Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 322: You Will Suffer Tonight!

Chapter 322: You Will Suffer Tonight!

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Bali's Kayumanis Nusa Dua. This was the place where Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing's beachside wedding ceremony was to be held. After the ceremony, a warm romantic candlelit dinner was scheduled for the wedding reception.

As the sun set, Hai Rui's artists and members of the media rushed to the venue. Each member of the media was given a 'thoughtful gift' on arrival and after they entered, they did not report aggressively. They simply took photos when needed and allowed the guests to feel relaxed.

In reality, the reason why the media were following the rules was because they had signed a confidentiality agreement beforehand. If they wanted an exclusive story and wanted to know what others didn't, then they would need to do as Fang Yu said.

Of course, Fang Yu's 'thoughtful gift' was quite generous, making the members of media smile from ear-to-ear.

As night hit, the tropical resort resounded with the melodious sound of violins and the rainforest-themed open space filled with celebrities. Fang Yu was dressed in a silver handmade suit with a rose pinned to the front of his jacket. His arm was hooked around Huo Jingjing's who was wearing a white lace dress. The couple looked like a match made in heaven bound for happiness.

They went around greeting all the guests. However, Mo Ting and Tangning had not yet arrived.

"Hey, since President Mo hasn't arrived yet, I have a suggestion. Can our groom tell us the story of when he first fell in love with our bride and liven the atmosphere?" a playful artist suggested loudly. The scene of the pre-wedding reception suddenly erupted in applause and excited whistles.

The couple stood upon the stage as Huo Jingjing hid in Fang Yu's arms. He then laughed, "My wife is a little shy..."

"It's fine that she is shy, you can still tell us your story," the guests exclaimed.

Fang Yu glanced down at Huo Jingjing and continued to resist, "This is an important story that I need to tell my wife first. How can you guys be treated to such a benefit?"

"Sister-in-law, if you continue to hide like this, it's no fun!"

Huo Jingjing's face turned red as she murmured from Fang Yu's embrace, "Go ahead and tell them. I also want to know."

"Haha, sister-in-law agreed. Quick, Vice President Fang, tell us."

Fang Yu sighed and accepted his fate, "Fine." He then grabbed the microphone from the MC and explained to the guests, "Actually, she entered Hai Rui before me, so technically, she is my senior. I still remember the first time I saw her. As I looked into her eyes, I thought to myself, this woman definitely has a story to tell."

"To be honest, the first time I felt something for her was when she was hurt and sent to the hospital. At that time, she had completely lost hope in life. I realized when I saw her my heart felt extremely anxious; I didn't know how I could help her..."

"All along I had thought my feelings were purely friendship based. It was not until she offended a government official that it finally occurred to me, everything I did for her wasn't necessary, yet I could never seem to help myself."

"I know a lot of people still think of her as a pair of broken shoes and that she isn't worthy of me, but I want to say something from the bottom of my heart: the thing I am most impressed with is her persistent courage. No matter how many times she gets hurt, she will still stand up for her friends. No matter how much pain she goes through, she can still gather the strength to start all over again."

"I feel a person like her, walks around with a glowing aura!"

"Even when I am going through a dark period, one look at her is enough to point me in the right direction. So, I want to do all I can to protect her and protect my light source."

Hearing this, all those present were moved by his words. A few of the sensitive celebrities even had to wipe their teary eyes.

It seemed, only they would mutually understand the difficulties of the industry.

As for Huo Jingjing who was in Fang Yu's arms, she almost cried her eyes out...

Meanwhile, Lin Chong was standing not too far away wearing a cap and pretending to be a member of staff. After hearing Fang Yu's words, he didn't know if it was because of the influence from people around him, but he actually felt a little moved.

"Well said. How touching!" everyone stood up and cheered. At this time, someone finally spotted Tangning and Mo Ting had arrived.

"Oh God, the Boss is here..."

"President Mo..."

Mo Ting was dressed in a black retro custom-made suit and upon his neck was a dark red square scarf. He gave off the presence of British royalty with a respectable aura. Hooked on his arm was Tangning. She was wearing a light blue A-line dress which showed off her shockingly unique legs.

"Boss, Boss!"

"Tangning, Tangning!"

Mo Ting originally wanted to walk towards Fang Yu. But, after he saw where the couple was standing, he raised his eyebrows and stopped. Instead, he led Tangning to a seat amongst the guests.

"President Mo, Fang Yu said he will be more handsome than you tomorrow!" someone prodded jokingly.

Mo Ting sat down with Tangning and replied calmly, "Perhaps in Huo Jingjing's eyes, he already is. But, to everyone else, he is still far from it."

"Ha ha ha..."

Everyone laughed. Of course, from his tone of voice, they could tell he was in a relatively good mood.

"President Mo, when will you and Tangning have your turn? Bali is gorgeous, we really want to come here more often."

"Yes, that's right..."

Mo Ting turned his head and looked at Tangning. But she simply smiled at him without a word. So, Mo Ting could only answer, "In that case, from next month onwards I won't be paying you your salary. I will save it up and eventually buy you a property in Bali."

"President Mo, don't do that!"

Everyone once again exploded in laughter...

Because of Mo Ting and Tangning's arrival, the atmosphere had completely been uplifted. Meanwhile, in the distance, Lin Chong looked at Tangning and Mo Ting from behind his camera, especially at the woman he once detested; the woman he could no longer hate.

"Tangning, President Mo also this cheeky at home?" someone gathered their courage and teased the couple. Making Mo Ting turn around in surprise.

Since they were questioned, Tangning could only answer, "If you can outdrink him, I'll tell you how he is like at home."

"Pfft, who doesn't know that President Mo is a crazy good drinker!"

Mo Ting pinched the back of Tangning's hand, "Did you say that on purpose? If I really end up getting drunk, you will suffer tonight!"

"How badly will I suffer?" Tangning had never seen Mo Ting drunk.

"Fine. Since you want to see, I'll show you later..." Mo Ting revealed a mysterious smile.

Tangning nodded her head. She refused to believe Mo Ting was the type to lose control when he got drunk. He was probably the type to still act serious even when he had too much.


...the truth was not how she expected.

However, while they started off the wedding celebrations full of cheers in Bali, J-King was passionately preparing the start of his revolt back in Beijing...

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