Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 312: Wifey, You Have Suffered

Chapter 312: Wifey, You Have Suffered

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"How's that possible? You're President Mo's girlfriend."

"This film has such a great script and such a high-quality production team. An opportunity like this is rare. If you were given the choice, would you agree to act in it?"

Hearing this particular reporter's question, Tangning slightly raised her eyebrows.

"President Mo is your manager, after all. There's no way he wouldn't consider using one of his own artists first."

The reporter's voice was loud and direct. Words like this, when heard by the production team, naturally made them a bit uncomfortable.

"I believe..."

"I believe the reporter that asked such a question mustn't have graduated from journalism," a clear and crisp voice cut in from behind Tangning mid-sentence, carrying with it a tone that was powerful and domineering.

Tangning turned around to find Yue Shanshan was approaching her side to help her answer questions, "The President Mo I know has always been fair and just. He has never been one to implicate his personal life with business."

"Plus, don't take advantage of the fact that her boyfriend isn't around, to bully her."

On the surface, Yue Shanshan appeared to be helping her out of a sticky situation...

However, to Tangning, these words were somewhat prickly to her ears.

This discomfort did not show on Tangning's face though. She simply maintained her smile and said to the media, "President Mo's every decision has gone through careful consideration and is the most suitable for everyone. As for my appearance today, it was simply because of my appreciation for 'Stupid'. As I am well acquainted with the screenwriter, I thought I'd show some support; no other reason."

After she spoke, she did not wait for the reporters or Yue Shanshan to respond. She simply turned towards the exit and left.

It was obvious to see, Tangning didn't intend to accept Yue Shanshan's gesture of goodwill.

Because underneath the surface, what Yue Shanshan truly meant to say was: Are you guys joking? Even if Mo Ting was to boost his girlfriend, he wouldn't choose a clueless model.

Does she even know what acting is?"

Stick to the runway where you belong and stop dabbling in everything.

Especially when such a big project is involved.

"Tangning just left?"

"Yue Shanshan was nice enough to help her out and she didn't even bother to say a word of thank you."

Yue Shanshan listened to the reporters' discussions. "What do you guys know? The truth must be, she went to beg President Mo for the role, but he didn't give it to her, so she is slightly upset," her eyes carried a trace of darkness as she turned to leave. Although what she said was just for show, she couldn't deny that she slightly meant it.

Tangning was Mo Ting's woman. If she wanted to put ideas in his mind, it was much too easy. Moreover, if a model with no experience in acting got involved with this film, wouldn't that be treating all the hardworking actors like a joke?

After the press release was finished, Yue Shanshan left the venue with her assistant. However, they ran into J-King in the parking lot. Yue Shanshan carefully boarded J-King's car and asked, "Why are you here? I've already done what you told me to do. The reporters witnessed the disagreement between Tangning and I."

"You sure are capable," J-King praised. "You only have a hundred or so scenes to play out, hold in there."

"If you don't want Mo Ting to find out, you better stop appearing in front of me," Yue Shanshan warned before throwing open the car door and leaving.

In reality, Yue Shanshan truly admired the script of 'Stupid'. If she wasn't being threatened, she would have taken this opportunity to aim for a few big film awards.

However, it was such a shame...Perhaps this was fate!


[Tangning Appears at Press Release And Disagrees With Yue Shanshan!]

[Tangning Suspected of Requesting Her Boyfriend For a Role in 'Stupid'!]

[Yue Shanshan Warns Tangning: Stick to Your Runway!]

These were the headlines released by the media after they discovered Tangning at the press release. After Long Jie saw this, she scrunched the newspapers into a ball and threw it in the rubbish bin.

"Ridiculous! Are these reporters blind? When did our Tangning say she wanted to act?"

"Plus, even if she wanted to, what's wrong with that?" Long Jie couldn't accept the media's view on Tangning. In her eyes, not only did she think Tangning was born to be a model, she also thought she had the potential to be an actress. This could be seen every time she appeared on the runway. She had the ability to fuse her soul with the stage and the clothing/jewelry she wore; giving off the impression that she could transform into anything.

She had the ability to blend into any environment!

"As for the stupid film-lovers, do they know what they're talking about when they said Tangning should stick to being a model and not ruin the film? They are the ones ruining the film. Their entire family is ruining the film!"

"They aren't wrong," Tangning said as she leisurely flipped through a magazine, "I honestly don't know how to act - that is the truth."

"But, was it necessary to say it in such a harsh way?"

Tangning was completely unaffected. It wasn't like she was being judged by an entire industry. There was no point letting it get to her.

"To be honest, did President Mo actually ask you to take part in the film?" Long Jie suddenly leaned against Tangning's shoulder and teased.

"Why would he do such a thing?" Tangning asked back.

"So he can broaden your career scope. Plus, according to your personality, I'm sure you would love to give it a try. Especially after the provocation from the media."

"But, it is a fact that I don't know anything about acting," Tangning gestured for Long Jie to change the subject. "Yue Shanshan will start filming her parts soon. Let's ignore the gossip, it will die down soon."

"If she was signed to Hai Rui, Boss would have taught her a lesson by now."

Tangning smiled helplessly, "We aren't competitors, so there's nothing holding us back. She can insult me within the film and entertainment industry all she wants and I can also insult her within the modeling industry. We are merely comparing our strengths to the other's weakness. There's nothing for you to be bothered about."

"I guess you're right," Long Jie nodded as she finally agreed with Tangning's reasoning. "By the way, Huo Jingjing is back in Beijing. Since you don't have any work over the next few days, do you want to meet with her?"

"Forget it," Tangning shook her head, "Let her spend more time with Fang Yu."


Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning lying on the sofa with his script in her hands. He immediately walked over and carried her in his arms.

Tangning was having a light nap. As she awoke, she saw Mo Ting, so she immediately buried her head in his chest, "You're home..."

"I saw what happened after the press release."

"It wasn't a big deal..." Tangning replied gently. However, after a few moments of contemplation, she suddenly added, "Does Yue Shanshan's agency have the intention to create hype for her?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I somehow feel that the reporter's questions had a sense of provocation," Tangning replied in a serious tone. "Plus, only Coque and Fearles spoke to you about having me appear in the film. How did the reporters find out about it?"

After hearing this, Mo Ting nodded as he gently stroked Tangning's head, "I will take note of this. Wifey, you have suffered..."

"Judging by the calmness on your face, it seems, you already have everything under control?"

"Before signing on Yue Shashan, I had already communicated with her agency. It was confirmed well in advance that she had nothing scheduled during the dates of filming. Yet, she suddenly requested for us to condense the filming time and claimed she had changed her schedule. From what I know, she only had one recent event to attend, and the event is already completed!" Mo Ting explained.

"Then, why did you still..."

"Shhh...I have my plans," Mo Ting whispered as he gently lay her on the soft bed.

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