Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 138: Humiliation

Chapter 138: Humiliation



Tangning understood how Yang Jing felt. Her mind must have been blank a moment ago, so now was the time for her to release her anger.

It turned out Yang Jing wasn't fearless...

An Zihao stood in front of Tangning, ready to stop the two from getting any closer as Tangning gave him a reassuring look, "What do you want to say?"

"What did you say in front of Lan Xi? Or what did you do in front of Lan Xi?"

It turned out, Yang Jing had thrown the entire blame on her.

"Yang Jing, do you really think my words would be enough to sway Lan Xi?" Tangning asked calmly. "Why don't you ask yourself what you did that may have crossed Lan Xi's bottom line?"

"You seem to have forgotten your manager identity, or did you think Lan Xi was old and easy to bully?"

"Lan Xi didn't get to where she is because of a manager like you. Her ability, taste and charisma is the key. It's bad enough you tried to stand in my way, if you didn't try to challenge would not have turned out this way! After all, if she wanted to strangle you, it would be easier than you think."

After hearing Tangning's words, Yang Jing took a few steps back in confusion. Earlier on, when she was on the stage, she depended on her momentary courage. However, now that the overall situation had been set, she suddenly felt scared...

Tangning remained calm as she enjoyed the expression on Yang Jing's face. Of course, she no longer had to care about a stray dog like Yang Jing. So, she walked out of the building with An Zihao.

All that was awaiting Yang Jing, was misery...

"Lan Xi hasn't dealt with Luo Hao yet!" An Zihao reminded Tangning as he followed closely behind her. "This man has his true intentions hidden deeper than Yang Jing and is even harder to handle."

"If Lan Xi kicked Luo Hao out as well, who would keep you in check?" Tangning asked gently.

"You seem like you aren't afraid of anything," An Zihao pulled open the van door for Tangning. He was curious where her courage and confidence came from.

Tangning sat inside the van with a clear look in her eyes. She replied firmly, "I'm walking the path I think is right, why should I be afraid?"

"The man you are hiding must be either so weak that he needs you to protect him, or so powerful that you have no fear. So, which one is he?"

Tangning's expression did not change. She just simply shook her head, "We agreed before, you weren't going to question my personal matters."

"Fine then, let's talk about the preparations for Her Vision's shoot, we will be heading to Moscow in 3 days," An Zihao did not question further. His main priority right now was to help Tangning achieve her dream and become the chief supermodel of Cheng Tian so not to put his years of expertise to waste.

Tangning nodded, she was fairly tired. Did this mean she'd have 3 days to rest? That would be perfect; she could keep Mo Ting company.

An Zihao secretly observed Tangning. He realized she wasn't completely emotionless, at least not when she thought about her man. When she thought of him, her face would soften.

So he was curious,what man could have control over Tangning?

How meticulous must he be to keep up with Tangning?He assumed the man must be as he predicted; he must require Tangning's protection. Of course, he had no idea, during their trip to Moscow, he would have the chance to experience this man's presence.

Not long after, Long Jie also came out from Cheng Tian. After boarding the van, she was dancing in joy, "Sorry, sorry...I made you guys wait for me. I was listening in on some gossip!" Long Jie said to them, full of mystery. "I just heard Yang Jing went to look for President seems, she can't accept what happened..."

"She's just asking to be disgraced!" An Zihao responded coldly. "However, don't forget, she still has Lan Yu. In regards to this ticking time bomb, I can't seem to be at ease."

"If Yang Jing doesn't make a move, how would we know how she plans on using this chess piece?" Tangning appeared unfazed. Of course, apart from Mo Ting, no one would be able to tell what she was really thinking.

"Are you waiting for her to make a move?" An Zihao heard through her underlying meaning.

Tangning smiled without saying anything. But when she thought about it, she realized it was true: no matter if it was Mo Yurou in the past or Lan Yu and Yang Jing at present, whenever they made a move they would end up hurting themselves. They even assisted Tangning in achieving the status she currently had. The more these evil people dreamed of hurting others, the more courage Tangning had to move forward.

"But I'm guessing she won't get the chance. Lan Xi never gives her enemies a chance to bounce back."

What An Zihao was trying to say was probably the scene that was acting out at this moment. Yang Jing and Lan Xi were standing in Lan Xi's office; their expressions were completely opposing. Lan Xi had her head down approving documents, while Yang Jing...was hesitating to speak.

"President Lan..."

"Shouldn't you be working on your handover?" Lan Xi asked coldly.

"I...don't actually want to leave Cheng Tian. I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have been so naive as to try and use you. I can't let go of my career, I can't destroy myself like this," Yang Jing let go of her pride and collapsed in tears. This was the first time she admitted to defeat like this.

"You already admitted to leaving Cheng Tian in front of the media. By begging me now, aren't you just slapping yourself in the face?"

"President Lan...I've really learned my lesson, can you give me one more chance?"

Hearing this, Lan Xi finally lifted her head, "I've given you plenty of chances, but what did you do with them? How could a CEO like me get threatened by a mere manager? Who do you think you are? Yang Jing, you think too highly of yourself. How dare you challenge Tangning and I? You've created so many obstacles for Tangning, but in the end, did you manage to stop her at all? A manager, like yourself, who isn't even self-aware, won't be wanted by any agencies. Let me tell you, Yang Jing, from now on, you have no business being in this industry."

"As long as I'm around, don't even dream of making a comeback!"

Yang Jing's entire body was trembling. This was the first time Lan Xi humiliated her so directly.

This was the feeling of humiliation!

Absolute humiliation!

Yang Jing couldn't take it anymore as she turned to leave. Pride? Did she still have any left? Even her last bit of pride had been torn to shreds by Lan Xi.

Yang Jing went straight to the third floor where she ran into Luo Hao. The two looked at each other. After holding herself back for half a second, Yang Jing finally said as she brushed past him, "Get revenge for me."

Although Lan Xi had held onto Luo Hao, he the end, he too, would end up like Yang Jing. So he wasn't going to let An Zihao and Tangning be well off.

"I promise, I'll get revenge for you no matter what I have to do..."

Yang Jing felt assured as she turned to leave Cheng Tian. Finally, she found a hidden alleyway and burst into tears. Who would of thought this would be her fate.

But, it was OK. She still had Lan Yu!

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