Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 306: Could the Mo Couple Please Hand Out More Sweets!

Chapter 306: Could the Mo Couple Please Hand Out More Sweets!

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After Chanel's Perfume Event, the media posted up photos of all the guests that had attended. Of course, regardless of whether they were male or female, they all fought for the limelight; each with their own strengths.

As a model, Tangning definitely outshone all the actors and singers in terms of style. However, the reporters did not dismiss the fact that Mo Ting had revealed their relationship. Above all, not only was he her boyfriend, he was also her personal manager.

So, the last photo they posted up of Tangning, was one with her and Mo Ting. Of course, apart from the fact that Tangning alone was enough to attract attention, with the presence of Mo Ting, she completely stole the limelight from all the other famous celebrities.

But, rumors started spreading about a small interlude on the night; the handshaking incident!

Sources claimed that a famous rich heiress snobbishly ran off to wash her hands after shaking Tangning's hand!

As a response, at the end of the night, Mo Ting put on gloves to shake said heiress' hand and directly threw the gloves away afterwards.

The first part about Tangning being insulted was originally just a rumor. But, Mo Ting's response was witnessed by a whole heap of celebrities as well as reporters. So, it indirectly proved the entire story was true.

This was because everyone knew, Mo Ting was not the type to do something so childish. Above all, he would never offend a woman over a small issue.


...she asked for it by offending Tangning first.

"President Mo's boyfriend power is maxed out! The single b*tch was officially hit with a critical attack!"

"I'm dying, I'm dying...Every day, all I want to see is news about Tangning and Mo Ting. When I don't see anything, I feel all depressed. And when I do see something, I laugh as crazy as a dog."

"Could the Mo Couple please hand out more sweets 1 !"

"Did anyone notice the rich heiress that provoked Tangning? How high and mighty did she think she was? Rubbish! President Mo dealt with her perfectly."

"Please continue to hand out sweets at the same rate."

In reality, after Chanel's event, the media did not plan to let go of Tangning so easily. But she left too quickly and there were so many other famous people around. So, even though it was regretful, they did not latch onto her.

Over the next 2 days, Star King's takeover headed into the final stages. At this time, Tangning received a phone call from France reminding her to prepare for her upcoming shoot.

Tangning glanced at the busy Mo Ting and couldn't bear to question him about what he had planned. However, that night, Mo Ting handed her the profile of a few actresses, "I've already planned out the schedule for 'Stupid' and all the female candidates are in here. We will hold a press release for it next month."

Tangning received the information from Mo Ting and casually flipped through a few of the pages; the actresses he selected were undeniably talented. Whether it was their acting, their fame or their past accomplishments, they were all at the top of their game. But, Tangning couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. Perhaps it was because she had read through the script multiple times, she felt they didn't quite suit the character.

"For some reason, I feel like something's missing."

After hearing these words, Mo Ting sat down beside her and nodded his head, "You also feel that way?"

"The arrogant attitude of the female lead believing others don't understand her; this attitude can be easily portrayed incorrectly," Tanging replied. "Perhaps, Yue Shanshan might be able to pull it off."

Mo Ting thought about it for a moment and retrieved the information from Tangning's hands, "I've already confirmed your flight to France. You will be departing tomorrow afternoon. Afterwards, you will need to start preparing for Fashion Week."

Tangning noticed the tiredness between Mo Ting's eyes. Her heart ached as she asked, "Is there anything I can help you with? Star King is officially on track and 'Stupid' is almost ready to start filming. Do you think it's time you had some rest? Do you want to take advantage of my shoot in France and come accompany me? You can treat it as some time off."

"To be honest, the higher-ups in Hai Rui did not all agree to filming 'Stupid' - it's too big of a risk. Although we can use top directors and actors, this film is too emotional. It does not look promising to a lot of people."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Tangning understood that Mo Ting knew better than anyone the true potential of the film.

In a generation where sex, fan-base, popularity and special effects was what sold, an intense story without bells and whistles may not be widely accepted by the public.

"This film will definitely become a hit!" Tangning said confidently. "With your eye for business, there is no way you wouldn't be able to distinguish that the main target audience for this film aren't people that are drawn to celebrities and special effects. They are the type of people who want to see a film that stirs up their emotions and doesn't simply look good."

"The only reason why you are filled with so much doubt is because...this story came from your own hands."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning in surprise.

"I say it without any bias that this story is indeed amazing. You were able to move me, you were able to move Coque and you were able to move Fearles. All three of us come from completely different backgrounds. Isn't this enough to eliminate your doubt?"

"The only thing I don't understand is why it took you until now to release this story..."

Mo Ting admitted defeat. He had never told anyone he wrote the story, yet Tangning was able to guess it so easily. He lifted his hand and gently brushed Tangning's cheek, "This is a script I wrote before I took over Hai Rui."

In other words, once upon a time, this was Mo Ting's dream...

It was weird that he didn't choose to be an actor or a military officer; he actually chose to be a screenwriter.

"Trust me, a story like this will be popular beyond the domestic market."

"That's why I'm considering to find an international star to act as the male lead's father." In order to target the international market, Mo Ting had considered a lot.

Just like when they watched a movie together, the couple had a lot to talk about when it came to filming one.

This was when Tangning realized, chatting about film made Mo Ting truly relaxed.

This stern man, who dealt with a host of problems every day, who would have thought he could be so cheery when talking about the thing he liked.

Tangning really wanted to help Mo Ting accomplish the dream he had from his youth. So, no one was going to stop them from filming 'Stupid'.


That night, Chi Xinyan was to visit the Tang family elders. When faced with the mighty Tang family, even Father Chi had to tread carefully, so a youngster like Chi Xinyan had to be extra careful.

However, when it came time for Chi Xinyan to enter the Tang family home, she walked in to discover Tang Xuan was the only one present. Everyone else was busy with their own things.

Chi Xinyan immediately felt a lot less cautious. But, it was hard not to notice that Tang Xuan and Tangning were indeed sisters. Their features were extremely similar and when she smiled, she also had slight dimples on her cheeks.

"Sister Xuan! I've come today to ask about Tangning. I ran into her at an event a couple days ago and we chatted for a bit. But, I noticed she didn't really mention her family."

"That's because she's been kicked out by grandfather!" Tang Xuan replied straightforwardly.

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