Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 333: If Only I Knew My Heart Would Hurt So Much

Chapter 333: If Only I Knew My Heart Would Hurt So Much

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Late at night, Fang Yu forwarded the evidence he obtained to Lu Che and Mo Ting. Lin Chong was indeed a professional reporter: the footage he captured was perfectly angled so that J-King and Yue Shanshan could be clearly seen and he himself did not make an appearance at all.

The video included proof of Yue Shanshan handing the script to J-King as well as a conversation about the truth behind the violent fan incident. It even included an admission of J-King's intention to steal power from Mo Ting...

Lu Che rushed over in the middle of the night to Hyatt Regency to find out Mo Ting's next move.

"The Madam has made another notable contribution," Lu Che praised as he looked at the video. Tangning sure made a smart decision when she decided to lend Lin Chong a helping hand.

It turned out, with repentance, there really was salvation.

"Although I can't help but continue to dislike Lin Chong, at least his actions aren't so hateful. President, what is our next move?"

"Let's cut the video into three parts: the script, the violent fan incident and the power-stealing admission. Firstly, take the part about the script to Yue Shanshan and see if you can get her to spill the beans on something important. Afterwards, send the power-stealing admission to all the shareholders. As for the part about the violent fan, we will leave that until the end."

"OK," Lu Che nodded his head. With J-King's current cruelness, a mere video wasn't enough to sufficiently punish him. So, Lu Che needed to collect more evidence first.

Before he got enough evidence, he wouldn't be able to release the video. If he released it too early, it could possibly put Lin Chong in danger.

Luckily, everything was within the palm of Mo Ting's hand...

"Over the past two days, I assume the President hasn't seen the Madam?" Lu Che guessed. Tangning had been waiting for her filming sessions until midnight - two days in a row. However, Mo Ting had not given her a single phone call to check on her. It seemed he was afraid his heart would ache if he did. "I heard she is still waiting to be called on set at the moment."

Mo Ting lifted his head and glared at Lu Che before closing the document in his hands.

Lu Che was right. Mo Ting was indeed afraid of heartache...

After all, Tangning was no longer on the dazzling runway. For the sake of production value, it wasn't unusual to have actors make sacrifices. Most importantly, he knew that once Tangning was serious about something, she would give her all. Even if it meant she'd get hurt.

Since Lu Che brought it up...then...

...what excuse could he have? Mo Ting had a look at the time and noticed it was already 10pm, but he still stood up and grabbed his car keys.

Lu Che followed closely behind. He too wanted to see his wife.


By the time the two men arrived on set, the time was 11pm. At this time, Tangning's filming had just started.

They were filming the 11th scene.

The scene took place after the female lead was frozen by her agency. As she chased after the CEO's car, she accidentally tripped and fell into a puddle of mud.

This was the scene with the highest risk of injury, so Coque suggested Tangning use a body double.

But, because there'd be a close-up scene of her face, Tangning rejected Coque's suggestion, "It's OK..."

Everyone looked at Tangning in surprise and panned their eyes down to her long legs. It wasn't necessary for her to be so serious, so why was she being such a perfectionist? In fact, she had multiple opportunities to use her relationship with Mo Ting as an excuse to slack off. Instead, even when it came to a risky scene, she still insisted on personally doing it.

Right from the get go, she had clearly shown everyone that she was simply here to act...

After her impressive rehearsal, even if there were still a few people that doubted her...

...the doubt had now disappeared!

Lin Sheng was also present on set. He had just completed a swimming scene and had just finished getting changed. Just as he headed over to watch Tangning act, he witnessed her insisting not to use a body double. His lips curved upwards in ridicule.

He had seen too many actresses in the past that had refused to use a body double the first time they encountered a risky scene. It was purely to protect their pride, but they didn't truly mean it.

So, he refused to believe, as a model with legs that had just been awarded amongst the most beautiful in the world, Tangning would not be worried.

"Let's wait and see. I bet she will back out," Lin Sheng's assistant sat down beside him and laughed.

Lin Sheng did not respond. He simply took a sip of water and focused his gaze on Tangning...

"Action!" the director yelled before one of the production staff clapped down the clapperboard.

The 11th scene 3rd act had just started...

Tangning wore a golden sleeveless mini dress as she walked down a flight of stairs. At this time, the engine of her boss' car had just started up. Tangning immediately rushed over to stop it, but she tripped and fell.

Seeing this, Mo Ting's eyes felt like they had been pricked with a thousand needles...

Following on, Tangning sat on the ground and removed her shoes. She then threw them at the car!

"A*shole!" she yelled. Afterwards, she rolled into a ball and hugged her knees as she cried her heart out.

"Cut! Tanging, let's give it one more try," Coque requested.

The makeup artist quickly ran over and helped Tangning touch up her makeup. She then quickly stood up and got back into character as she played out the scene for a second time; once again completing the scene in one go, but with more seriousness than before.

"Pass. Let's move onto the next scene."

Lin Sheng and his assistant stood at the back watching; they were so shocked they were speechless.

For a moment, they felt like Tangning had completely disappeared. Even Yue Shanshan couldn't do such a thing...

When acting, Tangning completely became the character she was playing!

It was amazing to watch her...

Too amazing!

Tanging did not follow any particular acting technique, she simply became the character and talked and acted the way they would if they existed.

Most importantly, Tangning really didn't use a script!

"How unexpected..." Lin Sheng's assistant sighed. "Isn't Tangning just a model?"

Lin Sheng did not respond. After a while, his assistant broke the silence again, "Actually, I heard that Tangning's rehearsal was even more impressive."

Lin Sheng lowered his head and looked at Tangning's legs. They were covered in mud, but she did not complain like the typical actress. In fact, she seemed completely unfazed.

"Find me a recording of the rehearsal," Lin Sheng finally said after a moment of silence.


"Actually Tangning depends entirely on her talent and enthusiasm - these are her advantages. But, the path of an actor cannot be entirely dependent on talent. As soon as she acts in a scene with someone else, her weaknesses will become apparent." It was rare for Lin Sheng to critique another's acting; it seemed he finally acknowledged her existence.

Lin Sheng's assistant did not say anything else. Because, at this moment, he spotted Mo Ting walk over to Tangning and kneel down to look at her legs. He looked even more upset than Tangning.

"It's late. Why are you here?" Tangning was a little surprised.

"I am feeling extremely regretful right now!" Mo Ting stood up and held onto her hand. As he led her out of the studio, he sighed, "If only I knew my heart would hurt so much..."

Tangning took advantage of the moment to jump onto Mo Ting's back, "But, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. As soon as I think about how I will appear on the big screen, I can't describe the sense of joy and pride that I feel."


"Yes?" Mo Ting replied in a deep voice.

"On the day that the film is completed​, let's announce our marriage. What do you think?" Tangning suddenly suggested.

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