Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 323: Refusal to Continue Filming!

Chapter 323: Refusal to Continue Filming!

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The wedding reception continued until 11pm. By the time Tangning helped the drunk Mo Ting back to their room, he simply closed his eyes and did not say a word. Of course, his face also didn't go red nor did he do anything typical of a drunk person. He was exactly the way Tangning guessed he'd be. No matter how drunk Mo Ting got, it seemed he'd never do something out of character.

Tangning placed Mo Ting on the bed and turned to fill the bathtub for him, but Mo Ting suddenly grabbed onto her arm and pulled her into his embrace.

"You reek of alcohol. Go have a bath first."

Mo Ting slowly opened his eyes and stared into Tangning's eyes, "Didn't you say that you want to see me drunk?"

"How are you drunk?" Tangning punched him playfully on the chest. "I really want to know how your alcohol tolerance is so high. Everyone was defeated by you."

"I can't get drunk," Mo Ting replied in a serious tone.

This simple response somehow allowed Tangning to sense the pain that Mo Ting felt.

Once upon a time, before Mo Ting reached the top, he often talked business over drinks. If he couldn't remain sober...Tangning was afraid to think of what could have happened.

"Go have a bath..."

"But, you can pretend I'm drunk," Mo Ting flopped his body lifelessly, allowing Tangning to do what she wanted with him.

"I think I prefer the sober you. I want you to hug me and tell me stories."

"But, I want to do something else..." Afer speaking, Mo Ting stood up and lifted Tangning horizontally in his arms, "Since the alcohol has lightened our mood, let's not waste this beautiful room in Bali."


The next day. It was the official date of Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu's wedding. As they both didn't have any family elders attending, they kept everything simple.

It seemed, Tangning was the only guest representing Huo Jingjing's side.

Little Yue Er was the flower girl, but, of course, her identity was not revealed. It wasn't because Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing were scared, it was because they didn't want her to attract media attention at such a young age.

Inside their wedding suite, Huo Jingjing was already dressed in a strapless white gown. As she didn't like puffy designs, the hem of her dress was pleated and dragged across the floor.

"What do you think?" Huo Jingjing asked Tangning as she stood in front of the mirror.


"Are you jealous?" Huo Jingjing asked as she swayed her dress with a smirk

Tangning ignored her as she received Huo Jingjing's veil from the makeup artist and helped her put it on, "From now on, you are a married woman. Don't ever get into a fight with anyone because of me and end up offending a government official again."

Huo Jingjing got teary underneath her veil as she said in a choked up voice, "I will be happy."

"You, must," Tangning also wiped some tears from her eyes.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door. It seemed the groom was here to collect his bride. As there were no parents or elders attending, they were scheduled to head straight to the beachside wedding ceremony.

The wedding was so simple that Huo Jingjing didn't even have any bridesmaids...

A moment later, the front door opened to reveal Fang Yu standing in the doorway wearing a light grey suit. In his hands was a bouquet of pink and white roses. As he reached Huo Jingjing, he knelt down on one knee, "Let's get married..."

Huo Jingjing received the roses from Fang Yu and pulled him up off the floor. They quietly hugged each other; for that short moment, it felt like there was no one else in the world.

The wedding ceremony was extremely simple, but it didn't mean Huo Jingjing was simple in Fang Yu's eyes.

Huo Jingjing was wearing earrings and a necklace, both from Tiffany Victoria's premium collection and the snowflake-shaped design was delicately studded with white diamonds.

On top of that, her wedding dress was custom-made by T&H and was valued at a few million dollars. It was the best design from their global collector's edition.

Finally, her shoes were from Rene Caovila. They were a pair of silver high heeled shoes that were adorned with a feminine bow design. Rumor had it, this was the brand frequently used by the British Royal Family.

In reality, Fang Yu had put all his time and effort into his bride. People witnessing the wedding could tell how much Fang Yu treasured her.


At the scene of the beachside wedding, a beautiful archway was decorated with fresh flowers as it sat by the water. The setup fused perfectly with the world around it.

Meanwhile, the winding path that led to the archway was covered in pretty pink rose petals.

Under the eyes of the wedding guests, Huo Jingjing was led down the rose petal covered path by an elder from Hai Rui (in place of her father), all the way to the awaiting Fang Yu, "If Huo Jingjing's parents were still around, I'm sure they would be happy to see this."

"If your parents saw us getting married, would they have been happy?" Mo Ting asked Tanging.

Tangning Mo Ting wrapped his arm tighter around her shoulder, "I guess I shouldn't have brought that up..."

Tangning shook her head relieved they were moving on from the topic.

The wedding continued to progress under the eyes of all the wedding guests.

However, at this time, a blogger named 'Candy' suddenly put up a blog post online about her dislike towards Yue Shanshan. She used all sorts of insults targeted at women and completely humiliated her.

As a response, netizens started to dig through her archives to see who she was and realized all her previous posts had been praises towards Tangning; she was an obvious 'Tang Fan'.

Her blog post immediately provoked the 'Yue Fans' to attack the 'Tang Fans' in retaliation.

How could they compare someone from the modeling industry to someone from film and television? In the end, it didn't take long for the Yue Fans to completely drown out the Tang Fans.

"Who does Tangning think she is? How could her fans be so arrogant?!"

"If Hai Rui doesn't apologize to our Shanshan, we won't let this issue settle!"

Even though the Tang Fans quickly tried to explain that the blogger's account had been hacked and they weren't going to be provoked, the Yue Fans did not back down. They even started multiple discussions demanding for an apology from Tangning.

The issue originally started as an argument between fans, but it quickly escalated. Due to a fight between fans, one of the Yue Fans ended up being sent to hospital...

This completely stirred up the entertainment industry...

Once violence amongst fans happened, it would become a huge flaw for an artist. Especially when that artist was easy to defame like Tangning.

At this time, Lu Che was watching over Hai Rui in Mo Ting and Fang Yu's absence. As soon as he noticed the situation escalating out of hand, he immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call and initiated a PR plan.

"President, we have an issue," Lu Che reported anxiously, "Yue Shanshan has contacted Hai Rui via the production team saying she refuses to continue filming. However, her parts are almost finished."

Mo Ting's eyes darkened as he went to check the news.

Seeing the abnormality in Mo Ting's expression, Tangning turned to question him, but Mo Ting gestured for her to continue watching the ceremony as he left to make a phone call.

Lin Chong, who had been snapping photos from a hidden position, spotted Mo Ting get up. His expression also changed. He then saw Tangning get up to find Mo Ting in a quiet corner.

"Is there something urgent?"

"No there isn't..." Mo Ting replied, "I will handle it later."

Tangning didn't believe him as she pulled out her phone. As soon as she saw the hottest news headline, she had no time to care about herself as she questioned Mo Ting, "If Yue Shanshan refuses to continue filming, what will happen to your film?"

"Silly, at a time like this, shouldn't you be worrying about yourself?" Mo Ting didn't know what to do about his silly wife.

"Yue Shanshan never retreated, did she?" Tangning asked as she realized what had happened. "If that's the case, then don't hold back...we already gave her a chance."

"I will return to Beijing first to handle it. You continue enjoying the wedding..."

"I'll go with you," Tangning didn't show any signs of anger towards her own defamation because she knew the enemy was actually targeting Mo Ting.

They wanted to challenge his authority...

Were they for real?

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