Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 324: Mo Ting is Much Scarier!

Chapter 324: Mo Ting is Much Scarier!

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Just as the Mo Couple were about to bid farewell to the Fang couple, Tangning spotted Lin Chong in the distance. Their eyes met, but Tangning did not say anything as she held onto Mo Ting's hand and left.

Lin Chong was already aware of the situation in Beijing; he knew J-King had already made a move.

Compared to his small attacks, J-King had the intention to completely destroy Tangning with his defamation. Of course, he had to do this, if he didn't go to this extreme, would Mo Ting be placed in a situation where he had to go up against his agency's higher-ups?

Meanwhile, Yue Shanshan refused to continue filming as a response to her fan being hit.

She wanted Hai Rui to respond and she wanted Tangning to respond.

She wanted to get justice for the fan that had been sent to hospital!

As soon as Lin Chong saw news of this, he didn't know why he had the urge to laugh. He wanted to laugh at his disgraceful past and at J-King's despicable actions. J-King was indeed someone who wanted to steal Mo Ting's power, but Lin Chong felt he really needed to bow down to J-King's shameful self-scripting, self-directing act. In the end, he put down his camera and handed a message to one of the waiters to pass onto Tangning. He then booked a flight back to Beijing.

As Tangning left, she received the message from one of the waiters. The message inside was simple: "J-King is trying to challenge Mo Ting's authority. His father is Hai Rui's Director Ceng."

Tangning handed the message to Mo Ting. She then looked around to find that Lin Chong had completely disappeared.

Since Lin Chong was a reporter, he was going to show everyone what he was good at. However, unlike the past, his intention was different. He wasn't going to defame Tanging this time, he was going to do something that surprised even himself; he was going to get justice for her.

Defaming a person was easy, but defending someone's innocence was a different story. However, saving someone was more satisfying and challenging than defaming them.

Upon seeing the name on the message, Mo Ting was not surprised. J-King was also amongst his list of suspects.

Did he want Hai Rui?

He sure had the guts.

However, challenging Mo Ting's authority was still within the boundaries of what he could tolerate.

What he truly couldn't tolerate was the fact that Tangning was implicated...


As soon as the couple returned to Beijing, Mo Ting rushed over to Hai Rui. Upon seeing Mo Ting, Lu Che immediately approached him, "I can't get in contact with Yue Shanshan, it seems she has no intention to talk to us. She obviously wants us to show some sincerity and apologize. At the moment, the fans have turned this into a huge mess."

"Above all, the injured fan won't come to a compromise. It appears she wants to go to court."


"That's enough." Mo Ting entered his office and instructed, "Contact Star Art Agency and tell them to get hold of Yue Shanshan. Afterwards, give Director Ceng a call and tell him to come to my office."

"President, this issue has damaged the madam too much."

"I know," Mo Ting replied coldly. He knew that from now on, no matter what Hai Rui did, the anti-fans had already condemned Tangning for what had happened. And no matter what Tangning did, the Yue Fans would automatically feel disgusted.

It was originally something that had nothing to do with Tangning. But, the fan's deeds were their idol's fault; this was what everyone believed. So, what the 'fake' fan did this time had completely destroyed the image Tangning worked so hard to build.

The modeling industry VS the film and television industry.

It seemed the modeling industry was bound to lose.


Meanwhile, the first thing Tangning did when she got home was contact Long Jie. She then used Long Jie's account to log in to her fan website.

She did not say anything, but she quickly extracted information from discussions. The problem-causing account was indeed hacked and the violent fan had no proof that he was her fan.

This self-scripting, self-directing act was too obvious...

Most importantly, the timing of the issue had caused the filming of 'Stupid' to be put on hold.

In order to protect her fan, Yue Shanshan risked breaching her contract in order to get justice from Hai Rui. This belief significantly boosted her reputation online. On the other hand, Tangning's reputation was destroyed.

"Everyone, don't be afraid and don't complain. Anyone that can present evidence, feel free to post it online."

"Oh...are you Tangning? You sound like Tangning."

"It must be Tangning!"

Tangning's fans were filled with excitement. But, unlike last time, as soon as they were told to calm down, they obediently did as told.

"This time, you guys have suffered. But I hope everyone can keep themselves out of the situation. I don't want you to get hurt because of me."

"Tangning, we are innocent, we didn't do anything. You need to believe us," one fan pleaded emotionally.

"I believe you, but you also need to believe me."

"OK! As long as it comes from your mouth, we will believe it."

Her fans gradually expressed their agreement not to get involved with any arguments and not to complain. A better use of their free time was to donate to charity, take note of national news and to help those in need. They didn't make false promises; they immediately put their words to action and turned their focus completely to charity. They believed that one day, their actions would become the most painful slap across the face for those that misunderstood them.


7pm. Star Art finally buckled under pressure from Hai Rui and gave them Yue Shanshan's contact details. Lu Che successfully connected a phone call and transferred it straight to Mo Ting's office.

However, after picking up the phone, Mo Ting remained quiet for quite some time. He was deliberately making Yue Shanshan nervous...

Finally, Yue Shanshan couldn't hold on anymore and started talking in fear.

"President Mo, I'm sure I've already expressed my standpoint clearly. Hai Rui better find a solution soon," Yue Shanshan thought her words were lethal to Mo Ting.

But, of course, by this time, Mo Ting had already disregarded the fact that Yue Shanshan was once his classmate. So, he responded in an icy cold tone, "You better know who you are talking to."

Yue Shanshan's heart almost beat out of her chest...

"I heard that you want Tangning and Hai Rui to apologize. Am I right?"

"Y...Yes..." Yue Shanshan was beginning to stutter and her palms were getting sweaty.

She didn't know why...

...when faced with Mo Ting, especially the Mo Ting at this moment, she would involuntarily be filled with fear...

Perhaps it was because no one knew what he was thinking and what he planned to do.

"Originally, I would have just replaced you quietly. But, too bad you've implicated Tangning."


"I think you may have misunderstood the phone call today. I did not call to compromise...Yue Shanshan, you should be well aware that there is no such thing as next time when it comes to me. From now on, within the entertainment industry, I will simply make you suffer!" After he was done talking, Mo Ting directly hung up the phone; he never intended on having a proper conversation with Yue Shanshan.

This time, Yue Shanshan was the one to panic...

What was she to do?

Compared to J-King, Mo Ting was much scarier.

Afterwards, Yue Shanshan contacted J-King. But, J-King simply sneered, "Yue Shanshan, if you dare to back out, don't dream of ever seeing your child again! Did you think we could still turn back?"

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