Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 135: Worth Fulfilling

Chapter 135: Worth Fulfilling

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In the dimly lit room, the two looked at each other.

However, Luo Hao felt Yang Jing was being too confident.

If one was to say, over the years, Yang Jing relied on schemes to gain connections and resources, then Luo Hao's methods, were definitely more similar to Tangning's. They both enjoyed keeping calm and collected as they watched their prey panic.

After being upset by Tangning and stressed by An Zihao, Yang Jing was a total mess...

"President Lan isn't as easy to deal with as you think."

"Hypocrite! Coward!" Yang Jing glared at Luo Hao as she yelled at him angrily. "You've always been making advancements steadily, even if it means sacrificing others. If you don't want to cooperate, then fine, tomorrow I will go look for Lan Xi myself."

After speaking, Yang Jing stood up to leave. But, she was held back by Luo Hao, "I didn't say I won't help you. Tomorrow, we'll go see President Lan together."

Luo Hao understood that An Zihao's threat was much bigger than Yang Jing's. Since he had an opportunity to take him down, he wasn't going to let it go to waste...

Midday the next day. Cheng Tian CEO's office. Lan Xi was a bit surprised as Yang Jing and Luo Hao walked into her office. She lifted her chin slightly and asked, "What is it? Speak. We have a press conference to organize at 2pm."

"President Lan, I am here to resign," Yang Jing handed her resignation to President Lan leisurely.

"Me too," Luo Hao also placed an envelope on Lan Xi's desk.

Lan Xi's expression changed as she questioned the two, "What is the meaning of this?"

"We are happy that Zihao has returned. But, as you know, we have an unhappy history with him, so it will be awkward for us to stick around. Since Zihao is back, then it is time for us to leave. We hope President Lan can fulfill our request!"

Lan Xi had a complicated look across her face as she slowly sneered, "Are you trying to threaten me?"

"President Lan, yesterday, Her Vision and I signed a contract. But, Zihao came between us and forced them to cancel my contract. I really don't want to make things difficult for you, but...I also don't want to make things difficult for myself. So, I hope you can fulfill my request."

Lan Xi clenched the letter in her hand; she had finally seen through their true intention, they wanted her to get rid of An Zihao. How could a CEO, like herself, be threatened by two managers?

"You can go downstairs first. This matter, I will handle as you please."

Yang Jing and Luo Hao looked at each other; a huge load had been taken off their shoulders.

Since Lan Xi had not authorized their resignation, it meant she was considering the other option. So, when she said she would handle the matter as they please, what she meant to say was, today's homecoming ceremony would now be turned into a dismissal ceremony.

Above all, they had control of Cheng Tian's resources and An Zihao had nothing. Yang Jing refused to believe that Lan Xi would risk putting Cheng Tian into turmoil for the sake of An Zihao.

Lan Xi watched as the two left her office. She had used so much self-control to hold back the urge to throw the resignation letters in their faces. How dare these two impudent fools try to threaten her?

Since they wanted to resign so badly. Their request was worth fulfilling!


2pm. The press conference was to go ahead as normal...

Today was a day that was worthy of celebrating for Cheng Tian, as ex-artists-director An Zihao was to return and help the business grow. Meanwhile, the media were trying to dig up as much dirt about An Zihao as possible. In particular, the news about him and Yun Xin's relationship was once again hyped up.

At this time, Tangning was on her way to Cheng Tian Entertainment. She was wearing a golden lace dress and around her neck hung a beautiful diamond necklace. Her hair was styled with soft curls and her makeup was glamorous without being overbearing; a look which was completely different to her usual plain style. Mo Ting, who was sitting beside her, couldn't help but take another look.

"What is it?" Tangning turned to question Mo Ting, revealing her delicate white neck, "You don't recognize me anymore?"

The usual Tangning didn't demand attention; she was quiet and pleasant. Whereas the Tangning, at this moment, was stylish and dazzling with the aura of a queen.

This change seemed to mimic Tangning's attitude. While she was planning out her revenge, she kept a low profile. However, from now on, she wanted to grab everyone's attention and amaze them.

Mo Ting straightened his posture and reached out to grab hold of Tangning's chin. Staring at her plump red lips, he couldn't help but kiss down on them, leaving his own lips stained with some of her lipstick.

Tangning was surprised. She smiled gently as she wiped his lips with her finger, "President Mo, what are you trying to do?"

"Trying to swallow you whole," Mo Ting gazed at Tangning as he whispered in a deep and seductive voice.

"It seems you like it when I wear lipstick."

"You look beautiful," Mo Ting admitted, "Wear it more often."

"OK, you can apply it for me..." Tangning gently nodded her head. She never imagined, such a small gesture could steal this man's heart. "Alright, I'm almost at Cheng Tian. I will get off here."

"If anything happens, give me a call."

"Even if you didn't say it, I would still call you...after all, you are the closest person to me."

Mo Ting was satisfied with her response as he smiled. The corners of lips curved high; his smile seemed to contain a magic that captured one's soul.

Tangning waved at Mo Ting. It was not until he had left that she contacted Lan Xi.

There was still half an hour until the press conference. Following Lan Xi's arrangements, Tangning made her way to Cheng Tian's secret waiting room and patiently waited for the show that was about to start.

All preparations were in place. At this time, Lan Xi told An Zihao about Yang Jing and Luo Hao's attempt to threaten her; she was furious.

Yang Jing and Luo Hao seemed to have lost themselves in an abyss of power and desire; they no longer took note of anything else.

" An Ge 1 , it's so good that you've returned..." After entering Cheng Tian, An Zihao ran into an old staff; it seemed she was looking forward to his return.

An Zihao smiled with a sense of distrust.

Just as they entered the lift, Yang Jing appeared with Mu Xia. They looked at each other. Yang Jing contained her unhappiness and turned her back to An Zihao.

"An Ge, now that you've returned, you won't be leaving us again, right?"

An Zihao glared at the back of Yang Jing's head, at the evil woman before him. His eyes were deep and complicated, but he didn't forget to reply, "Of course."

Hearing this, Yang Jing gave a "hmmph", but no one heard it. After the lift emptied out, she finally started speaking.

"You know what, I don't think President Lan is 100% satisfied with you. After all, you previously abandoned Cheng Tian and went overseas. What do you think?"

"I don't think it's up to a small manager like you to determine whether she is satisfied or not," An Zihao replied coldly.

"Really? In a moment...don't embarrass yourself," Yang Jing's words contained a deeper meaning. She didn't turn around to face An Zihao even once.

Of course, An Zihao knew what she was getting at as he too replied with a deeper meaning, "I guessed right about your contract getting canceled. I wonder what else I can guess right about."

"Yang Jing, remember this, Lan Xi did not depend on you to get Cheng Tian to this level!"

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