Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 319: So, Was Lin Chong's Fate Considered Miserable Enough?

Chapter 319: So, Was Lin Chong's Fate Considered Miserable Enough?



Logically speaking, whenever an indecent photo was released, the ones to be hurt would usually be the couple pictured - especially the woman.

But, when it came to Fang Yu, he managed to twist the situation around and place all the focus on the reporters' invasion of privacy...

He did not make any excuses for his actions and directly stepped out to apologize.

Since he had given an apology and punished his lack of self-control by resigning, what were Hua Rong studio going to do about their invasion of privacy?

It was only normal for the human mind to think that when two people were wrong and one apologized, then the remaining party deserved to ostracized!

This was the most impressive thing about Fang Yu.

He seemed to say: If you want to expose something about me, then go ahead; if you want to claim that I did something wrong, then I'll apologize; but, what are you going to do about your wrongdoings?

At the same time, the other artists at Hai Rui, whether actor or singer, all expressed their personal opinion towards reporters...

They absolutely despised them!

"Not too long ago, a reporter captured a photo of an artist having a bath and tried to exchange it for sex..."

"A few days ago, wasn't there a reporter that snuck into a female artist's home and exposed that she had a disabled father? Afterwards, the artist threw herself off a building and committed suicide."

With all the celebrities bringing the same issue to light, fans were bound to be influenced.

In an instant, the underhanded methods of all these dirty reporters were collated into a news article and published on mainstream media. And right at the top of all the headlines, sat a report about Hua Rong Studio's disgusting actions towards Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing- this was currently the hottest topic!

"To be honest, celebrities are just normal people. What's wrong with not being able to control oneself from giving a kiss? My husband and I often kiss in public..."

"Actually, Huo Jingjing is quite pitiful. If I was her and had met a man like Fang Yu, I would have also fallen for him; it's quite understandable. Plus, neither of them are married yet, so what is wrong with kissing?"

"Hua Rong Studio should apologize!"

"Honestly, reporters are the most hated profession, nothing else compares."

"I hope my fellow netizens can help me skin this studio alive."

This request came just as Mo Ting handed information about Lin Chong to Fang Yu...

Afterwards, a 'kind-hearted netizen' appeared online and exposed that the name of Hua Rong Studio's editor was Lin Chong. Just a simple name was enough for the versatile netizens to find out everything they wanted to know.

So, a little bit later, information about Lin Chong getting married 3 times and getting divorced 3 times, as well as his phobia towards women, were all placed online.

"This Lin Chong is a psycho! He was even suspicious when his wife went to make a phone call in the bathroom!"

"A psycho like this should be thrown into the mental hospital as soon as possible in case someone else gets tricked by him."

"I'd want to kill myself if a psycho like this was interested in me. If I was Fang Yu, I'd directly destroy this nutjob."

In the end, what started off as Hua Rong Studio exposing Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing's relationship, ended up being diverted towards Lin Chong...

Moreover, that afternoon, an announcement was released on Hai Rui's website highlighting that there was nothing wrong with Fang Yu's character; he was just, fair and extremely capable. So, with the agreement of everyone at Hai Rui, they had decided to promote Fang Yu to Vice President in hopes of keeping a rare talent within the agency.

This wasn't merely Mo Ting's personal decision to hold onto him, but a result of the love and trust gained from his peers. As for his abilities in PR, one could scour the entire entertainment industry and not find a single person that could compare.

So, Lin Chong's plan to hurt Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu...had backfired. Not only did he throw himself into a dilemma, he even gave Fang Yu a boost and helped him get a promotion.

At the time that Huo Jingjing saw the news, she was in the middle of playing building blocks with Yue Er.

Little Yue Er noticed the tears seeping out of Huo Jingjing's eyes and immediately placed her tiny soft hands upon Huo Jingjing's cheek, wiping it clumsily, "Don't cry. It won't hurt anymore..."

She even buried her squishy body into Huo Jingjing's arms and tried to blow her eyes dry...

Huo Jingjing suddenly started laughing as she wrapped Fang Yue tightly in her arms, "Precious, you really are mum and dad's cotton ball."

Of course, she had given herself the title of 'mum'.

Back when she was stabbed in the heart by Yu Xinwen, she felt like she had experienced death once. At that time, she was fortunate enough to be saved by Tangning. Whereas this time, she finally experienced being truly reborn. From now on, she and Fang Yu no longer needed to endure the finger-pointing of others; they were a legitimate couple!

The situation had completely been turned on its head. Meanwhile, over at Hua Rong, the studio was in chaos over the information that had been released about Lin Chong. A few members of staff even escaped overseas to avoid implication and had since been completely out of contact.

In an instant, all Lin Chong had left by his side was Charlene and his sinister cousin.

Seeing Lin Chong lock himself in his office refusing to come out, Charlene sneered. From the other side of the door, she said, "Your cooperation with J-King was running smoothly, who told you to go self-destruct? Although J-King's fate will also be quite pitiful in the end, at least you could have made money from him and not ended up where you are now; being scolded by everyone..."

"You could have picked on anyone, yet you chose Fang Yu?"

"You had so many artists to pick from, yet you chose the Director of PR!"

"Editor Lin, I'm really curious what's going on in that mind of yours."

After ridiculing Lin Chong, Charlene picked up her things and said her last words, "From your situation alone, I can see the harshness of reality. The reality that people like us can never threaten Mo Ting's position. As long as he wants to protect someone, even if they are in a terrible situation, he will be able to turn it around in the end."

"From now on, you can play this game on your own. You had such great cards, yet you completely messed it up!"

Lin Chong sat down in the middle of his office, feeling defeated. His office was in a total mess.

It wasn't long before the entire studio emptied out, leaving Lin Chong laughing and crying all by himself like a mental patient.

As if his fate wasn't already bad enough, a few moments later, a few men rushed into the studio holding metal poles. Not only did they smash the entire studio to smithereens, they even dragged Lin Chong to one side and beat the living daylight out of him.

"J-King told us to relay a message to you: from this day onward, he doesn't want to see your face appear anywhere in Beijing."

"You useless idiot!"

After insulting him, the men threw a few rough kicks into his chest and left.

Why was J-King so worked up about the situation? Because when he found out the previous Vice President of Hai Rui was getting transferred, he thought his opportunity to enter Hai Rui had come. With the help of his father and other shareholders, he thought he had the position in the bag. But, because of Lin Chong's random intervention, Fang Yu had now become the new Vice President!

The shareholders all knew how important Fang Yu meant to Hai Rui. With one simple mention from Mo Ting, the shareholders had no reason to refuse.

Meanwhile, J-King didn't know if he'd ever get the opportunity again!

So, was Lin Chong's fate considered miserable enough?

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