Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 304: Wife-doting Capabilities

Chapter 304: Wife-doting Capabilities

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She knew better than anyone how Mo Ting was.

"Aren't you angry?"

"Why should I be angry?" Tangning asked back. "In this industry, there are plenty of people who have said even worse things than you. Why should I care?"

"In that case, what do you get out of being with Mo Ting? Or, could it be that you are well aware of where you stand and know that he is just having a bit of fun with you, yet you don't care?"

Words like this were extremely straightforward. Even Jiang Yun, who was watching from the side, broke out in a cold sweat on behalf of Tangning.

Although Mo Ting had revealed that he was in a relationship with Tangning, Chi Xinyan was right. In this industry, the true entertainment industry, Mo Ting had merely revealed a relationship. It wasn't of much benefit to Tangning, since they could break up at any time. And the Big Boss of the Entertainment industry - who was hidden out of view, high up above everyone else - if he wanted to get rid of a model, it would be as simple as a few words.

It was extremely simple...

To be honest, in the eyes of the public, an actor/actress was merely a performer. Meanwhile, models were even worse - they practically sold their bodies.

Seeing Tangning did not say anything, Chi Xinyan crossed her arms, "Originally, I had something urgent to deal with that day. I was merely a little late, it wasn't a big deal. Do you know how many people would die to marry me? But, who would have thought President Mo would have such bad taste. It's like I can't even compare to someone that sells their body."

Tangning maintained a smile the entire time, not taking Chi Xinyan's words to heart. Jiang Yun thought Tangning was rendered speechless by Chi Xinyan's words, but after she looked at the expressions of the other artists on their table, Jiang Yun let out a gentle laugh.

Chi Xinyan's words didn't just offend Tangning.

Selling their bodies?

The other artists glared at Chi Xinyan like she was a joke. Someone even pretended to knock over a wine glass; the content spilling all over Chi Xinyan's dress.

"Sorry Miss Chi, let me wipe that up for you."

"No need, keep your distance from me," Chi Xinyan jumped up out of her seat avoiding physical contact and immediately headed for the bathroom.

After she left, the female artists sitting around the table crossed their arms, "Every time I see someone that acts like they are better than everyone else, I feel like throwing a slap across their face."

"Tangning, how could you tolerate her?"

Tangning lifted her wine glass as a toast to the women, fully uncovering her black belly nature.

Why did she personally have to make a move when someone would eventually use their actions to tell her how despising someone was?

Jiang Yun lowered her head and let out a gentle laugh. It was worth mentioning that Tangning's methods were definitely an eye-opener.

"I finally understand why, out of the billions of women in this world, you are the one to be standing beside Mo Ting."

Tangning turned and looked at Jiang Yun as she sneered, "Don't use your assumptions to judge the relationship between Mo Ting and I."

"Tangning, we are all a part of this industry; no one is truly clean."

"If you are referring to the way I dealt with Chi Xinyan, I must point out that I never claimed to be a good person. My motto has always been: I will not attack those that don't attack me first." After speaking, Tangning no longer conversed with the women on her table. After all, she didn't want to waste time on people that weren't on the same page.

Afterwards, Chi Xinyan did not return to her seat. Tangning later found out that she had moved to the VIP table.

The event lasted a few hours; not too long, but not too short either. Finally, the time was 11pm. At this time, Mo Ting's phone call arrived, "I'm here."

Tangning stood up to leave with the rest of the guests. As she reached the entrance, she found Mo Ting's car parked eye-catchingly out front. It caught the attention of many people as they surrounded the car; some even whistled.

However, just as Tangning headed towards Mo Ting's direction, Chi Xinyan exited from the main entrance and walked straight up to him. Before Tangning boarded the car, Chi Xinyan stretched out her hand towards Mo Ting, "Hi, President Mo..."

Mo Ting had just opened the car door for Tangning. He looked down at Chi Xinyan's outstretched hand, but did not immediately shake it. Instead, he calmly scanned his eyes over Tangning as she said, "It's best you don't shake her hand. After all, Chi Xinyan will end up washing it afterwards."

Mo Ting immediately caught on to the hidden meaning within Tangning's words. However, he still shook Chi Xinyan's hand, only after he put on a pair of white gloves from his pocket.

Chi Xinyan was extremely unimpressed. But, even worse, after shaking her hand, Mo Ting directly threw the gloves into the bin.

Chi Xinyan held back her anger and once again tried to provoke Tangning, "I'm sorry for being late on August 19th. I didn't do it on purpose."

"Oh...that's why ten minutes later I picked someone else. Did Miss Chi actually end up arriving?"

In other words, he was telling Chi Xinyan not to think so highly of herself. "I'm sorry...I should have asked my assistant to send my apologies. Although you were someone I randomly picked, I should have notified you so you didn't have to wait."

By now, Chi Xinyan's face was as red as a tomato. She was so tempted to drill a hole in the ground and hide out for a while.

"Also, next time, I hope Miss Chi can act accordingly. After all, this is the first time we have met." After speaking, Mo Ting gestured for Tangning to board the car and closed the door. Chi Xinyan was left standing there with her fists tightly clenched.

She never imagined, her initial intention to humiliate Tangning, turned into herself being humiliated by Mo Ting.

Of course, observers got the chance to witness Mo Ting's wife-doting capabilities.

"This Chi Xinyan is so easy to hate. Can you guys guess what she said about actresses and models? She said they sell their bodies!"

"What can we say? Someone was born with a silver spoon 1 in their mouths, whereas us body-sellers simply can't compare."

"Look at how President Mo mocked her, it was so satisfying. He directly threw his gloves in the bin - how cool!"

"Let's stop looking. No matter how handsome he is, he will not be yours."

Mo Ting did not care about the eyes that were upon him as he drove off with Tangning. However, halfway home, he stopped the car on the side and said, "Come, move to the front passenger seat."

Tangning turned her head and ignored him.

"Are you jealous?"

"Back then, grandfather was hassling me to get married. So, I simply picked a random name from a list of socialite families that grandfather showed me. It's that simple," Mo Ting explained. "After all, I had not met you at that time. So, I thought it wouldn't make a difference who I spent the rest of my life with."

Tangning turned her gaze back to Mo Ting, "Earlier today, Chi Xinyan said that according to your family background, there is no way you would marry me."

"Next time, carry your marriage certificate around wherever you go. If you come across a situation like this again, directly throw it in their face," Mo Ting replied dotingly.

"She also said, I should know better than her, how filthy a model is."

"Mrs. Mo, are you trying to lodge a complaint?" Mo Ting stretched out his hand to tug at Tangning. At this time, she finally gave up and moved to the front seat. "I've already avenged you. Can we put this in the past?"

"I've offended another rich heiress. In future, if she decides to come looking for trouble, what should I do?"

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