Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 326: I Dare You Try and Take My Seat!

Chapter 326: I Dare You Try and Take My Seat!

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Director Ceng's expression changed...

"What do you mean?" The other shareholders looked at each other confusedly with no idea what Mo Ting meant.

"I'm referring to how he provoked a fight between fans, encouraged Yue Shanshan to give up filming and paid for someone to create a legal battle. All this was done by Director Ceng's son, J-King. As for his motive, I think it's clear to see from this meeting today."

"President Mo, don't insult my son in order to save yourself," Director Ceng yelled coldly.

" that case, can you tell me what use you had with this information that you collated," Mo Ting held up the stack of paper, "If you weren't scheming, then I don't see why you would make such a fuss over me obtaining resources for my artist. Could it be that you have forgotten all managers operate this way?"

The shareholders looked at each other, but didn't say a word.

Actually, everything Mo Ting did was logical and reasonable. The entertainment industry had always been a place where money and background held great value. In comparison to Mo Ting, the real trickery came from managers who were known to use underhanded methods for the sake of their artist.

So, why did Director Ceng specifically target Mo Ting?

And without stalking and using special sources, how did he get his information?

Wasn't it obvious he had a heart like Sima Zhou 1 ?

"Even so, you have no right to insult my son!"

"Fine, since this is how things are, I will turn my passive approach into an aggressive one and turn the situation around. Everyone here is a part of the Hai Rui family, so I believe, for your own benefit, you would never leak company secrets," Mo Ting's lips curved upwards as he presented them with his follow-up plan. "Have a look at this and you will understand why I was dragging out the time."

The board of directors looked at the document in their hands and gradually nodded their heads one at a time. The look of confusion had now disappeared from their faces.

However, Director Ceng was caught in a dilemma.

If he was to tell his son about what he saw, he would be a snitch.

But, if he didn't tell him, then J-King's plan would completely go down the drain.

"What is it, Director Ceng? Caught in a dilemma?"

"No..." Director Ceng replied, slightly flustered.

"That's good then. Don't forget, all these eyes present today are now on you. If this information is leaked...our next meeting will be about you!" Mo Ting's voice resounded through the ears of all the shareholders. "I'm not only saying this to Director Ceng. This is a warning to everyone. I dare you to try and take my seat!"

Mo Ting revealed a smile full of meaning. This smile was even more terrifying than when he was silent and emotionless.

The shareholders were well aware of Mo Ting's capabilities. As long as he remained clear-headed, they were happy for him to be the only ruler of the Hai Rui empire.

Since Mo Ting wasn't blinded by sex, they had no more doubts towards him.

As for Director Ceng...from now on, if they saw him they would walk the other way. Just in case they fell into his manipulative trap again.

Not long after, the shareholders gradually left the meeting room. Director Ceng also headed for the doorway with an expression of confliction. Although he tried his best to hide his motive, in the end, he could not hide from Mo Ting's all-knowing eyes.

By being pointed out by Mo Ting, the shareholders were suggestively told to keep an eye on Director Ceng.

If he was to let anything slip, the next meeting would...

No...he couldn't bear to think of the outcome.

" seems the ones that are truly untrustworthy are the overconfident father-son duo. How dare they make everyone question you!"

"Send someone to keep an eye on Director Ceng and tell them to get evidence if he does anything," Mo Ting instructed Lu Che. "Everything else...continue as planned."

The only reason Yue Shanshan's fans were allowed to cause trouble was because Yue Shanshan was playing the victim. But...what would happen if the roles were swapped?


"Good morning viewers and welcome to the morning news broadcast. Just in, we have a fresh news story straight from Hai Rui Entertainment..."

"According to reporters at the scene, Hai Rui's infamous model, Tangning, made the shocking discovery this morning that her car had been tampered with and her brakes had been cut. As it was discovered in time and the culprit was inexperienced, no one was hurt in the ordeal. Our reporters have tried to make contact with Hai Rui, but have not received a response. Regarding this deliberate intention to cause bodily harm, Hai Rui have made the decision to report it to the police..."

"This tampering incident was the work of a Yue Fan. A letter was found in the car from the anti-fan emphasizing his displeasure towards his idol, Yue Shanshan, being compared to Tangning."

"It's evident that the violent fan incident has once again gone up a level. With this reckless move, Tangning could have lost her life!"

"Yue Fans VS Tang Fans: while one plans to cause harm, the other is focused on charity work."

Entertainment articles regarding this incident flooded all media sources. As a result, those that previously spoke up for Yue Shanshan, no longer said a word. They had previously said that Tangning's fans were violent, moronic, and extreme, yet they never expected the Yue Fans would slap themselves in the face so soon.

How dare they tamper with someone's car?!

Meanwhile, in order not to further complicate the situation, the Tang Fans focused on fundraising and charity events. Their actions subdued the anger directed towards them and changed the public's opinion. When comparing the actions of the two groups of fans, Tangning's fans had no flaws to highlight.

"Here I was, complaining that Tangning's fans had gone too far. Next thing I knew, Yue Shanshan's fan went and tampered with Tangning's car, isn't that murder? They could have simply argued with each other, there's no need to get physical. They've definitely gone overboard this time."

"Yue Shanshan, please take your fans with you and self-implode!"

"I always felt that Tangning's fans couldn't have done what they were defamed to have done because those that like models are generally more mature. On the other hand, there are plenty of young fans of film, especially those in their adolescent years. At that age, it is easy for them to be led down the wrong path."

"Great, now that the victim has turned into the perpetrator, my face is completely swollen. Forget it, the internet waters are too deep for me to play in. I brought the face slap upon myself."

"I really must give a thumbs up to Tangning's EQ. As for Yue Shanshan, she is shameless."

Most of the media felt, with the incident this time, Hai Rui's PR was thrown an extremely difficult task. A normal agency would give up and let Tangning continue to be defamed until the issue became old an forgotten. Who would have thought...

...Hai Rui had this plan up their sleeves. Since Yue Shanshan used a fake fan against Tangning, Hai Rui could also use a fake fan and give her a taste of her own medicine.

The victim had now become the perpetrator. Above all, their first move was to directly go for Tangning's life. Who was more violent and terrifying this time?!

J-King thought Mo Ting would be ruined, but he never considered that Mo Ting was the King for a reason. His methods, whether out in the open or hidden, were endless.

Which method he used, depended on the person he was dealing with.

Since someone wanted to dig their own grave and defame Tangning, he wasn't going to go easy on them.

He had said it before, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

In the end, Director Ceng decided not to tell his son anything. He had a clearer scope of the situation than J-King; to be able to stand in his invincible position, Mo Ting couldn't possibly be distracted by a mere woman...

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