Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 316: I Can Give Up Anything!

Chapter 316: I Can Give Up Anything!

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After Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing returned to the hotel, Tangning spotted the couple walking hand-in-hand. She couldn't help but tease, "You can't even separate for a second?"

Huo Jingjing did not get flustered, she simply held onto Fang Yu's hand even tighter, "You and President Mo are always teasing us. Someday, we will get back at you."

"Oooo, I'm afraid...Go get some rest, it is already 4am. You still have work to do early tomorrow."

"I'll lend you my manager for tomorrow. I want Fang Yu!"

"I did bring him over for you to 'enjoy' after all..." Tangning giggled with a slight ambiguity.

Fang Yu wasn't used to being teased, so Huo Jingjing looked at his awkward expression and laughed, "In that case, we will return to our room. Good night."

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded gently.

Lin Chong was next door to Tangning. Without Mo Ting or Fang Yu by her side, Tangning was completely alone. So, Lin Chong expected she wouldn't be able to handle the loneliness and run off to find a random man.

But, after Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing left, Tangning had a shower and got into bed. She then gave Mo Ting a phone call. As it was roughly 10am in Beijing, she assumed he would be working.


After Mo Ting picked up the phone, he subconsciously glanced at his watch and furrowed his brows, "It's already 4am in Milan, why aren't you sleeping?"

"I miss you," Tangning's voice contained a sense of torment, "Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing were teasing me just a moment ago."

"Should I give Fang Yu a call and tell him to come back, then?"

"Jingjing would kill me if you did that," Tangning gave a gentle laugh. Her voice contained an undeniable adoration for Mo Ting, "When I'm not around, don't stay up working until too late."

"Why are you like a child today?"

"I'm not, I just miss you more than usual."

"Then, don't hang up and leave your phone to one side..." Mo Ting replied gently.

Tangning nodded her head. In her drowsy state, she placed the phone down next to her pillow and slowly closed her eyes...

Next door, Lin Chong was listening in on Tangning's phone call to Mo Ting. He surprisingly felt moved by their conversation. This can't be right, with such a good opportunity in front of her, she's bound to go out and find herself a man; it's not like she's an innocent lady, he thought.

But, Tangning ended up spending the entire night hugging her phone to sleep...

During this peaceful night, however, an originally unknown news studio, Hua Rong, suddenly released some shocking news. They directly posted a photo online of a couple being extremely affectionate in an underground parking lot.

It didn't take long for them to be recognized as people quickly identified the couple. They were two people that had been previously rumored but then disappeared off the radar. It was none other than the international supermodel, Huo Jingjing, and Hai Rui's Artists Director, Fang Yu!

In reality, if a relationship had merely been exposed, it wouldn't have caused such an uproar. However, the problem was in the extremity of the photos...

After kissing in the carpark, they were caught being affectionate in the car as well...

The public couldn't help but feel a little disgusted!

After the photo was released, Hua Rong Studio started bringing attention to Huo Jingjing's old news. Only a couple of months ago, she was so in love with a gambler that she was covered in wounds. Yet, in such a short amount of time, she was already found being passionate with the Artists Director of Hai Rui...

"Did Huo Jingjing fake a diary for the sake of PR? If she loved the man so much, how could she throw herself into another man's arms in less 2 months?"

"This photo is a bit too dirty. They look like they are about to have sex in the car!"

"Is Fang Yu trying to ruin Hai Rui's image?"

"I must say, Fang Yu's got a pretty unique taste. He actually brought home a pair of broken shoes and could stand kissing it."

"A photo like this is a bad example for the younger generation!"

Hai Rui was notified of the scandal as soon as it was released and Lu Che immediately turned to Mo Ting for a solution. Fang Yu was not only the Artists Director, he was also the Director of PR - yet he was the one that had been exposed...

From now on, how convincing would their PR be?


Mo Ting saw the horrible comments online and saw the rise of Hua Rong Studio. He didn't say a word, but an obvious murderous chill glazed over his eyes.

"Firstly, give Tangning a phone call and tell her to swap hotels. Afterwards, let's regain control of the media and discussions online." Mo Ting threw his phone to one side and continued, "We need to prepare a new Artists Director."

"What do you mean?"

"Hand the issue over to Fang Yu to handle himself," Mo Ting lifted his head and looked at Lu Che as he spoke. No matter what the result was to be, he knew Fang Yu could no longer hold onto his position.

"What should I do about Hua Rong Studio then...?"

"I'll give you 10 minutes to compile the information you have on Lin Chong and place it on my desk," Mo Ting said in deep voice, "I will make him regret ever appearing on this earth."

Lu Che looked at Mo Ting with a complicated expression; his friend was after all involved. He then turned to leave, but after a few steps, he turned back around and said to Mo Ting, "Actually, Fang Yu has a lot that he is capable of..."

Mo Ting picked up his phone and looked at Lu Che...

Lu Che's heart skipped a beat before he once again turned to leave.

After Lu Che left, Mo Ting made a phone call to Tangning. It seemed, she had not yet received news from back home. This was mainly due to the fact that Long Jie wasn't around to keep her up to date.

"I've asked Lu Che to help you swap hotels, have you been made aware yet?"

"Why the swap?" Tangning asked as she changed her clothes.

"It's not safe..." Mo Ting simply replied. In order not to make Tangning overthink the situation, he added, "I will be flying over tonight. Let's discuss it after I arrive."

Tangning did not understand Mo Ting's words, so she immediately gave Long Jie a phone call, "Has something happened in Beijing?"

"You still haven't found out?" Long Jie was currently in a mess; her phone was practically exploding because of phone calls from the media. They were calling her simply because Tangning and Huo Jingjing were close friends.

"Tell me."

"I don't know how to explain. Just have a look at the news." Not long after, Long Jie sent over a link to a news article. Tangning hung up the phone and clicked on the link. As she scanned over the news, she took a few steps back in disbelief.

Tangning dropped what she was doing and immediately returned to the hotel to find Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu. At this time, the couple were sitting in their room in silence.

"Tangning, can you watch over Jingjing for me? I'm going to go return a phone call." As soon as Fang Yu saw Tangning, he immediately pulled her over to Huo Jingjing's side.

Tangning knew he must be making a phone call to Hai Rui, so she pointed to the door with her chin and gestured for him to go ahead.

Huo Jingjing's face was blank. As soon as she saw Fang Yu leave, she turned to hug Tangning and broke down emotionally, "What can I do? How can I help him recover his reputation?"

Tangning stretched out her arms and hugged Huo Jingjing tightly as she said in an apologetic tone, "It's all my fault..."

"What has this got to do with you? We are in a normal relationship. What is wrong with being affectionate?" Huo Jingjing's icy cold tears fell upon Tangning's neck.

"You guys did nothing wrong..." Tangning gently patted Huo Jingjing's back comfortingly.

"Is he going to lose his role as Hai Rui's Artists Director? Tangning, you are full of ideas. As long as we can get rid of the damage caused by the scandal, I can give up anything..."

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