Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 313: They Can Bully Me, But They Can't Bully You!

Chapter 313: They Can Bully Me, But They Can't Bully You!

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Over the next few days, Yue Shanshan officially started filming. The gossip Tangning had originally expected to fade, instead attracted 'Yue Fans' to Mo Ting's social media page. They started leaving comments asking him not to go down the wrong path and not to let Tangning ruin the film.

But, Mo Ting's social media page was where all the 'Couple Fans' gathered. So, as soon as they saw the comments left by the 'Yue Fans', there was no way they could hold back their anger. They immediately retaliated with comments ridiculing Yue Shanshan of having short legs and not being able to pull off the female lead's powerful presence.

This argument between the fans pulled open the curtains to an issue that didn't previously exist.

During this entire time, Tangning never once expressed that she had the intention to snatch away the role of female lead in 'Stupid'.

However, the issue kept resurfacing. Even when Hai Rui tried their best to suppress the discussions, the anger from fans had already gotten to a point where removing the topic from search rankings and hot topic lists, wasn't enough...

"Tangning, whose fueling the public's anger behind our backs?" Long Jie read through the discussions online and felt there was something unusual about the turn of events. Did they happen to offend Yue Shanshan in the past?

"Plus, in these people's eyes, why is there such a big difference between an actress and a model?"

"What do they mean by, at least Yue Shanshan is making a living from acting? Let's see them try to walk a runway!"

"You should stop looking at all the gossip," Tangning replied.

Long Jie opened her mouth to speak, but simply let out a sigh instead. No matter what situation, Tangning always seemed to keep her composure.

But, Long Jie couldn't stay calm. Even though she knew she should ignore it, she still wanted to spew up blood in anger, "How is Boss going to clear up this issue?"

Tangning lowered her head without a word.

Meanwhile, Long Jie's eyes grew wide in disbelief, "Could it be that Boss actually wants you to appear in the film?"

Was this why he didn't step out to deny anything? Because if Tangning actually appeared in the film, he would be giving himself a slap in the face?

"Then, this..."

"He didn't start these discussions," Tangning immediately cut in. "There is no way he would use me to create hype. I have a feeling, this issue not only started from Yue Shanshan, but there is also more to it. Otherwise, Mo Ting would have dealt with it already."

"It all sounds a bit complicated. Since everything is within Boss' control, I'll stop asking about it."

Tangning nodded. This was what Long Jie should have said from the start.

"Then, tell me. If the film actually needs you in the end, will you do it?"

Tangning decided to respond with silence. She simply hoped Yue Shanshan would stop causing trouble. But, in the end, if Mo Ting needed her, she would do anything for him...

Long Jie smiled at Tangning's silence, "No matter what you choose to do, I will support you. Watch how I battle it out with these moronic fans."


"President, the fans are still in an uproar," Lu Che presented some information he had gathered. "I've looked into a few of the active fans and tracked their IP. The comments seem to be all coming from one person. Someone is indeed stirring up trouble on purpose."

"But...there is something I don't understand. Why aren't you stepping out to clarify the issue, President?" Lu Che was confused. Logically speaking, was it so hard for Mo Ting to say a few words?

"Yue Shanshan has already been selected as the female lead. According to her fame, she has no need to use Tangning for hype. Plus, Hai Rui already has promotional material set up for the film. It doesn't make sense for her to risk offending me. So..."

"I understand. Someone else is behind it all."

"For them to cling onto Tangning so desperately, who are they trying to hurt in the end?"

Lu Che thought for a few seconds before pointing to Mo Ting, "You."

"But, if you step out to clarify the issue, wouldn't it all be over?" Lu Che returned to his original query. But, Mo Ting still did not give him an answer. Could it be...?

"Does the President actually want the Madam to appear in the film?"

"If she tells me she definitely doesn't want to do it, I will step out to clarify the issue immediately. But, before that happens, I will definitely continue laying out the path for her. Allowing the issue to escalate is just a component of this path."

Since Yue Shanshan had requested for her filming to be done over a shorter period of time, there was no way she could deny her involvement with the trouble being caused. Since they were all troublemakers, Mo Ting's response would simply be giving them an eye for an eye.

"Will the Madam actually want to act?"

"Yes, she will," Mo Ting replied without hesitation. "Because she knows she is the most suited to the role. Above all, she knows how much 'Stupid' means to me."

"I hate it when people play games and give up halfway."

"If they want to challenge me...they should know that the consequences are quite high."

Lu Che did not doubt this!


It was another late night. Tangning looked at the schedule and jobs Mo Ting had organized for her. 'Stupid' had already commenced its filming, so it was also time for her to attend Fashion Week. But, as the thought of Yue Shanshan's incident popped up in her mind, she couldn't help but feel uneasy.

She had a special emotional tie to 'Stupid'. Not only was it written by Mo Ting, most importantly, 'Stupid' allowed her to better understand the inner workings of Mo Ting's mind. A husband-doting person like herself, could not possibly allow anyone to mess up her husband's creation.

For example, when it came to someone like the male lead, Lin Sheng, he had once said in front of the public that he supported Yue Shanshan and suggestively ridiculed Tangning. But it did not make Tanging feel uneasy. This was because Lin Sheng was extremely serious about the script. All Tangning cared about was whether he was serious about his work. Apart from that, she did not care what he did or said.

On the other hand, Yue Shanshan was different.

It was the middle of the night and Tangning was rolling around restlessly in bed. Perhaps it was because she didn't want to wake up Mo Ting, she tried to gently tiptoe to the garden to get some fresh air. But, Mo Ting always took note of what was in his arms. How could he not notice that it was empty?

"It's only 3am, why are you awake?"

Tangning turned around and shook her head, "I can't sleep."

"Am I giving you too much pressure?" Mo Ting asked as he hugged Tangning from behind.

"Let's not change a thing. If Yue Shanshan stops doing what she is doing, or the person behind her stops doing what they are doing, we don't need to make this decision. Nothing needs to change."

"What if they don't stop?" Mo Ting's eyes suddenly darkened a few shades.

Tangning turned around and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist, "Then, I'll have to tell them I'm sorry. They can bully me, but they can't bully you!"

"I'll act in your film. No matter how difficult a task, I will try my best for your sake."

Mo Ting gave a gentle smile as he tightened his embrace around Tangning, "OK."

Hmmph, who told Tangning to be a husband-doting wife?

After the couple came to an agreement, Mo Ting led Tangning back to the bedroom. He wondered how much this issue must have bothered Tangning, for her to not get any sleep over it.

He didn't intend on pressuring her like this. But since it couldn't be controlled, his heart ached a little.

Now that he had made a promise to Tangning that he would give Yue Shanshan a chance, he would have to act on it; there was no way he'd break it.

So, the next day, Mo Ting went to visit the set of 'Stupid' at the film studio. While Yue Shanshan was on her break, he called her into the waiting room.

Although they were classmates, Yue Shanshan did not dare to look Mo Ting in the eyes. His gaze was too powerful and seemed to see straight through to a person's heart.

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