Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 330: Rehearsal

Chapter 330: Rehearsal



Tangning did not force him, she simply gave him a gentle smile.

Within the so-called film and television industry, there were three types of actors: those that could act and were popular, those that could act but weren't popular and those that were popular but couldn't act. The top actor Lin Sheng was obviously the first type, but Tangning could just barely be considered as the third type.

"It's OK, this is his normal temper," the assistant director comforted. He was afraid if Tangning got angry she would complain to Mo Ting.

Tangning gave a gentle smile and looked towards Director Coque. Director Coque approached her and shook her hand. He then said in French, "I told you, you were destined for this role."

"Could you let me try out one scene so the crew can decide if they want me to stay?" Tangning requested in seriousness.

"There's no need for that."

"I want everyone to be united. The least I want is for the progress and quality of 'Stupid' to not be affected. I also hope for everyone's approval..." Tangning explained calmly.

Coque looked into her eyes. He realized she always put 100% into everything she did. So, he had no choice but to nod in agreement, "Let's head over to the rehearsal studio. Everyone else will join us as well."

"Thank you."

Most of the people in room couldn't understand French. So the only person to truly understand Tangning's intent was Assistant Director He. It was also because of his ability to speak French that Mo Ting had hired him to help Coque get through his daily life and any language barriers. Although, of course, Coque could have also gotten by with his English.

He couldn't believe that Tangning wanted to try out a scene in front of everyone and let them decide if she could stay. Didn't she know that all the actors present had gone through acting school and were serious actors? How dare she even suggest that?!

However, Tangning did not show the slightest bit of panic. She followed Coque's instruction and headed for the rehearsal studio together.

In order to show Tangning wasn't cheating, he printed out all 183 scenes that Yue Shanshan originally appeared in and numbered them in order. He then asked Tangning to pull a number from a hat.

Everyone gathered excitedly around the rehearsal studio. They all wanted to see how badly a model could destroy a film.

However, Lin Sheng was the only one that was nowhere to be seen.

"To be fair, I'll let you guys pick one out for me," Tangning said to the production crew.

A young script supervisor that stood closest to Tangning, anticipating a good show, immediately stepped up and randomly drew out a piece of scrunched up paper. He then opened it up and showed it to everyone.

"Scene 47."

"Bring me the details of the 47th scene," Coque instructed.

The production crew immediately handed over the details for the 47th scene and played the recording of Yue Shanshan's version. The 47th scene was where the female lead first discovered she was pregnant. On screen, Yue Shanshan huddled up to a sofa while she talked nonsense to her manager. Most notable of all, her expression was a complex mixture of both happy and sad, carrying with it a sense of disdain and ridicule towards the fate she had been given.

In all honesty, it wasn't particularly spectacular; she simply followed what was on the script. But, Yue Shanshan's eyes felt like they could speak.

She managed to portray the female lead's sense of self-ridicule smoothly.

This scene...was extremely difficult.

Tangning was sure unlucky.

If it had been a scene at the beginning where the female lead was seducing the athlete or perhaps a scene after she gave birth and abandoned the child, it would have been a lot easier to handle. Yet, out of all the scenes she could have picked, she ended up with a relatively difficult scene in the middle.

Worst of all, after seeing Yue Shanshan's performance, wouldn't Tangning just look like a joke in comparison?

"Tangning, if you have a problem with it, you can..."

"No problems," Tangning straightforwardly cut off Assistant Director He. She even repeated herself, "I have no problems, I can do it."

Everyone looked at her with doubt, yet she said in a completely unfazed manner that she could do it.

"Script supervisor! Hand the script to Tangning..."

"No need," Tangning responded.

Even Yue Shanshan couldn't remember all the lines of the female lead...

"Alright. Clear the set. Let's start from the scene where the female lead returns from the hospital."

Those waiting to watch a good show crossed their arms and took a few steps back. Their faces contained confused smiles...they couldn't wait to see Tangning embarrass herself.

A model that walked the runway often wore beautiful clothes and gave everyone a pleasing visual experience. Why did she decide to come here and test everyone's patience?

Long Jie was also standing amongst the crowd. She too was curious whether Tangning could actually act.

She wasn't simply curious. She even pulled out her phone to record it.

Inside the studio, Tangning was the only one to remain composed the entire time. A door stood between her and her awaiting audience. No one could predict what she had prepared...

"I must be crazy to have come here to watch a model act."

"Shhh...this is President Mo's girlfriend. In a minute, try to contain your laughter. Your laugh is always the most exaggerated."

" what if she is his girlfriend? If she can't act, then she can't act...I refuse to believe she's got talent."

Behind the crowd, two tall men appeared without anyone noticing. Mo Ting couldn't possibly miss out on such an important scene. He simply didn't notify anyone of his arrival and stood at the back with Lu Che.

"It's starting, it's starting..."

As the sound of the clapperboard echoed through the studio, the door suddenly flew open. That's right, it wasn't pushed open or simply unlocked, Tangning had used her body to knock the door open...

She didn't do it with too much force, but everyone noticed her lifeless body stumble into the room.

As she walked in with her staggered footsteps, the report in her hand fell to the ground. Clearly written on the front was the word, 'pregnant'.

Tangning leaned against the table without a word. Her chest simply rose and fell as she took deep breaths. Suddenly, she lost control and knelt on the floor, scrunching the report into a ball and throwing it straight into the bin...

She then leaned against the wall for a little while. All of a sudden, she started doing something that no one expected: she started jumping...

It seemed she wanted to kill the child!

Everyone in the studio felt a sense of nervousness as they watched her. It was like she actually had a child in her stomach and they were worried she'd have a miscarriage.

She didn't simply jump on solid ground, she even ran to the sofa and started jumping on the sofa. But, because she lost her footing, she suddenly fell and almost knocked herself against the corner of the coffee table. At this moment, the woman that had wanted so badly to kill the child a moment ago, was now subconsciously protecting her stomach.

She was an actress, but she was also a mother; she had her natural instincts.

So after struggling on the floor for a few seconds, she suddenly lifted her head and revealed an expression of detachment and disdain...

She then grabbed her phone from atop the coffee table and gave her manager a phone call, "Jesse, I'm f*cking pregnant!"

The scene...

...ended there.

As soon as it was over, Tangning returned to her usual calm self. She neatened her clothes and put her shoes back on.

But, who was to explain to everyone what they had just witnessed?

The air in the studio suddenly felt thin while everyone remained abnormally quiet.

Their eyes widened in disbelief...

"Can someone pinch me? Was that part of the script?" a member of staff suddenly turned around and asked the people around him, "Or was I imagining things?"

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