Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 308: In Future, Don't be so Silly

Chapter 308: In Future, Don't be so Silly

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It was a strange sight. If it was a normal celebrity, doing something like this would attract rumors that they were creating hype and putting on a show. But, when it came to Tangning and Mo Ting, they simply appeared harmonious, making those around them feel comfortable.

Mo Ting's stern personality had long been imprinted in the minds of netizens. He was like a dragon that never fully revealed itself. But, the fact that he gave up his personal space and freedom for Tangning, was enough proof that Tangning was extremely precious to him.

Even stranger still, although everyone knew Tangning's status compared to Mo Ting's was like the ground compared to the clouds, no one felt she was aiming too high by being with him.

She was known for having a cold personality, but in order not to make Mo Ting feel tired, she let go of her identity and bowed to everyone, requesting for them to go easy on them.

This equally loving treatment that she showed her man, gained the respect of those watching them.

How many women, especially female celebrities, took advantage of being spoilt by men?

Yet, not only did Tangning pay close attention to Mo Ting, she even worried about whether he was tired!

"To be honest, I didn't really like Tangning in the past. I thought she was constantly putting on an act. But after seeing the way she removed her sunglasses and bowed to everyone for the sake of Mo Ting, I suddenly felt she was a lot more pleasing to the eye."

"My feelings are completely opposite to yours. I feel Tangning has always been the type of person to treat her own people especially well. You can tell just by the way she treats her assistant. Plus, I can feel the respect and adoration she has towards Mo Ting. I'm actually quite envious."

The discussions and opinions of passersby followed the couple as they made their way through the crowd.

However, at that moment, Tangning only had Mo Ting in her eyes. So, as soon as they boarded the plane, Tangning turned to Mo Ting and said, "Quick, get some rest. I've never seen you this tired before."

Mo Ting did not say a word. He simply leaned against Tangning's shoulder and quickly entered into dreamland.

Tangning gently massaged his temples. She felt helpless as her heart ached for him...

During the 11-hour flight, Mo Ting did not wake up even once. Tangning did not disturb him. Even when her body felt numb, she did not move an inch. It was not until the captain announced they were about to land that Mo Ting finally opened his eyes.

"You're awake?"

"How long did I sleep for?" Mo Ting sat up straight and had a look at the time. He then turned to Tangning in surprise, "It's almost been 10 hours! Have you been sitting in this position the entire time?"

"I'm fine," Tangning replied.

Mo Ting didn't believe her. He stretched out his arms and pulled her into his embrace to find that her body was completely stiff...

"In future, don't be so silly."

"But, I enjoy doing stuff like this for you. Plus, isn't love the result of two silly people coming together?" Tangning looked at Mo Ting's worrying expression and couldn't help but laugh. She felt, in this world, there probably wouldn't be another couple that would worry about each other over something so little.

As a result, as the couple disembarked the flight, Tangning ended up being carried out by Mo Ting...

Tangning also had fans in France. So, she had no choice but to bury her head into Mo Ting's chest. She did not want to be recognized and surrounded again.

Originally, Mo Ting wanted to let Tangning adjust to the time difference by having a good nap as soon as they arrived in France. However, Fearles called, said she didn't want to waste a second and requested for the couple to head to the studio straight away.

Tangning understood how Fearles felt, so she reassured Mo Ting, "I also slept for quite some time on the plane. Plus, once I am inside the studio, I have no awareness of time. I can handle it..."

Mo Ting hugged her tightly for 3 whole minutes. In the end, the couple had a quick shower after landing in France and rushed over to Fearles' studio.

As soon as she saw the couple, Fearles was filled with joy. She immediately hugged Tangning and said, "I can't wait to see you try on my designs."

Tangning spotted Fearles' creations and marveled at her talent. The pieces she designed completely suited the female lead of 'Stupid'.

"Go ahead..." Mo Ting's eyes also contained a sense of anticipation.

Tangning nodded her head and entered the changeroom. After she put on the first set of clothing, she suddenly felt like she had become the female actress.

Tangning wore a spaghetti strapped black and white checkered dress and around her neck was a champagne colored scarf. Tangning was suddenly reminded of how the female actress was portrayed in the script.

Especially the scene when she was financially supported by a rich businessman and sat inside a club looking dazed. In that moment, she thought she would just accept her fate and give him her virginity, but she didn't feel it was fair. She wore a checkered dress as she leaned against the bar scanning all the men that passed by. She hoped to see a man who would make her heart race and simply spend one beautiful night with him.

Tangning walked out of the changeroom with this image in mind and Fearles covered her mouth in surprise. The person that had entered was clearly Tangning, yet the person stepping out now had completely transformed into another person, even though her makeup had been untouched.

Mo Ting also looked at her with complex emotions.

He had always known that Tangning knew how to capture the feelings of a piece of clothing, but he never knew, she could also capture the underlying emotions of his script...

"Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" Fearles exclaimed...

"Dear god, who are you? Are you still Tangning?"

Tangning looked at Mo Ting with anticipation. The couple stared at each other for quite some time without a word. Finally, Mo Ting pulled Tangning into his embrace and held her tightly in his arms.

Tangning had allowed him to see one of his characters brought to life...

"President Mo, are you still hesitating?" Fearles asked excitedly, "I don't think anyone is better suited to the female lead than her."

After hearing Fearles words, Tangning realized what she was trying to say and immediately tried to explain, "I can at most give you guys something to work off so you know what kind of actress to look for."

Mo Ting did not express too much of his thoughts; he did not want to force Tangning into doing something she didn't want to do, nor did he want her to feel pressured.

Tangning noticed Mo Ting's silence and asked him curiously, "Could it be that you also feel I am suited?"

"It's because you understand me and know the feelings I am trying to portray," these were Mo Ting's heartfelt words. Tangning understood him too well, so she naturally understood his script. "Don't worry, the agency has already signed on Yue Shanshan for the role. You will only be required to film the commercial."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

She was merely an outsider to the acting world. If she was asked to make a guest appearance or play the role of a dead body, she could perhaps pull it off. But, female lead...and especially the female lead of Mo Ting's script?

"President Mo, you really won't consider it?"

"Fashion week is about to start..." Mo Ting changed the subject, "Plus, I want her to shine in her own field of expertise. She's not lacking in anything and does not need to change career paths just yet."

"You'll regret it," Fearles still felt, there were some things in life that were meant to be.

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