasn't even a fan of Tangning's to begin with.

The truth...

...was finally revealed...

Although it had been quite some time since the incident happened, the truth still left quite an impact on everyone.

It seemed, within the industry, anyone could be used and anything could be exchanged for personal gain.

A little while later, a detailed netizen discovered that Yue Shanshan was the one that reported the incident to the police and that she had gotten pregnant before marriage. On top of that, they also discovered that Yue Shanshan had teamed up with J-King and led themselves to their own destruction.

However, the netizens did not judge her too harshly because they knew she did everything because of her child.

Whilst being interrogated and detained by the police, it didn't take long before J-King revealed the exact location of the child. As a result, Star Art decided to hold a press conference to explain the entire incident.

This was a smart move!

Afterwards, it was rumored that Director Ceng had visited Mo Ting's office, but Mo Ting refused to see him. He simply told Lu Che to pass on a message, "When I wanted to see you before, you refused to talk to me. So now, you have no one to blame but yourself."

Director Ceng was extremely regretful of his past decision...

He decided to sell off his shares to save his son. But, the situation had blown up so much and so many big names were involved that there was no way he could buy his way out of it.

However, after the truth was revealed, fans suddenly realized something strange; it had been a long time since they'd seen Tangning.

Fashion Week was about to start, but why hadn't they heard anything from her?

Even Huo Jingjing had returned to Milan for Fashion Week. So, where was their idol?

Everyone gradually dropped by Mo Ting's social media account and left messages asking for an answer. However, Mo Ting did not respond.

"Hey, I want to know what you guys think. Ever since Yue Shanshan got replaced, Hai Rui has not announced who the new female lead is. Rumor has it, the staff have all signed confidentiality agreements. Do you think it's possible that the new female lead is our Tangning?"

"Think about it. Yue Shanshan was replaced and Tangning disappeared. Meanwhile, President Mo has been going to work as usual. Don't you think something is suspicious?"

"Could it be that Tangning has really gone to do some acting?"

"I think there's a high possibility. Regardless, I will support Tangning no matter what she does," a fan declared. "Since Tangning hasn't announced anything, we should stop asking. After all, she seems to always find a way to pleasantly surprise us."

"You're right, which other artist would care about clarifying the innocence of their fans? I never thought Tangning would remember this. Because of this, I have decided to be her fan for life."

"I wonder how our Tangning will do with acting. She's not just a pretty face right?"

"Although I must admit that Tangning is amazing on the runway, when it comes to acting...ahem..."

"What's wrong with Tangning acting? Isn't Tangning allowed to act?"

The fans' argument couldn't be resolved...

Meanwhile, although J-King had been detained by the police, the actor he was discussing the script with, still ended up walking away with a copy of it...

Yue Shanshan had explained that she made up parts of it, but in the end, the main storyline didn't change too much.

So, when Coque and Mo Ting had a meeting, Coque suggested, "Should we change the storyline a little?"

"No need," Mo Ting replied straightforwardly. "The script that Yue Shanshan leaked out was never complete to begin with. Most importantly, I have faith in the team. Not everyone can make a good film."

"But, if someone wanted to, they could release a film before ours. Afterwards, the fans would assume that we were the ones to plagiarize others."

"Creativity is the hardest to judge..."

"In that case, I have a suggestion," Tangning suddenly cut in. "Let's release a book first...After we get the copyright, even if another film gets released, it would be clearly plagiarism. At that time, we can even sue them."

"Tangning's suggestion is not bad!" Coque praised. "The script is complete matter how fast we put the film together, we will still need at least two months. I think turning it into a book will definitely make it a sell out."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning without a word.

Tangning saw the hesitation in Mo Ting's eyes, so she grabbed his hand and explained, "For a film to become a classic masterpiece, the entire team needs to put in a lot of effort. If something is lacking here and there, the film will fail because of these missing pieces."

"May I ask, who the screenwriter is?" After listening to their conversation for a while, Coque felt it wasn't a difficult task to do.

However Tangning simply smiled and looked at Mo Ting without giving an answer.

Of course, Mo Ting had no intention of ever revealing his identity.

"Trust me. 'Stupid will definitely be remembered. Even if it's 8 years, 10 years or even 20 years from now, it will have the ability to move one's heart."

Mo Ting had no choice but to agree with Tangning's suggestion in the end. So he nodded.

"I'll treat it as a wedding gift... After all, we are about to announce our marriage," Tangning laughed.

Coque clapped his hands, "You are the most suitable couple I have ever met."

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