Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 318: I've Truly Become his Fan!

Chapter 318: I've Truly Become his Fan!

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"Can your expectation for others not be so strict? Don't tell me you've never been hurt, abandoned or betrayed before; don't tell me you've never wanted to be wealthy and enjoy the luxuries that come with it; don't tell me you can live your entire life with your integrity intact. If so..."

"...then who are the people that are currently attacking us?" Fang Yu raised his and Huo Jingjing's intertwined hands and asked, "I'm not married and neither is she. We are an average couple. Why must you throw words of insults towards a woman?"

"If you can't stop your attacks and want to complain about other's personal lives, then please direct all your dissatisfaction towards me. Please stop hurting the person I treasure..."

While Fang Yu spoke these words, all Huo Jingjing saw was the side of his face. But...

...her tears involuntarily started rolling out of her eyes.

She wondered whether, all those years ago, this was the same way he had protected his younger brother. Did he choose to be dishonored by his parents in order to protect the person he cared about.

Afterwards, Fang Yu pulled Huo Jingjing behind him and led her out of the crowd, past all the persistent reporters. Even though it was difficult, he did not allow them to touch a single hair on her body...

Finally, he helped her aboard the van sent by Hai Rui and left the scene.

The media still wanted to chase after them, but women who witnessed Fang Yu trying to protect Huo Jingjing (especially a few with cars), deliberately drove their cars into the path of the reporters and completely blocked their way.

If justice still existed in this world, may it last forever.

At times, it was hard to understand why the world was especially cruel to women. Why didn't the reporters occupy themselves with exposing other people instead of clinging to Huo Jingjing? What did she do wrong? She simply wanted to pursue her happiness...

Behind them, the reporters were getting further and further away. However, Fang Yu's grip on Huo Jingjing's hand was as tight as ever.

Huo Jingjing's warm tears fell upon the back of Fang Yu's hand.

Never would she ever forget, that on this day, one man threw his chest into the crowd to shield her from the harshness of the world.

"Do you believe me now? I can protect you from anything."

Huo Jingjing nodded her head. Her eyes were obviously swollen and red, but she tried her best to smile, "I believe you. I've also finally experienced being saved like Tangning. You and President Mo are both mighty people."

"We aren't mighty. Our capabilities are limited...But, in order to protect our women, we can push beyond our limits..." after a few seconds, he continued, " an exceeding amount!"

Tears streamed out of Huo Jingjing's eyes as she cried into Fang Yu's arms...

"Don't worry, I will handle it well."

Meanwhile, Mo Ting and Tangning's car followed closely behind. Tangning was pleased to know that Huo Jingjing had found herself the right person.

So, she turned her head and smiled at Mo Ting, "The people at Hai Rui are all loyal and righteous."

"Including Zhen Manni?" Mo Ting lifted one eyebrow.

"Apart from her..." After giving her response, Tangning looked out the window and said helplessly, "Hubby...did you know? My admiration towards you has once again increased?"

"I can tell. The word 'worship' is written all over your face..."

"Following on, what do you guys plan to do?" Tangning could not forget, although Fang Yu, had protected Huo Jingjing like a knight in shining armor, the 'indecent' photo of them was still circulating. So, Fang Yu was no longer suitable as Hai Rui's Director of PR.

"Fang Yu has his own plans...I've left it all in his hands."

Mo Ting took Tangning straight to Hai Rui.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting curiously but did not ask any further. All she wanted to do at this time was smile; she wanted to smile for Huo Jingjing and for the women who still dreamed of achieving happiness. Because Fang Yu's existence was proof that there were still beautiful relationships in this world worth sacrificing and waiting for.

Not long after, the couple arrived outside Hai Rui. At this time, inside Hai Rui's internal meeting room, Fang Yu had already set up everything to film a video.

He simply dragged Huo Jingjing everywhere with him. After changing into a black suit in his office, he entered the meeting room and asked those involved with film to help him record a video.

"What are you doing?" Huo Jingjing asked confusedly.

Fang Yu gestured for her to hush before looking straight down the barrel of the camera and signaling for the cameraman to start recording.

"Hello everyone, I am Fang Yu..."

"I have held the role of Director of PR in Hai Rui for 5 years now and today I officially handled the last PR matter for the agency. Who would have thought it would be my own scandal."

"There are three things I would like to address today. Firstly, Huo Jingjing is indeed my beloved fiancee; she has never been a pair of broken shoes. We are a legitimate couple and will be getting married soon."

"Secondly, I would like to apologize to those in the public that I have affected negatively. I am sorry that we couldn't control ourselves in the public, but my privacy was also violated. I hope Hua Rong Studio can step out to give me an apology!"

"Lastly, for the sake of Hai Rui's image and reputation, I will officially resign from the role of PR Director and move behind the scenes."

"By doing this, I have one motive: I am admitting to my mistake and paying the price. So, Hua Rong Studio, if you have the guts then come out from hiding. You've invaded the privacy of others and harmed the interests of others. In terms of morals, you aren't any better!"

In other words, Fang Yu was telling those that supported Hua Rong Studio that they had low morals and that they should start learning the basics again.

After seeing Fang Yu's video, Hai Rui's staff couldn't bear to see him leave, "Director Fang, must you really resign? This video..."

"Release it!" Fang Yu replied straightforwardly.

"But, if I release it, you won't be able to take it back."

"Release..." Fang Yu replied firmly before returning to Huo Jingjing's side.

The staff reluctantly obeyed his instructions and placed the recorded video on Hai Rui's website...

In a short amount of time, Fang Yu's video exceeded a million views!

Fang Yu's level-mindedness; Fang Yu's straightforwardness; Fang Yu's determination to protect Huo Jingjing; and Fang Yu's direct approach at calling out Hua Rong Studio; his every action made the public feel like he had a clear conscience.

"I must say, I give Fang Yu 100 points for his final PR effort. After being exposed, he immediately flew back to China to face the problem and admitted to everything directly. He even released a video with such attitude. I've truly become his fan!"

"Oh! I love men that admit to their wrongdoings! It's so sexy!"

"Such a dominating presence! We should ask the cowardly reporters, who only know how to hide and reveal other's private matters, what they have worthy to show off!?"

"Woah, Hua Rong Studio, you better not chicken out! After all, weren't you guys extremely proud of yourselves when you released the photo?"

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