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Chapter 137: Being Kicked Out

Chapter 137: Being Kicked Out

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Tangning had actually signed on with Cheng Tian; this was something no one expected.

After leaving Tianyi, multiple companies had sent over their offers. Amongst them were companies like Star Age and Creative Century. But, who would of thought, Tangning had actually bypassed all second-grade companies and become a signed model at one of the biggest agencies.

Most surprising of all was that An Zihao had become her personal manager!

Was it because they had similar experiences? Or was it because they had both been through a slump in their lives?

One was an ex-top-model, the other was an ex-top-manager, paired up together, they would make an extremely strong team. The media already began predicting that Cheng Tian Entertainment were about to stir up the entire industry.

Yang Jing watched as Tangning approached the stage; this was the woman she had racked her brains trying to prevent from entering Cheng Tian. Through her glasses, her eyes were ablaze with a fiery anger.

She had told herself so many times to show people, it was impossible for Tangning to join Cheng Tian...

But, was this the impossible she was talking about?

Yang Jing's hands clenched into fists. She could feel a sense of shame seeping through her limbs.

In front of the sea of cameras, Tangning approached the stage confidently. Afterwards, she turned to the media and bowed politely.

"Hello, I am Tangning..."

From the time she announced her comeback to now, whether it was the Oriental Trend or TQ, as a model, she used her abilities to convince the public. And as a celebrity, her low-profile and aloofness from the world made several attempts at framing her go to waste. The media were afraid to defame her anymore because she had previously face-slapped too many people.

Especially after the Lan Yu incident where she made no excuses, she received a loud applause from the public for her high degree of tolerance. In the eyes of everyone, Tangning was a refreshing change for the modeling industry...

"Tangning, tell us a bit about your thoughts..." the reporters encouraged.

Tangning smiled slightly and nodded as she retrieved the microphone from An Zihao, "I trust in my decision."

"Does that mean you are willing to battle it out on the same stage with Cheng Tian's other capable models? For example, Li Danni and Hua Yuan."

Li Danni was the last trump card Yang Jing had in her hands, in fact, she was the only useful card. So hearing Li Danni being mentioned, Yang Jing looked provokingly at Tangning.

Li Danni was an international supermodel at just 21-years-old. Did Tangning really want to catch up?

She must be dreaming!

Tangning glanced at Yang Jing subconsciously as the corners of her lips curved upwards. She then responded, "Each of us have our own unique beauty and stand-out feature. However, I still have a long way to go..."

What she meant by this was that she wanted to be left to peacefully walk her own path; could the media please stop comparing?

"Tangning, I have a question I want to ask. From what I know, you've previously handed your portfolio to Cheng Tian Entertainment, but you were rejected because of your age. How did you get them to change their mind?"

Hearing this, all the reporters were stunned. So it turned out, there was an inside story behind Tangning joining Cheng Tian.

Tangning had remained calm the entire time, but at this moment, her gaze suddenly landed on Yang Jing.

Lan Xi also looked at Yang Jing. Even Luo Hao...found himself lifting his head and looking into Yang Jing's eyes.

Yang Jing suddenly fell into a panic; what was the meaning of this?

"Tangning, can you answer this question?"

The media did not give up. But, this question was much too difficult to answer. So, Lan Xi grabbed the microphone from Tangning's hands and responded, "Actually, there's one more thing I want to announce to everyone today."

The reporter's turned to Lan Xi questioningly; unsure of her motives.

A moment later, Lan Xi pulled out an envelope. The word 'resignation' was written on the top.

As soon as Yang Jing saw this, her heart began to race as she panicked...

"Cheng Tian's long-serving employee, Miss Yang, has handed in her resignation today. I am extremely thankful for her years of hard work and contribution. I wish you all the best. So, here...I will officially approve of your resignation."

This was a public event, but Lan Xi approved of Yang Jing's resignation in front of everyone.

Yang Jing felt her legs get weak as she almost fell on the floor.

She had placed all her bets on this to threaten Lan Xi. Never did she imagine, Lan Xi would end up using it to her advantage and kick her out of Cheng Tian...

Kicking her out of Cheng Tian?

This was something she suggested herself. She personally burned her own bridges and got fired just like that.

Yang Jing never expected Lan Xi to be so ruthless as to kick her out in front of everyone.

"Yang Jing, come up here, say a few words," Lan Xi waved at Yang Jing.

She had obviously handed in her resignation along with Luo Hao, but for some reason, Lan Xi only kicked her out...

Yan Jing sneered. Although her body felt limp, her pride wouldn't allow her to act out of line. So, she walked onto the stage and faced the media.

"Firstly, I would like to thank Cheng Tian Entertainment for helping me grow over the years and President Lan for taking care of me. But...I have nothing to say about my resignation. I just hope that from now on things will run smoothly! It's correct that I will be officially leaving Cheng Tian. But, before I leave, I will make sure I follow handover procedures properly. President Lan can be rest-assured."

"After Miss Yang leaves Cheng Tian, will you take some models with you?" the media went straight for her weakness. She began to suspect Lan Xi had organized all this.

Under such circumstances, she couldn't possibly say that she'd be taking Li Danni with her. So, she gritted her teeth and shook her head, " Of course not."

Yang Jing did not know when she had finished speaking and how she returned to her spot below the stage. The career she had spent so many years growing and the years she spent planning ahead, had all been destroyed, just like that!

Did she just dig her own grave?

And what about Luo Hao? Didn't he say he would help? What did he do in the end?

Only she could be so silly and stupid to think of herself as someone special that he would help.

Tangning watched as Yang Jing left. She had a complicated look in her eyes...

Does it feel good to lose everything?

Not long after, the press conference neared its end. After Tangning and Yang Jing gave their farewells, they left Cheng Tian Entertainment with An Zihao. However, Yang Jing was unexpectedly waiting for her at the main entrance.

"Tangning, we need to talk!"

Tangning looked at Yang Jing. Her eyes were blood red...Could it be from sadness or anger?

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