Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 320: Mental Torture

Chapter 320: Mental Torture

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For the next two days, Lin Chong hid in his dark corner like a rat; too afraid to treat his wounds and too paranoid to see a doctor.

Ever since he released the news about Fang Yu, the entire reporter profession had become implicated.

So, right now, not only was he hiding from J-King, Hai Rui, fans and celebrities, most importantly, he was trying to avoid the attacks from his peers. Because, it was his fault that their days had gotten a lot harder.

A bored person placed a photo of Lin Chong in hiding online. After Long Jie saw it, she showed it to Tangning with a smile, "Look what happened to this piece of trash."

Tangning received the phone and had a quick glance before replying to Long Jie, "Ask someone to send him money on behalf of Huo Jingjing and I..."

"Tangning..." Long Jie didn't quite understand Tangning's intention. Not only did she not find someone to beat the jerk to death, she even wanted to give him money?

"Don't you think being let off by an enemy is even more painful? Compared to physical pain, mental torture is the definitive way to completely eliminate an enemy," Tangning lowered her head, not feeling the tiniest bit of pity for Lin Chong because she knew he was quite a capable person.

Long Jie sat quietly in deep thought for a moment. She thought about the time she was humiliated and forced to kneel in front of other's and remembered how painful of an experience it was. She suddenly understood Tangning's actions.

"You're amazing!"

So, one fateful night, a man wearing a cap walked into Lin Chong's office and placed down beside him a set of clean clothes, some food, medicine and a business card.

In his half-dead state, Lin Chong looked at the items that were placed beside him. His eyes glanced over everything but were particularly drawn to the clothes and the business card.

When one was at their worst, no one cared about their pride...

Seeing the items in front of him, he felt guilt and shame were like two pieces of rope that tightly bound him together, making it impossible for him to go anywhere...

That night, Lin Chong stared at the new set of clothes for a long time. It was not until almost dawn that he finally pulled out his phone in the darkness and called the number on the business card.

"Hello...I am Lin Chong..."

"I didn't expect you to actually make this call. I would like to ask if you'd come work with us, we need a capable photographer. These days, the younger generation aren't trained enough. Although you can't earn as much money as you previously did, we can pay you enough to get by without worries. What do you think? Do you want to come?" the person on the other end of the phone was extremely friendly and full of passion.

"May I ask, who is behind this offer?"

"It's best you don't ask. With your current situation, no one else will want to work with you. So, don't hesitate, you need to continue living."

Lin Chong looked down at the clean set of clothes and nodded, "OK, I'll come!"

"Great. Just come to the address written on the business card."

After Long Jie completed the task she was given, she looked at Tangning happily, "If this jerk was to find out that his most hated enemy is helping him behind the scenes, he will definitely want to smash his head into the wall and kill himself."

Tangning let out a gentle laugh and didn't say anything as she pruned the flowers in the garden.

Long Jie was curious, "The Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is about to start. Has President Mo scheduled anything else for you?"

"Jingjing is getting married...I will leave after her wedding," Tangning replied calmly.

"So soon? Doesn't she need to prepare?"

"Only the artists at Hai Rui and a few close friends have been invited to Bali for the wedding. There's not much to prepare," Tangning put down the scissors in her hand. Although she was looking down, her words were deep and meaningful, "A wedding doesn't need to be grand. People just need to see the effort put into it. According to Jingjing's love for Fang Yu, even if there was no wedding, she would still be willing to marry him."

"Fang Yu was so cool this time!" Long Jie gasped. "Will both you and Boss attend the wedding?"

"Of course."

However, unbeknownst to Lin Chong, Tangning had organized for him to be the photographer at the wedding. This time, he would be forced to open his eyes and witness the woman he hated, end up with a happy ending.


Because of the entire exposure incident, Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing's wedding was something that came naturally. It happened the day that Fang Yu came home after turning the tables on Hua Rong. The first thing he did as he walked in through the front door was kneel on the floor, hug Huo Jingjing and Fang Yue and exclaim, "Let's get married. Let's give Yue Er a complete family."

Huo Jingjing froze in his arms for a few seconds, but Fang Yu's expression remained gentle and patient. After she hesitated for quite some time, Fang Yu finally drew her attention back, "Jingjing?"


"I said, let's get married!"

Huo Jingjing loosened herself from Fang Yu's arms. She covered her cheeks and returned to her room without a word. After calming her emotions, she finally returned to the living room to give her response, "OK."

At the same time, she handed him a guest list with one name on it: Tangning!

Fang Yu received the list and stroked the back of her neck as his heart ached. He then drew her into his arms once again.

Following on from that day, Fang Yu speedily confirmed a list of guests and booked a wedding venue. In one night, the couple decided on everything and by the next day, Fang Yu had already organized it all.

The wedding was to be held in half a months time inside a Bali resort...

Not long after, news of their wedding was revealed to the public. While giving their blessings, the netizens also teased Fang Yu for being a man of action!

Meanwhile, people who had previously doubted the couple, found they had been slapped in the face by the news of their wedding. In fact, Fang Yu's sincere approach to the whole situation gave hope to the relationship that had fallen into despair. Because, apart from a certain couple of negative points, the public couldn't find anything else that was bad about the relationship to defame. Since they couldn't defame them, they could only give their blessings instead.

The netizens gradually expressed their excitement towards the wedding. Of course, they had one other reason. As Huo Jingjing's best friend and agency CEO, Tangning and Mo Ting were bound to attend.

During the time that Tangning waited for Huo Jingjing's wedding, she flew back and forth between Beijing and Milan multiple times. Meanwhile, Mo Ting accompanied her to all her interviews and helped her secure jobs and important endorsements.

Of course, by this time, Yue Shanshan's filming for 'Stupid' was nearing its end. The completion was due roughly around the time of Huo Jingjing's wedding.

Tangning had contacted Coque in private multiple times to check on the progress of Yue Shanshan. Coques response each time was, 'Very Good'!

Yue Shanshan was undoubtedly skilled...

Meanwhile, after getting his plans ruined by Lin Chong and having his position stolen by Fang Yu, the man behind the scenes could no longer control his emotions and was beginning to act recklessly.

He directly gave Yue Shanshan a phone call, "You need to start making preparations...We'll wait until Tangning finishes attending her best friend's wedding. Let's give her one last chance to be happy!"

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