Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 305: You Are The Most Precious

Chapter 305: You Are The Most Precious

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"If she comes looking for trouble, I'll give her trouble...can we move on now? Mrs. Mo?" Mo Ting cleared his throat. In reality, the decision he had made back then was the most ridiculous thing he had ever done in his 32 years on earth. Luckily, Tangning had shown up on that day. Otherwise, he would have already become a divorcee by this time.

Actually, Tangning wasn't truly upset. After all, their relationship had nothing to do with anyone else. There was no point allowing an unimportant person to drive a wedge between their relationship.

However, as they drove, Mo Ting suddenly started chuckling to himself. Tangning creased her forehead and looked at him confusedly, "What are you laughing at?"

"I suddenly think you are amazing. You swept in and saved my life!" Mo Ting praised.

After hearing this, Tangning grabbed onto Mo Ting's right hand and replied gently, "You've saved me even more..."

In actual fact, the couple had saved each other.

As the car pulled up at a red light, Mo Ting stopped the car and looked down at Tangning; at the head that was leaning against his shoulder. His heart had one simple thought: "You don't know how precious you are to me."


Chi Xinyan suffered a huge humiliation at Chanel's perfume event. So, as soon as she returned home, she rushed into Father Chi's study room.


"Xiao Yan, what is it? Why is your face so pale?" Father Chi put down the documents in his hands and waved his precious daughter over.

Chi Xinyan held back her displeasure as she explained everything that happened at the Chanel event to her father. Father Chi was so angry, he almost smashed the table in front of him as he slammed his hands upon it, "How dare the Mo family treat my daughter like this! They actually allowed a measly model to bully my daughter!"

"Father, I can't tolerate being treated like this!" Every time Chi Xinyan thought of the way Mo Ting had treated her, her eyes turned red in anger.

"But, did you say the model's surname is Tang?" Father Chi thought for a moment before continuing, "I believe Tangning is the granddaughter of the Tang family. I'll give them a call in a moment to confirm. If she really is, I will definitely make Tangning explain herself in front of us."

"Father, are you trying to say that Tangning is the heiress of the infamous perfume empire?"

"That's right. You even visited their home when you were a child. Don't you remember? Back then, you used to fight over toys with Tangning's older sister, Tang Xuan."

After hearing Father Chi's words, Chi Xinyan felt even more displeased.

Originally, she was at a high enough social status to step all over Tangning whenever she wanted. After all, Tangning was just a mere body-selling model. But, now that she knew Tangning was also an heiress, the feeling of being dragged down to the same level, wasn't a feeling she enjoyed at all.

"Why isn't she with the Tang family then?"

"From what I heard, she's been kicked out of the family home. I'm not too sure what happened. If you want to know, you should go pay them a visit."

Kicked out?

In other words, Tangning was just an abandoned heiress?

Chi Xinyan finally felt her emotions stabilize, "In that case, I would need to trouble father to notify them of my visit."

Of course, outsiders had no idea why a rich heiress would insist on becoming a model. However, the Tang family were well aware of the truth. If Chi Xinyan was to go ask them about it, would they really tell her the real reason Tangning left?

The story of a mistress' daughter moving up the ranks in the family business...

...would indeed be a shocking revelation...


The cold wind whistled through the streets, while people wrapped in down jackets rushed back and forth.

Long Jie looked out at Beijing's night view. Just as she went to open the window, Lu Che quickly pulled it back shut, "Are you trying to catch a cold?"

Long Jie turned around to find Lu Che feeding the dog. The tall man was kneeling before the big Golden Retriever. It was an image that could melt a person's heart.

"Let's go back to the bedroom..."

Lu Che stood up as he waved for Long Jie to follow.

Long Jie subconsciously laughed. Tonight was their wedding night...

They did not notify anyone; they were the only ones that knew. During their lunch break, they simply took some time to pop into the Civil Affairs Office and got a marriage certificate. It seemed a bit careless, but Long Jie felt, this man was someone she could give the rest of her life to. If she didn't hold onto him now, she would someday regret.

Their bedroom wasn't big, but the customary 'happiness' decorations were stuck on the walls and their bedding had also been changed to red. These small touches seemed to symbolize that their future would be spent together. Long Jie suddenly felt a strong sense of belonging.

She was no longer on her own, she now belonged to someone.

"For the sake of sex, you married me...I don't know what to do about you."

"Although I can't deny that sex was a contributing factor, I chose to marry you because I sincerely wanted to. From the first day that we started dating, it was already something I wanted to do," Lu Che wrapped his arms around Long Jie and passionately kissed down upon her lips. He then undid her robe, "Don't be nervous..."

"I...I'm not nervous at all," Long Jie replied.

"How convincing do you think you sound?" Lu Che listened to her stumble on her words as he lay her down on the bed and pressed his tall built body on top of hers. He then quickly removed the restrictive clothes from his own body.

Long Jie's cheeks burned red as she covered her eyes, "Don't look at my chubby body."

In reality...

...Long Jie was merely big-boned; she could not truly be considered as fat. Regardless, what Lu Che liked most about her was her cheerful and bright personality. If Long Jie was to become skinny like a typical girl, he would feel it was quite a shame. He felt she was one of a kind and did not need to make a single change.

So, the things she disliked the most about herself, Lu Che loved with all his heart.

"Long Man, look at me..."


Lu Che did not wait for her to face him. He directly leaned over and forced his lips upon hers. Long Jie quickly relaxed and surrendered as she found her arms automatically hooking themselves around Lu Che's neck...

"Wait until after the new year, we will go meet your grandfather. I know he has a slight misunderstanding towards me. But, trust me, I will make him change his mind."

"I trust you," Long Jie nodded her head in seriousness.

This time, Lu Che no longer had anything holding him back. Like a sudden downpour of rain, his kisses fell uncontrollably upon every part of Long Jie's body. His violent passion made it hard for Long Jie to retaliate.

In fact, she felt like it wasn't enough. Since they were to love, they should give everything and love with all their might...

In the past, Long Jie had always been afraid of the cold and especially hated winter. But now that she had a human heater beside her, she wished every day would be winter, so she could hug her lover tighter and share their warmth...

After their intense activity finished, Long Jie fell asleep. Meanwhile, Lu Che looked at the woman in his embrace and couldn't help but smile.

It seemed, he had officially adopted a little pig...

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