Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 329: First Appearance

Chapter 329: First Appearance

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"Yes, I am going to act," Tangning answered firmly.

"Are you sure? Even if you are sure, by appearing out of nowhere, won't it attract disgust and ridicule from the production crew?" Long Jie asked worriedly as she stood in Tangning's way. "You obviously know that Lin Sheng doesn't like you and neither does the entire production crew."

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing," Tangning brushed Long Jie aside and closed up her suitcase. "You need to be aware that this also means that you will need to be apart from Lu Che for a little while and stay by my side. After all, I am entering a film set. There are a lot of things I can't handle on my own."

"What about Boss? Isn't Boss going with you?"

"There are some things that I need to deal with on my own." Tangning had a lot of obstacles ahead of her, for example, she needed to figure out how to convince the people that underestimated her.

Tangning fell into deep thought for a moment, before she turned to Long Jie again and said, "Hurry home and pack your bags. We need to arrive at the set by 5pm."

"Are you planning to change career paths and pursue film and television? What about your supermodel status? You are only a step away from your goal."

"But, he needs me..." Tangning was also aware of how close she was to becoming an international supermodel; it was just one small step. But, she also knew how much Mo Ting wanted her to be the female lead of his film. If she couldn't become an international supermodel this year, there was always next year...

"Alright then, I know no one can change your mind. Since you've already made the decision, I will accompany you as always." After speaking, Long Jie turned around and made a phone call to Lu Che as she hurried home to pack her bags.

Tangning stared at the back of Long Jie and suddenly felt a little guilty. Long Jie had been by her side since the time of Tianyi and it wasn't easy for her to get to the point of being the assistant of a top model. But, now that Tangning had decided to pursue acting, everything would have to start from the bottom again.

She had already spent nine glorious years in the modeling industry; everything about it had completely fused with her heart. On the other hand, the film and television industry was completely new territory for her.

Meanwhile, because Hai Rui announced they were changing their female lead, Yue Shanshan received a huge slap to the face, turning her into a laughing stock in the industry.

However, this wasn't too big of an issue because the situation was bound to settle down sooner or later. The true problem was...

...J-King wanted her to steal the script for 'Stupid'. Right now, she didn't even have access to the set, so how was she to steal the complete script out of Coque's hands? After all, as a mere actress, she only received her part of the script and not the complete copy.

Perhaps she could take what she had, add what she overheard and just pass it off as the real thing to J-King.

At present, it seemed this was the only thing she could do. Hopefully, Mo Ting wouldn't blame her for making this decision; she had no choice!

So, she pulled out her phone and gave J-King a call, "I've prepared what you wanted. When can we meet?"

"As soon as possible of course!" J-King sneered from the other side of the phone. "Did you think I would commence filming as soon as I got the script? Of course not! I want to polish it up a little and make it better than 'Stupid'. Afterwards, I will turn it into a television series and I will find rich investors and top actors to participate..."

"You are despicable."

"Be careful Yue Shanshan. By saying this, you are also insulting yourself."

J-King had absolutely no sense of his impending doom. He simply thought Mo Ting had revealed he and his father's true motive to the board of directors and that was it. But, things weren't that simple in this world. How could those that wanted to challenge a position of power have it so easy?

At this time, Lin Chong finally located J-King and appeared in front of him covered in wounds as he fainted.

J-King thought he had run into a beggar at first. But, after looking at him in detail and realizing it was Lin Chong, he suddenly felt he may still have use for the man. So, he instructed his security to carry Lin Chong home with him.

Waking up in J-King's villa, Lin Chong sat up in surprise as he looked at him cautiously.

"It's me, what are you scared of?" J-King laughed. "I was wrong for getting people to beat you up before. But, from now on, why don't you work for me? I am about to start up my own agency."

Lin Chong thought about it for a moment and nodded his head.

However, as J-King turned around, Lin Chong's expression darkened. At least he managed to get into the jerk's home.

Even though technically speaking, it was a jerk meeting another jerk...

"But I'm curious. Since you got beaten up by me so badly, why did you still come and look for me and not Mo Ting?" J-King stood up as he asked cautiously.

Lin Chong did not respond. He simply trembled; this was his natural reaction. J-King assumed he knew what this meant: Lin Chong must have already looked for Mo Ting but Mo Ting must have treated him even more ruthlessly.

"Get some rest."


That afternoon. As Tangning arrived at the film studio, the assistant director was the one to greet her.

Out of the entire production crew, only he and Coque knew that the female lead had been changed to Tangning.

In order to appease Mo Ting, the assistant director booked the best hotel with the best room so Tangning could stay in comfort. Because of this, he had been busy all afternoon. However, as Tangning arrived, this was not something she cared about. She simply said to the assistant director, "I want to have a rehearsal."

The assistant director thought to himself: What type of acting skill could a model possibly have? Isn't she simply making an appearance? Why is she so serious?

"President Mo didn't come with you today? I guess that's a good thing. I can show you around the set first."

Practically everyone couldn't believe that the one thing they were most worried about had ended up happening. Mo Ting had actually brought his girlfriend onto the set. When they first saw Tangning, they thought they were seeing things...but, her iconic legs confirmed that it was not an illusion.

"I never thought President Mo would actually do something like this."

"This is also the first time I've seen President Mo make an exception for someone. But, 'Stupid' is such an important project for Hai Rui, isn't he afraid that Tangning will ruin it?"

"This small amount of money is nothing for President Mo. He's not afraid of throwing it away for Tangning to play."

"How disgusting! Why couldn't she just remain as a model in peace? If she can act then I must be the best actress."

Tangning followed behind the assistant director, but she could hear the discussions behind her. Although she slightly furrowed her brows, she did not argue with them. She didn't want to be kicked out on her first day.

"Everyone, quiet down and listen to me for a minute - especially you, Lin Sheng!" the assistant director pulled Tangning over and warned the top actor not to go overboard.

Lin Sheng turned and looked at Tangning. His eyes were filled with ridicule and dissatisfaction.

"I don't act with rubbish!" After speaking, Lin Sheng headed towards the exit, but Tangning suddenly spoke up and held him back.

"Why not stay and watch me rehearse?"

"You?" Lin Sheng scoffed, "What's there to see? Yue Shanshan was already the best."

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