Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 311: It Was Only to be Polite

Chapter 311: It Was Only to be Polite

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"Really? I don't think they are cheap at all. At least they depend on their own abilities to make a living," Tangning refuted calmly. "Tang Xuan, you need to remember, the reason I'm not returning to the Tang household is because I'm being generous. It's not because I owe you anything."

"From now on, don't act like you have the right to tell me what to do. I have the freedom to do what I want to do."

Tang Xuan was a little stunned. She never expected Tangning to show her temper and retaliate against her...

"Whether I return to the Tang household, is up to me. I gave you a condition merely to be polite. Don't take it too seriously."

"You've already been married for 3 years, yet you still haven't had a child. It must be because you are too occupied with other people's business. You should focus on yourself first. If you don't have anything else to speak to me about, I am going to leave...Next time, don't call me out because of little things like this. I only came today because of grandfather."

After speaking, Tangning stood up. However, at this time, Mo Ting's tall handsome figure appeared in front of the two women, "Are you done?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded. "Miss Tang was being extremely generous and wanted to give me an entertainment agency."

Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning and glanced at the transfer certificate as he laughed, "I wonder where Miss Tang's idea of her superiority came from? You are from the Tang family, whereas Tangning is a member of the Mo family...The Mo family sits high above the Tang family. So, you should stop thinking of yourself as invincible."

"Don't come looking for Tangning again. Otherwise, don't blame me for thinking the Tang family is trying to suck up to the Mo family."

On the surface, Tang Xuan remained composed. But, deep down, she was so angry, her entire body was trembling in fury.

Mo Ting looked down intimidatingly at Tang Xuan. After seeing her response, his lips curved upwards in satisfaction. He then grabbed Tangning's hand and led her out of the club, "Let's go."

Tangning nodded. She felt exceptionally warm inside. This was because of the sense of security her husband provided her. So, she took advantage of the moment to complain, "I got humiliated over the car I drove here."

"That's because you insisted on keeping a low profile."

By this time, the displeasure Tangning felt had completely dissipated. So, she simply held onto Mo Ting's hand as they left the private club and boarded Mo Ting's limited edition sports car. The couple drove away into the distance as Tang Xuan was left behind, crushing the coffee cup in her hands in anger.

"You got me this time, Tangning. Too bad you will never marry into the Mo family. There's no way the Mo family will allow a model into their household!"

It seemed, Tang Xuan had the typical 'rich people' disease that a normal person would never understand.

En route home, Tangning had a huge smile across her face, "How come you came?"

"How could I let you get insulted and not do a thing?" Mo Ting looked at Tangning as he spoke in a firm and serious tone. "No one can bully you, not a single soul."

"Same goes for you," Tangning responded with the same firmness in her voice. The couple looked into each other's eyes as Tangning smiled, "Don't worry, I have long put the pushover Tangning in the past. In other words, the only reason I will endure insults these days, is so I can return a face slap in the future."

"'Stupid' will be holding their press release soon. Will you accompany me?"

A press release for a film had nothing to do with her...

But, she replied without hesitation...


Mo Ting revealed an adoring smile as he drove Tangning back to Hyatt Regency.

That night, Tangning heard from Mo Ting that she received an award for the World's Most Beautiful Legs - she was ranked number 3 in the word!

Mo Ting arranged for Fang Yu to release an announcement online to escalate Tangning's international status.

Following on, they would need to start preparing for the Fashion Week interviews. Tangning decided to fly to Milan during January, when 'Stupid' was to be filmed.

By this time, the male lead would have already started filming his parts and Yue Shanshan would have wrapped up her previous job and officially started on the set of 'Stupid'.

But, because of her schedule, Yue Shanshan requested for her parts to be filmed close together; she didn't have that many parts to begin with, just 100 or so. However, no one would have expected, Yue Shanshan made this request because she was secretly concealing a hidden agenda.

Yue Shanshan wasn't an artist signed to Hai Rui, so they couldn't readjust her schedule. Hence, in the end, Mo Ting had no choice but to agree to her request.

Two days later, Hai Rui officially held their press release for 'Stupid'. Their biggest selling point was the fact that the film utilized a top-notch director; a 3-time Fei Tian Award-winning actor, Lin Sheng; and famous Asian Hollywood actress, Yue Shanshan. On top of that, they were also joined by a famous American actor. 'Stupid' was noted as bringing together some of the best resources in film and television.

As soon as the press release was publicized, fans immediately started anticipating its release. They had seen too many idol films and were looking forward to seeing something with a well-written storyline and top quality acting.

The poster for 'Stupid' was a picture of the male lead's face separated into two halves: One side was dopey and naive, whilst the other side had the sharp piercing glare of a demon.

This contrast immediately drew the attention of film lovers.

Above all, the film was to be produced by Hai Rui. With all the contributing factors combined, the public were overcome with excitement. They gradually started leaving comments online about their anticipation towards the film's release.

During this time, if the reporters at the press release were observant enough, they would have noticed Tangning was sitting below the stage the entire time. Her admiring gaze was placed firmly upon Mo Ting, with a sense of trust and adoration.

The screenwriter for 'Stupid' was kept anonymous; Mo Ting did not tell a soul. In the entire world, Tangning was the only one that knew.

After Mo Ting made his speech to the media, he gave Yue Shanshan a nod as a sign of greeting and stepped off the stage. However, a trace of awkwardness crossed Yue Shanshan's face.

Mo Ting was a smart person. If he was to find out someone was messing with him behind his back. Would he suffer a blow when all was revealed?

Mo Ting walked past Yue Shanshan and headed over to sit beside Tangning. This was when the reporters finally discovered Tangning had been sitting there the entire time.

The couple sat side-by-side without making any affectionate gestures. Only, every now and then, they would whisper in each other's ears.

"In a moment, I have a meeting to attend. Lu Che will drive you home."

"OK, you go ahead first."

After Mo Ting left, the reporters immediately latched on to Tangning.

"Miss Tang, which celebrity did you come to support today?"

Tangning felt the reporters were asking the obvious. After remaining silent for a few moments, she replied, "I think this film is amazing."

In other words, she was simply here because of the film.

The reporters choked a little at her response. They suddenly realized Tangning was getting better and better at playing Tai Chi around their questions.

"President Mo must think highly of this film. We heard that he personally picked out the director and actors."

"He thinks highly of all of Hai Rui's projects," Tangning did not fall for their trick as she nimbly avoided the trap they tried to lay out for her.

"Rumor has it, President Mo originally wanted you to play the female lead. Is this true?"

As soon as Tangning heard this question, she subconsciously looked towards Yue Shanshan. In the end, she replied, "I don't know where you heard this from. This is the first time I've heard of such a rumor."

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