Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 303: I am Just a Model

Chapter 303: I am Just a Model

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"There will also be many actors and big variety show stars at the Chanel Launch Event. However, with your current popularity, I don't think you are any less than any of them." On the way to the event, Long Jie knelt before Tangning as she adjusted the hem of her dress. This was when Tangning noticed Long Jie had an abnormal amount of makeup on.

"By the time the event ends, it will be approximately 11pm. Do you have a date with Lu Che afterwards?"

Long Jie gave a mysterious smile as she looked happily at Tangning, "Uh huh, aren't I allowed?"

"In that case, you can leave early. Ting will pick me up later..." Tangning said as she grabbed her purse.

"We are almost there, hurry and get ready. This will be the first time you and Boss appear in front of the public after the revelation of your relationship. Do you think the media will let you go?" Long Jie finished adjusting Tangning's silver dress. After the van stopped, she opened the door for her.

Celebrities arrived on the red carpet one at a time. By now, Tangning had gotten used to the mountain of cameras and endless flashes. Even without Mo Ting by her side, her dazzling aura could not be denied.

"Quick, have a look. Appearing on the red carpet now is our Tangning. Her silver dress really suits her elegant and dignified aura. Let's give her a warm welcome."

The venue was a 5-star hotel, so the red carpet wasn't very long; it was only a few meters in length. It wasn't long before Tangning reached the signing wall. As she faced the cameras, she left her name on the wall before returning the pen to the host.

"Once again, we would like to welcome Tangning. Please make your way into the venue."

Inside the luxurious hotel, pink and champagne roses decorated the entire main hall. Also, upon each seat were the names of the guests as well as thoughtfully hand-made flower corsages.

Tangning quickly found her seat and sat down. On her left sat the famous A-list actress, Jiang Yun who recently married into a rich family. As for the person on her right, this person had not yet arrived. However, she did not sound like someone from the film and television industry. Her name was Chi Xinyan.

Jiang Yun arrived first. Her presence was undeniable. If Tangning was considered cold, then Jiang Yun also carried a sense of indifference.

Tangning nodded politely at Jiang Yun and Jiang Yun smiled back.

At this time, the guest on Tangning's right also arrived.

Tangning and Jiang Yun turned their heads to the right. However, the guest that arrived did not expect to see Tangning...

Tangning noticed the glimmer of surprise in the woman's eyes. But, from memory, she had never met her before.

"Miss Tang, I am your fan," Chi Xinyan stretched out her hand and revealed a perfect smile. She was indeed not from the film and entertainment industry; that would lower her status. As the precious daughter of a rich tycoon, there was no way she'd expose herself as an actress.

When it came to other people, she may have ignored them. Tangning on the other hand, she felt it was necessary to greet her.

Tangning didn't sense any trace of friendliness from the woman's eyes, but she also didn't feel it was necessary to label her an enemy just yet. So, she stretched out her hand and gently shook Chi Xinyan's delicate hand.

After shaking her hand, Chi Xinyan quickly drew her hand back. Tangning slightly raised her eyebrows in confusion.

Chi Xinyan maintained a polite smile but stood up to go to the bathroom. Tangning looked at her questioningly as a clear voice whispered in her ear, "Chi Xinyan is the daughter of G&J Corporation. She usually thinks highly of herself and doesn't like to come in contact with women in the film and television industry. Since she shook hands with you, she is probably rushing off to get them washed."

Tangning turned to look at Jiang Yun who was explaining the situation. She nodded, gesturing that she didn't mind.

"You are indeed born with greatness to be able to understand her."

"From memory, you were also born into a perfume empire. In terms of background, you may not be at a loss."

With the mention of the Tang family, Tangning's expression turned cold along with her voice, "I am just a model."

Jiang Yun smiled without saying another word. At events like this, she was merely saying what people wanted to hear. Since they were from different companies, she had no reason to be genuine.

Not long after, Chi Xinyan returned to her seat. As for Tangning, the sense of distance emanating from her body was stronger than ever. At times like this, she would normally warn strangers not to get close to her.

The look in Chi Xinyan's eyes were extremely overbearing. Every now and then, she would look at Tangning, making her feel uncomfortable.

By the time the event reached halfway, Tangning suddenly received a phone call from Mo Ting. Tangning glanced at the phone number before standing up and heading for the bathroom.

"At what time will the event approximately end? I'll come pick you up."

"Around 11pm," Tangning replied.

"OK, I'll set out from Hai Rui at 10:30pm then."

After Tangning hung up the phone, she returned to her seat. At this time, Chi Xinyan turned to her and smiled, "Was that President Mo?"

Hearing Chi Xinyan's question, Tangning felt extremely uncomfortable. Her tone sounded like she was well acquainted with Mo Ting.

"Tell President Mo I said Hi."

Tangning's gaze suddenly changed from a polite glance to a piercing glare. It even contained a trace of questioning ridicule, "Miss Chi, you seem to carry a sense of hostility towards me."

"Go home and ask President Mo. He should know why," Chi Xinyan acted like an ex-lover, making Tangning feel disgusted. Of course, she was never one to have her feelings written across her face. Above all, there was definitely no way she'd suspect Mo Ting because of Chi Xinyan's words.

Suffering a loss was not consistent with her style...

Just as Jiang Yun thought Tangning was another person who couldn't do anything to Chi Xinyan, Tangning suddenly pulled out a phone from her bag. In front of the two women, she called through to Mo Ting.


"Hmm?" On the other end of the phone, Mo Ting's voice was deep and charming.

"Are you familiar with Chi Xinyan?" Tangning asked straightforwardly.

"Who's that?" Mo Ting asked back in a surprised tone.

Tangning gently laughed as she put down her phone. Meanwhile, Chi Xinyan's expression did not look pleased after hearing Mo Ting's response.

"It seems President Mo must be preoccupied with work. After you see him, make sure to ask him if he remembers the person his assistant called outside the Civil Affairs Office on August 19th."

After hearing these words, Tangning finally understood the situation a bit better. That was the date Mo Ting was supposed to get married. But...his bride did not arrive.

It turned out, the bride-to-be was Chi Xinyan...

But, since Mo Ting said he didn't know who she was, then Tangning was going to take his word for it. As for why Chi Xinyan was originally chosen, she would need to question him about it once she got home...

"He usually doesn't remember unimportant people and things."

After hearing this, Chi Xinyan wasn't annoyed. She simply leaned in and said to Tangning, "According to Mo Ting's family background, there is no way he would marry you. I'm sure you are well aware that there is no way you can benefit his career. Plus, I'm sure you know better than I do, how filthy a female model is."

Chi Xinyan thought her words would anger Tangning...

But, Tangning was exceptionally calm...

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