Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 317: The Human Body is Just a Shell

Chapter 317: The Human Body is Just a Shell



"You don't need to give up anything," Tangning's eyes suddenly turned red.

Huo Jingjing was still the same Huo Jingjing. For the sake of love, she would do anything without restraint and give up anything.

"But, I really don't want him to put up with all the finger pointing...He's already endured enough pain and slandering."

After Fang Yu finished his phone call, he stood by the door and heard Huo Jingjing's painful sobs.

Huo Jingjing wasn't one that liked to cry. After all, she had endured 10 years of torture. But, for him...for the sake of his reputation, she had completely lost control of her emotions...

As he held tightly to his phone, Fang Yu returned to the room and stood in front of Huo Jingjing.

Tangning understood that Fang Yu had something to say, so she knowingly stood up and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Fang Yu pulled Huo Jingjing into his embrace so she could bury herself in his arms. After quite some time, he finally comforted, "Don't underestimate me. I've been Hai Rui's PR Director for 5 years. Did you think I wouldn't be able to handle something so simple?"

Huo Jingjing lifted her head and looked at Fang Yu with her watery eyes...

This look made Fang Yu's heart feel like it had been painfully pricked with a thousand needles. He uncontrollably grabbed onto her cheeks and placed a kiss on her lips, "Trust me, we will both be fine."


"Even if you don't believe me, you should at least believe President Mo," Fang Yu rubbed Huo Jingjing's shoulder and gave her a comforting smile, "The only thing is, I will no longer be a Director at Hai Rui."


"That's because I've been promoted," Fang Yu lifted the phone in his hand and shook it gently, "President Mo has asked me to move behind the scenes and help with training as well as strategy. I've been promoted to Vice President."

Huo Jingjing cried and laughed at the same time. Tears clung to her eyelashes as a smile involuntarily appeared on her face, "Is this true? Really?"

"What would I get out of lying to you?" Fang Yu stroked the back of Huo Jingjing's head with a painful expression, "Don't cry anymore. It makes my heart break."

"So, following on, what do we need to do?"

"Of course we need to go back and join the battle!" After speaking, Fang Yu crouched down and placed one hand on Huo Jingjing's shoulder, "From now on, we are inseparable. Even if I am to torture you for the next decade, don't dream of leaving me."

"I wouldn't leave you even if I die..."

"Don't talk about dying. We will always remain together," Fang Yu looked into Huo Jingjing's eyes. His gaze was abnormally emotional. "Jingjing, did you know? Tangning may be wise, but you are braver than anyone I know. Not everyone can withstand 10 years of suffering and still have the courage to start anew."

Huo Jingjing held back her tears, but...

...she felt her chest fill with strength. Ever since the death of her sister, she had no one to depend on. For someone with nothing left, all she held onto was courage!

If Tangning needed her, she would give Tangning her all.

If Fang Yu needed her, she would give Fang Yu her all.

In reality, a crisis was also a turning point; it all depended on how one utilized the opportunity...

Wasn't this something Tangning had good control over?

Since her best friend was involved, after hearing the couple's conversation, she immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call, " me postpone Milan. I want to come home and fight with them."

After hearing Tangning's request, Mo Ting lowered his head and smiled, "I've already booked your flights."

He knew, no matter if it was Long Jie, An Zihao or Huo Jingjing, as long as they treated Tangning well, she would definitely protect them with all her might. So, he already guessed that Tangning wasn't going to sit idly by.

"This time, I will definitely make Hua Rong Studio pay for what they've done!"

"Of course. However, I've put you on a separate flight to them. The airport is a battleground they will need to face on their own. Your flight will arrive half an hour before theirs. I'll pick you up nearby."

"I trust in your arrangement." At a time like this, it was a battle between the men and a battle between Fang Yu and the media. All she could do now was not add to the mess.

In the end, the trio returned to Beijing together. At a time like this, Tangning knew, what Huo Jingjing needed the most, was strong support.


"From what we know, Hai Rui's Director, Fang Yu, and Hai Rui's model, Huo Jingjing have just landed back in Beijing. With the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week about to start, Huo Jingjing should be extremely busy. So, we assume the couple have returned to resolve the damage caused by the revelation of their relationship. Since they are openly returning together, it seems they have no intention to avoid the scandal and plan to face it head-on."

"Right now, a huge crowd of reporters have gathered outside the airport and we can clearly see the media have completely blocked off the exit..."

As Tangning arrived before the couple and exited directly from the tarmac, she could witness the chaos that was happening outside the airport.

She had experienced a scene like this before.

It was when everyone thought she had murdered Han Xiner. Luckily, she had returned ahead of schedule and escaped her fate.

Right now, it was 1pm in Beijing.

Fang Yu protected Huo Jingjing as they stepped out of the terminal. Just as they were about to leave the airport, a crowd of reporters immediately surrounded them, completely blocking their way.

Fang Yu held onto Huo Jingjing tightly. Even as they got pushed around, he whispered in her ear, "Hold on tightly to my hand."

Seeing the couple's hands intertwined, the media immediately started questioning them, "Mr. Fang, would you care to let us know when you guys officially started dating?"

"Mr. Fang, you are the most famous master of PR. Is your appearance today also a PR tactic?"

"Within the industry, Miss Huo has the nickname 'broken shoes'. What does Mr. Fang think of this?"

At first, the media were relatively polite. But, with Fang Yu's response of silence, their questions sped up and intensified. They even started personally attacking Huo Jingjing.

"You guys must be creating hype. After all, Huo Jingjing has already had an abortion three times because of another man."

"Mr. Fang, did Huo Jingjing seduce you? Did she exchange her body for resources?"

"Right now, the entire internet is calling Huo Jingjing a sl*t. Mr. Fang, what do you think of this?"

Hearing the last few questions, Fang Yu finally stopped in his track and faced the media. Looking into the dark sea of cameras, he was unusually calm, "Could the people that are insulting my fiancee step out and safely say that they have never broken up before; can they say that they are so innocent that they've never dreamed of flirting with anyone; can they say that they've never been involved with an abortion. If they can't do it, then all their insults towards my fiancee are merely insults to themselves."

"Or perhaps, they are just envious that they haven't found someone who accepts them the way that I accept my fiancee."

"To me, the human body is just a shell. Even if you guys think of her as a pair of 'broken shoes', in my eyes, she is a precious treasure..."

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