Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 331: I Don't Share Any Scenes With Him

Chapter 331: I Don't Share Any Scenes With Him

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"Has Tangning really not acted before?" someone questioned. "It's impossible, with this level of acting, it's impossible..."

"Is it because we had no expectations that we were surprisingly impressed?"

After a few muffled whispers, the studio once again returned to silence...

Every now and then someone would clear their throat to try and break the awkward silence. A moment later, Director Coque stood up and applauded Tangning's performance. Following on, everyone else couldn't help but give their words of praise.

"Have you really not acted before?" even the assistant director that doubted Tangning had his eyes wide open in shock as he questioned her.


"Then can you tell me how you managed to pull this off?" the assistant director was stunned beyond belief. Tangning was not only a model, but she had never studied acting. How could she act this well at her first attempt? It was hard not to point out that Tangning and Yue Shanshan each had their own strengths. But, Tangning seemed to focus on the finer details better than Yue Shanshan and found a way to portray the character in a more suitable way.

As a newbie, she managed to get in and out of character as quick as a flip of a switch...

There were actors that had spent 4 years in acting school only to find their expressions were stiff and their lines sounded like a recital. Her performance made these actors extremely embarrassed.

Tangning lowered her head and smiled before replying, "I don't have any special method. At that moment, I had simply become her."

After speaking, Tangning approached the crowd; she had spotted Mo Ting standing at the back...

"That..." the assistant director and everyone else were still in a state of shock. At this time, Coque put down the items in his hand and approached Mo Ting to give him a handshake.

"I dare to say, acting is the true treasure that you've uncovered from Tangning. I'm sure her achievement in acting will be better than on the runway."

Mo Ting stretched out his hand to shake Coque's and looked at Tangning as he revealed a confident smile; it was like he was trying to say that it was only natural for Tangning to do well in acting. After all, whose wife was she?

In reality, Mo Ting wasn't any less surprised than everyone else. After all, this was his first time seeing Tangning act.

He was used to seeing Tangning on the runway and her confidence and ease on the stage, but this time...

....his eyes didn't only glow, it also contained a passionate fire...


It allowed him to see a different side to Tangning; a uniquely interesting Tangning.

A moment later, Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning's waist in front of everyone and placed a kiss on top of her head. He then said, "I knew nothing could stand in your way."

At this time, everyone finally noticed Mo Ting had they quickly behaved themselves.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting and smiled. She then loosened herself from his embrace and said to everyone politely, "I promised. It is your decision whether I stay or leave..."

"If you can be consistent with the quality of acting you just displayed I am happy to raise both my hands and feet in agreement!" the assistant director exclaimed first as he pointed to Tangning.

Everyone laughed; they felt the same way as the assistant director.

Although they had been slapped in the face by a model, everyone surprisingly gained an interest in Tangning.

She had never acted before and had never attended any professional acting schools, but everyone could see she could act...

No, it wasn't simply acting. In fact, they felt like the person in the script had practically come to life.

Everyone was curious how Tangning managed to pull it off...

So, practically the entire crew of 'Stupid' raised their hands in agreement.

As Tangning saw this, she froze. At this time, Mo Ting gave her a slight nudge.

Tangning woke up from her daze and gave everyone a bow, "I accepted this role not for fame nor fortune. I simply wanted to help the screenwriter fulfill his dream. I'm not accepting any payment for this job; if any problems arise during filming, the director can dismiss me at any time."

"To be honest, Tangning is extremely sincere. She was obviously dragged here to save us. Compared to those that stopped filming because of a fan and completely abandoned the entire crew, she is much better."

"Fine, I accept the face slap she has given me. From now on, I will never underestimate models again."

"I hope she can continue with this level of quality. I guess we can only wait and see."

As soon as Tangning heard their discussions, she could tell that she had made quite an impact. Wasn't this proof of her success?

Long Jie ran over at this moment and wrapped her arms around Tangning, swaying her excitedly, "Why is God so unfair? It was enough that he gave you such a spectacular pair of legs, he even gave you the talent of acting."

In all honesty, Long Jie wasn't actually surprised at all that Tangning performed so well.

It couldn't be forgotten that Tangning was the soul of the runway; she always tried her best to understand everything she endorsed and then displayed it in the best way possible. Coupled with her years in front of the camera and experience walking in front of everyone, acting couldn't possibly be much harder...

Being able to perform like this was actually expected because she was well experienced at figuring things out.

"It's only one scene, nothing to be overly impressed by. There are still plenty of other scenes. Only after I complete them all can we see the true results."

"Hey, I didn't see Lin Sheng," Long Jie looked around but couldn't locate him. Could it be that he didn't watch her rehearse at all? Did that mean they'd have to put in more effort to convince the top actor?

"We don't need to worry about him. After all, I don't share any scenes with him."

"Oh yeh, that's right. You're acting as his mother!" Long Jie suddenly started laughing.

Tangning shook her head helplessly before turning to look at Mo Ting, "Didn't we agree that you wouldn't come? President Mo, you seem to have cheated..."

"If I didn't come, how would I have known how talented you were at acting?" Mo Ting dragged her to the car, "You've really exceeded my expectations."

"But, you don't appear to be surprised at all," Tangning laughed as she held onto Mo Ting's hand. "You knew all along that acting wasn't going to be difficult for me, didn't you? I've revealed too much in front of you. I'm good at hiding my thoughts and figuring things out and these are both traits of a good actor."

"Since you already know you have the traits of a good actor, you should focus on acting. Everything else, I will handle it."

Tangning nodded her head as she thought about the scene she had just acted. At that moment, when she became another person, she felt the fiery passion inside her had been ignited.

"Although I joined the film in secret, people are bound to notice my absence at Fashion Week."

"I have my plans," Mo Ting comforted; she didn't need to worry at all. "Over the next couple of days, let Long Jie accompany you while you get used to everyone on set. If I'm around..."

"If you are around, they will keep their distance from me." Tangning understood everything Mo Ting did had gone through careful consideration. "I understand, I understand everything you do. More importantly, now that I am on set, you will have less work to worry about."

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