Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 314: I Want to Buy Your Loyalty

Chapter 314: I Want to Buy Your Loyalty

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"Did you think, by not looking into my eyes, you can avoid the fact that I've come to look for you," Mo Ting was wearing a dark blue tailor-made suit with an almighty presence.

Yue Shanshan panicked a little but still gathered her courage to look Mo Ting in the eyes.

Mo Ting looked at Yue Shanshan and handed a contract to her, "I've given you a pay rise."


"Because I want to buy your loyalty," Mo Ting replied straightforwardly as he glared at her. "Based on the fact that we were once classmates, I can overlook what you've done behind the scenes this time. patience is limited!"

"I...I...I don't understand what you are trying to say."

This time, Mo Ting did not respond with words, he merely smiled at her. His smile was enough to make her foresee her destruction. In that split second, she was so tempted to reveal the truth, but...

J-King, had also come looking for her earlier on...

...and her child was currently in his hands!

For the sake of her child, Yue Shanshan took a deep breath and replied, "Thank you President Mo, I won't disappoint your expectations."

Mo Ting seemed to already have everything in control as he stood up to leave. But, after a few steps, he turned around and asked, "Do you honestly believe that Tangning doesn't have the ability to play your role?"

Before Yue Shanshan could fully grasp the meaning of Mo Ting's words, he had already left...

Yue Shanshan's body fell lifelessly onto the sofa. Her palms were covered in a cold sweat...

She was well aware that this was Mo Ting's final and most direct warning!

But, J-King wasn't backing down, so what could she do?

So, the rumors continued to spread and fans continued with their insults...

Yue Shanshan relayed Mo Ting's conversation word-for-word to J-King and he replied, "Watch what you do from now on and I'll lay low for a bit too. After your filming reaches halfway, I'll hype up this issue again. When that time comes, I want you to approach Mo Ting and tell him to organize a scene where both you and Tangning can appear together. I want to lure Tangning onto the set."

"What are you planning?" Yue Shanshan was a little worried. It wasn't a good feeling to be used over and over again.

"You will find out when the time comes."

"You definitely aren't sinister in a typical way." After the conversation ended, Yue Shanshan got out of J-King's car before Mo Ting appeared on set for a visit later that afternoon.

It was worth mentioning that from that day onwards, the insults from fans were noticeably reduced. The two women were also rumored to be on better terms.

While filming seemed to be going steady, Tangning accompanied Mo Ting for another visit on set. Upon seeing Yue Shanshan, she discovered why Yue Shanshan had won an award in Hollywood; she was an undeniably good actress.

So, Tangning felt she could finally relax and let go of her worries. After all, her trip to Milan was just around the corner.


"Mrs. Mo, I must remind you, we are already into the second half of January. Are you still prepared to announce our marriage in February?" Mo Ting had just returned home from work and was getting changed into comfortable home clothes.

Tangning was in the middle of unpacking when she heard Mo Ting's question. She was stunned as she tilted her head and thought about it for a few seconds," What do you think?"

"You will be spending most of February in Milan. After your job is complete, I will make arrangements," Mo Ting replied.

"I am fine with that. It's up to you," Tangning turned and smiled at Mo Ting.

Announcing their marriage...

How many people would be shocked to death?

Tangning's thoughts made her slightly nervous. After all...

...after their announcement, she expected many things to change.

"By the way, for tomorrow's flight to Milan, I don't need Long Jie to accompany me. Can you get Fang Yu to come with me for two days? After you arrive, he can return to Hai Rui."

After Mo Ting got changed he walked over to Tangning's side and helped her close up her suitcase. He then nodded, "No matter where you go, you can't seem to forget about giving your girlfriend benefits."

"I was thinking about how the last time Jingjing returned to Beijing, she was only here for less than 24 hours. So, since she's in Milan..." Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist. "You can't even take being separated from me for 2 days. Yet, when they are separated, it could range from 10 days to even half a month."

"Madam President, did you think I could reject your request? In a moment, I'll give Fang Yu a call and tell him to readjust his schedule."

Tangning was pleased with the outcome so she stood on her tiptoes, hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck and gave him an affectionate kiss. Mo Ting noticed her footing was a little unstable, so he responded by wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Why are you stumbling?"

"Everytime I kiss you, I still feel a little nervous, like it is our first time. I can't help but get carried away with excitement."

Mo Ting's fingers brushed over Tangning's cheek and stopped at her ears. As he played gently with her ear lobe, he responded, "To me, you are my goddess and my one and only Queen."

As the couple's eyes met, they quickly collided into a flurry of kisses. Tangning felt a little weak at the knees and wanted to find something to lean on, so she grabbed Mo Ting and said in a slightly breathless tone, "Let's go back to the bedroom."

Mo Ting did not respond. They were about to be separated for two days, how could he handle it?

So, he directly pressed her against the wall of the wardrobe and said in a deep whisper, "But, I can't wait!"

Tangning had a feeling she would never be able to look at the wardrobe in the same way again. Especially since there were so many mirrors inside!

This man seemed to be well-skilled at turning different parts of the home into their intimate playground. Most importantly, she had no way of refusing.

The next morning, Tangning and Fang Yu rushed to Milan as scheduled. As Mo Ting wasn't by her side, the media had something to write about once again. They assumed that Tangning and Mo Ting were having a disagreement because of 'Stupid', so Tangning was being neglected as a result.

"In the end, she is just a girlfriend. No matter how much he dotes on her and adores her, ultimately, profits take priority."

"When has a relationship in the entertainment industry ever been able to handle challenges? They were merely keeping each other company for a little while. Did you think they would actually get married?"

"These people must be really bored to think that something so little could become a reason for break up!" Lu Che complained helplessly.

Mo Ting put down the documents in his hands and turned his attention to the discussions online. His eyebrows scrunched up tightly together.

Afterwards, a new post appeared on Mo Ting's social media page.

There were no words, just a photo - a photo of Tangning lying in Mo Ting's embrace!

"Must he tease us like this? Tangning is already overseas, yet President Mo is still handing out dog food on his own!"

"The media were being too nosy. Even President Mo couldn't stand it. How could he let them get away with defaming his girlfriend?"

"Game over for the media! All I know is, President Mo dotes Tangning like crazy. As if he would neglect her. Their schedules merely clashed. I bet this shut them up for good."

As soon as Lu Che saw the photo Mo Ting posted up, he was a little shocked.

Tangning may not have necessarily cared about the rumors. However, her President husband was getting worse at controlling himself.

In actual fact, Mo Ting wanted the media to experience his strong approach to things. Because this approach was what made Tangning feel at ease, no matter where she was in the world.

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