Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 325: Fox

Chapter 325: Fox

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10pm. Hai Rui's CEO's office was still lit up.

Although Fang Yu was overseas for his wedding, as soon as he heard that Hai Rui was in trouble, he immediately returned to Beijing after it was finished. As expected, Mo Ting was still in the office and had not gone home.

As Mo Ting lifted his head to look at Fang Yu, his voice was dull, "Why are you back?"

"Uh..." seeing the unfazed expression on Mo Ting's face, Fang Yu was lost for words as he touched his forehead, "I thought the problem was a bit difficult to deal with...but looking at your expression, it doesn't seem as urgent as I thought. Since you already have a solution, why aren't you heading home?"

"Can't you see how anxious I am?" Mo Ting asked.

From the look in Mo Ting's eyes, Fang Yu finally understood; he was pretending to be anxious so the board of directors would call for a meeting. It wasn't often that he got a chance to do some spring cleaning. Since the opportunity was placed into his hands, he was going to make good use of it.

"What are your countermeasures?"

"Let them have a taste of their own medicine!" Mo Ting used one simple sentence to answer Fang Yu's query.

While the netizens waited for Hai Rui to apologize and take responsibility, they never considered the fact that a fight between fans had nothing to do with Hai Rui.

At the same time, they also thought Tangning would admit to her wrongdoings and step out to fix the mood. But, in reality, Tangning didn't have much to do with the situation. Since, Manager Mo hadn't said anything yet, she, of course, did not need to either. Let alone the fact that the Tang Fans were innocent to begin with.

If she was to step out, it would mean she was admitting that her fans had done something wrong.

So, the PR announcement released overnight by Hai Rui, was simple: they had already contacted the police and the police were currently investigating the truth behind the incident. They were going to let the law handle it.

As soon as the announcement was released, the Yue Fans immediately started protesting. They thought the truth was already obvious and Hai Rui were trying to avoid responsibility.

However, there were some people that believed Hai Rui had made the right choice. Yes, it was true that a Yue Fan was hurt, but the Tang Fans weren't any better off either. Getting into a fight was both party's fault. Demanding for an apology from only one side, was quite unfair. So, contacting the police was the best solution.

However, anyone that knew Mo Ting would know that he was deliberately dragging out the time.

By handing everything over to the law...

...he was merely using the law as a PR shield.

If anyone was to question him, he'd simply say everything was with the law.

Like this, Mo Ting gained complete control of the situation.

Of course, Mo Ting was well known for acting as quick as lightning, so his abnormally gentle approach this time barely passed as a good PR tactic in the eyes of the Board of Directors. So the next day, over 30% of the board requested for a meeting.

In reality, from the time that Hai Rui was first formed, worse things had happened. Something so insignificant wouldn't normally be worthy of the board of director's worries. But the provocation from J-King had built up over time and Mo Ting had been making too many exceptions for Tangning. So, the shareholders couldn't help but suspect that Mo Ting had been blinded by sex, hence being distracted from running the business properly.

Before Mo Ting left home, Tangning helped him adjust his suit in front of the mirror. Her eyes contained a slight sense of discomfort.

Mo Ting grabbed onto her right wrist and pulled her in for a kiss, "What are you worried about?"

"The meeting today..."

"Is this something you should be worried about?" Mo Ting let go of Tangning's wrist and swapped it for her waist, "Don't you think I'm enjoying this game of cat and mouse?"

Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's embrace. Although she was clear about his capabilities, it was only natural for her to worry.

"You said before, whenever I need you, you would step out and protect me."

"Why are you suddenly mentioning this?" Tangning lifted her head and asked. "I'm already prepared..."

Mo Ting gently stroked Tangning's ink-black hair. He couldn't bear seeing her in pain, so he was determined, "I will help you lay out the foundation for your path. Don't worry."

The couple understood each other. Most of the time, Mo Ting didn't need to say much, because no matter what he did, Tangning would understand. Meanwhile, everything Tangning had already done was to give Mo Ting a reason for his counterattack.

"My fans are currently occupied with charity work. They've even created a website for fundraising."

"You taught them well."

Tangning smiled knowing that Mo Ting already understood her intention. Without another word, she loosened herself from Mo Ting's embrace, "You better get going. The meeting is about to start."

When it came to being black belly, the couple were surprisingly consistent.

It was time to wait for a good show to unfold.


10am. Hai Rui's meeting room.

Before Mo Ting arrived, the old shareholders all expressed their displeasure towards Mo Ting's handling of the violent fan incident. Hai Rui had been in the industry for many years and their reputation had always been good. Never had they been reported as trying to avoid responsibility. However, because Tangning was involved, Mo Ting dealt with this issue in the gentlest way ever.

"It was already controversial for the President to become the personal manager of a mere model. This time, is he disregarding Hai Rui's reputation because of her?" one of the shareholders complained.

"Haven't you guys noticed Mo Ting has changed a lot these days?" a second shareholder chimed in as he slammed his hands on the meeting desk.

"If things keep going on like this and Tangning asks for Hai Rui, will he just give it to her? She is such a fox..."

"I've compiled some information here, it's evidence of Mo Ting using his position to help Tangning," the person to present the information was none other than J-King's father, Director Ceng.

Not long ago, Lu Che had tried to contact him, but he used the excuse that he was overseas to brush him off. In reality, he was rejecting Mo Ting.

The group of directors handed the information around as their faces filled with shock.

"How can we let this continue?"

"If this goes on, Hai Rui will be destroyed sooner or later."

"What will be destroyed?" Mo Ting's deep voice suddenly resounded from the doorway. The directors quickly put away the information in their hands and looked away awkwardly.

Mo Ting sneered and sat down in the CEO's position. But his gaze was focused on the information they were trying to hide, "Can I have a look?"

The shareholders were a little stunned but handed the information over obediently.

Mo Ting casually flipped through a few pages and threw the information aside, "What? Are you trying to question my authority with this as an excuse?"

"Mo Ting, don't you think you should give everyone an explanation?"

"What do I need to explain?" Mo Ting asked back as he placed his piercing glare upon Director Ceng. "I can give you a reasonable explanation if you want me to, but before I do that...I would like to ask Director Ceng what his self-scripting, self-directing son, J-King is up to?"

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