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Chapter 328: Changing Actors

Chapter 328: Changing Actors

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After some time in circulation, the violent fans incident completely messed up all of Star Art's plans. They were originally sitting back and watching the show, but now they were forced to step out and express their thoughts.

If they had known this was the price they'd have to pay, they would have stepped out earlier and settled it while it was still a small matter.

Now that Hai Rui and Tangning stood on the moral high ground, Star Art had no choice but to endure the insults.

"Star Art sure are shameless. Before, when you were being attacked, Star Art refused to say a single word to help you. Now that the tables have turned, they've finally come out from hiding...But, it's too late!" Long Jie complained as she saw the live broadcast of Star Art's interview. "They even have the audacity to say that Yue Shanshan will resume filming!"

"Back when she refused to film, they announced it loud and proud. Yet, they're now shameless enough to say they will continue filming? Don't they feel disgusted by themselves?"

"By the way Tangning, what's happening with the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week? Why did you get me to cancel all your interviews?" Long Jie suddenly thought of Tangning's earlier instructions, "Also, why are you still looking through the script for 'Stupid'? I swear you can almost recite it word-for-word..."

"What's the point of looking at it? No matter how many times you look at it, that despicable woman will still continue to partake in the film."

"Who told you that?" Tanging asked back with a deeper meaning.

"Are you saying, Boss has the intention to change actors? But, Yue Shanshan's parts are almost finished. If he was to pick someone else, isn't that a huge loss?"

"I think you should just place your attention back on reading the news" Tangning did not reveal anything else. In fact, she didn't even tell Long Jie that that very afternoon, she was to officially go on set at 'Stupid'.

Long Jie shrugged her shoulders in confusion before she grabbed her phone and continued to watch the live interview.

"Shanshan's actions were indeed a little impulsive and created a dilemma for Hai Rui and the crew of 'Stupid', but she merely made that decision because she couldn't bear to see her fans suffer. You can say her response was quite reasonable. I hope the public can overlook this."

"Shanshan will return to the set soon and resume her filming for 'Stupid'."

The representative from Star Art handed the topic over to Yue Shanshan to continue. The Yue Shanshan today was covered in a thick layer of makeup; it seemed she was trying to mask her swollen red eyes, formed from a night of crying.

"I will try my best to show my gratitude towards Hai Rui's trust." After one simple sentence, Yue Shanshan handed the microphone back to the representative. But, the reporters took this opportunity to throw out some difficult questions.

"Did Star Art request for this interview after discussions with Hai Rui? How come Hai Rui haven't expressed their thoughts at all?"

"Yue Shanshan was so adamant on refusing to film. Now that the situation has changed, she suddenly wants to go back. How feeble..."

Yue Shanshan's originally pale face turned even more pale. She received the microphone again and replied, "Because no one is more suited to the female lead than I am."

"Is Miss Yue trying to say that no one else can do it?"

"I'm saying that I am most suited."

Yue Shanshan's words were firm and full of confidence, rendering the reporters completely speechless. Since Hai Rui had not said anything up until this point, the media could only assume that Star Art and Hai Rui had already discussed the matter in private.

After the interview, Yue Shanshan quickly rushed over to the set of 'Stupid'. But, as she arrived, she noticed the look on everyone's eyes had changed...

" Yue Jie 1 , why are you back?" the assistant director asked awkwardly as he spotted Yue Shanshan.

"What do you mean, why am I back?"

"I've already received notice that the female lead has been replaced. Hasn't Hai Rui notified you?" the assistant director replied as he patted her on the shoulder, "You can't blame the production crew for this decision. At the time, you stopped filming out of nowhere without taking the whole team into consideration. Even if your fan went to the hospital, I don't see how that had anything to do with you."

"For an actor, the most important thing is professionalism. For actors like yourself, who recklessly stop acting out of nowhere, I don't think anyone would dare to work with you again."

"Above all, you even had the guts to threaten Hai Rui. If I was you, I would not have the audacity to show my face around here again..." After speaking, the assistant director walked right past her. However, after just a few steps, he added, "Right now, I'm off to greet the new female lead."

"Who is it?" Yue Shanshan asked as she held back her tears of anger.

"It's confidential." After responding, the assistant director left, leaving Yue Shanshan with no choice but to return to where she came from.

She knew it. How could Mo Ting possibly let her off and allow her to continue filming?

But, was it necessary for him to humiliate her in such a way?

Back when Star Art first made their announcement, why didn't Hai Rui add their thoughts at that time?

Yue Shanshan returned to Beijing and reported straight to one of the directors of Star Art. The director immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call. However, there was no way they were worthy of meeting with Mo Ting, so they could only negotiate with Lu Che.

"Assistant Lu Che, didn't you say we'd come to a compromise? Why was Shanshan replaced?"

"What I meant by compromise...was that Hai Rui will not pursue any further action regarding the Yue Fan's tampering of Tangning's car. Never did we ever agree to having Yue Shanshan back on set. You need to be clear on the matter; she was the one that refused to film. Did you think Hai Rui is a place where one can come and go as they please?"

"While we're on the topic, Hai Rui have decided to sue Yue Shanshan for losses caused to 'Stupid' during the time she stopped filming. You better prepare your compensation."

After speaking, Lu Che hung up the phone. Not long after, he did as Mo Ting instructed and asked the PR team to announce that they had decided to replace the female lead of 'Stupid'.

It wasn't the first time that Hai Rui had given a speedy face slap like this. Not too long ago, Luo Hao from Cheng Tian had the same fate.

"Did Star Art actually think Yue Shanshan could just return to filming? Are they joking? How powerful are Hai Rui? As if President Mo would tolerate her refusal to film!"

"Back when Tangning was being insulted, Yue Shanshan was acting like the victim. Now that the tables have turned, she finally remembered her identity as an actress. I can't believe she is shameless enough to turn up on set again."

"Hai Rui are getting better and better at their face slaps. Not only did they replace their female lead and find a new candidate, they've also decided to hold Yue Shanshan liable. Haha, why do I suddenly feel so satisfied?"

"But, who is the new female lead?"

"Yue Shanshan thought too highly of herself. She's just one simple actress, yet she thought she had the ability to delay the progress of an entire production team. While she was thinking that, she had no idea filming had already resumed without her."

"I also want to know who the female lead is. The production crew seem to be keeping it a secret. I hope it is someone with the acting skills to instantly shut Yue Shanshan down."

It had only been a short while since Yue Shanshan announced she'd resume filming. Who would have thought, Hai Rui would actually release another announcement that they had already replaced her.

Long Jie noticed Tangning packing a suitcase and couldn't help but make a guess, "Don't tell me you are the new female lead..."

"Yes, it's me," Tangning nodded. "In fact, I'll be heading on set very soon."

"Right now?" Long Jie wasn't prepared for this response; it was like she had been struck by lightning. "No way! Are you actually going to act?"

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