Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 327: Degree of Black-belly-ness

Chapter 327: Degree of Black-belly-ness

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Rather than letting J-King lose everything they had, it was better for Director Ceng to protect the shares he held. At least, in the end, they wouldn't be left with nothing.

However, it wasn't enough for Mo Ting to be in a position of advantage. He also wanted to redeem the innocence of Tangning's fans...

So, he had no choice but to find a fake fan and continue to collate evidence against the father and son.

According to the agreement Yue Shanshan had made with J-King, she should have been given the chance to retreat in a glamorous manner. But, not only did she stink up her reputation, she was stuck with no choice to advance nor retreat.

Tangning was originally the one that should be begging for forgiveness, but now Yue Shanshan was stuck with that responsibility!

Tangning should have been the one to apologize, yet now Yue Shanshan was forced to admit defeat.

Worst of all, she even refused to continue acting because of her fan. What a joke! Not only did she offend Hai Rui by doing this, she even dragged her agency down with her.

An attack like this was extremely lethal towards Yue Shanshan...

"Are you happy with this result?" Yue Shanshan asked J-King angrily over the phone, "When will you give my daughter back to me? Right now, I can't even protect myself. I have absolutely no value to you."

"I've said it before: when met with a jackal, Mo Ting will become the devil. Right now, I can imagine the revenge he is plotting."

"I also said from the start that you are not a worthy opponent for him. I just never expected you'd fall to your knees so soon. Do you know why he directly pointed out your name at the meeting? He wanted to tell you that he can't be bothered playing with you!"

"Shut up!" J-King growled in a deep voice, "Shut your damn mouth up!"

"Give me back my child!" Yue Shanshan was at the brink of going crazy. "If you are capable, you should target me. Don't hurt my child!"

"I haven't used you enough!" J-King replied. Since things had gotten to this point, he was going to cling on to everything he had. If he was to go down, he was going to drag the entire ship down with him, "Think of a plan. I want the rights to the script for 'Stupid'!"

"What do you want the script for?" Yue Shanshan was being driven crazy by the psycho on the other end of the phone...

"I want to start my own film and television agency. What do I want the script for, you ask? I want you to cancel your contract with Star Art and sign on with my agency!"

"You're crazy!"

"If not, then look forward to collecting your child's corpse."

Yue Shanshan hung up on J-King. She had suffered a huge amount of torment. So she lost control of her emotions and smashed everything in sight.

It turned out, some things, once done, could not be taken back.

Stealing the script for 'Stupid'...

...this was J-King's compromise. He wanted to continue clinging to Mo Ting. But, unbeknownst to him, he held no value in Mo Ting's eyes...

Because to Mo Ting, he was nothing!


Star Art was afraid Hai Rui would hold them liable, so it wasn't long before they made an official announcement to clarify everything was a misunderstanding and that the public should view both artists fairly. After all, Yue Shanshan had refused to continue filming simply because of her love for her fans.

They were using the sympathy card!

And selling a pity act!

"Compared to Yue Shanshan, the Madam's response was definitely better handled. Although she never made a personal appearance, she managed to unite her fans and turn them into a strong backup force. It was really not bad." Lu Che placed the newspaper containing Star Art's pity act in front of Mo Ting and sighed.

"Incomparable," Mo Ting replied.

How could these people be mentioned under the same breath as Tangning?

"It seems Director Ceng has given up on his son. When money is involved, even family members should step aside."

Mo Ting lowered his head and didn't say another word. After quite some time, he suddenly spoke up again, "You still haven't seized evidence to prove the innocence of the Tang Fans. You better keep an eye on the time."

"What about the film, what should we do about that?"

"I have my own plans."

'Stupid' experienced a huge crisis just before filming was completed because Yue Shanshan had refused to continue filming. So, Mo Ting had no choice but to replace her. But, he couldn't announce to the public that the replacement would be his own wife. In order to protect Tangning, he decided to send her directly to the set and keep his decision a secret. Everyone would find out once the film was screened.

Sometimes, keeping things a mystery was also a promotional tactic. But, allowing Tangning to appear on set out of nowhere was bound to make her get questioned.

Especially since she had no experience in acting.

"What about Yue Shanshan..."

"Tell Star Art we have come to a truce..."

"I don't quite understand your intention," Lu Che doubted Mo Ting's intention was to be kind to them.

"What I mean is, wait until Star Art announces that Yue Shanshan will resume filming. At the same time, we will announce that Hai Rui have decided to replace the female lead." After speaking, Mo Ting lifted his head and continued, "Don't forget, Yue Shanshan was the one that refused to continue filming first. Make sure to chase her up on the compensation for breaching her contract."

As Lu Che expected...

According to Mo Ting's degree of black-belly-ness, it would be weird for him to let go of Star Art and Yue Shanshan.


Not long after, Beijing entered into night. Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning looking through the script of 'Stupid'. His originally depressed heart turned extra gloomy.

"Stop looking at can already recite the entire thing," Mo Ting grabbed the script from Tangning's hand, "Let your eyes have a rest."

"Seeing the storm that's brewing and all the battles you have to face, how could I just sit around and not do anything?" Tangning asked as she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace. "I think I've found a new goal in life."

"What is it?"

"To be useful to you. I've always wanted to do something to help you relieve your pressure. And now, hasn't my chance arrived?" Tangning shook the script in her hand and smiled.

"Even if it means you need to give up on your modeling career?" Mo Ting looked at her in seriousness. "You know, if you start filming, it means you agree to give up on the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week."

"No big deal. I can still aim for the Victoria's Secret Show next year," Tangning comforted. "Most importantly, I honestly do love this female lead. Since it is my destiny, then I will not avoid it."

"However, the actor playing the male lead doesn't seem to like me very much. I'm sure he has a lot of opinions about my acting."

"That isn't something you should worry about..." Mo Ting held onto Tangning's head and placed a kiss upon her forehead. "You just need to be yourself."

"Do you have so much confidence in me?" Tangning suddenly laughed.

As soon as he saw Tangning's smile, all that troubled him, suddenly faded away...After all, the ones that were suffering were others...

"Sorry, I've been a little selfish," Mo Ting suddenly said to Tangning.


Tangning was shocked. Mo Ting never apologized to anyone easily. So, she sat herself up and hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck, "We don't need to say words like this between us."

She unintentionally became a competitor for Yue Shanshan. But, this film meant a lot to both her and Mo Ting, so... matter who was to ruin it, she wasn't going to allow it. This was the determination of a husband-protecting wife.

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