Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 301: Who's to Say You Aren't The One That Will Want to Sleep With Me?

Chapter 301: Who's to Say You Aren't The One That Will Want to Sleep With Me?

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Over the next few days, Mo Ting was completely occupied with taking over Star King.

Tangning didn't want him to be too tired, so she either suspended some of her jobs or asked Long Jie to handle them.

At this time, Tangning received an email from Fearles in France. They wanted her to be the first to see their costume design for the female lead of 'Stupid'. As soon as she saw the design, Tangning's mind began to imagine the personality of the character.

The female lead wasn't educated. She was discovered by a talent scout while she was washing dishes in a restaurant. After her debut, she was banned by multiple companies because she couldn't control her temper. But, in the end, she returned to the big screen with the help of a rich businessman. From that point on, she held the position of top actress for the next 30 years.

So, how did the male lead come into the picture? During the time she was being supported by a rich businessman, the female lead wasn't willing to give up her virginity to him. So, she went to look for the male lead's father - a talented athlete - and ended up having a one night stand...

This character appeared to spend her entire life doing childish things. But, in reality, she had been through a lot of difficulties and was mentally complex.

Especially after seeing Fearles costume design, Tangning felt the character was beginning to come to life.

The female lead didn't have many lines. So, whenever Tangning had nothing to do, she would memorize it and practice reciting it in front of the mirror. On one occasion, she was discovered by the busy Long Jie.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing much," Tangning replied calmly as she closed the script.

Long Jie didn't believe her as she approached curiously. She discovered the script in Tangning's hands; since she was standing in front of the mirror, could it be that she wanted to change career paths?

"Do you want to act?"

"Me? No way. I have no background in acting and haven't done any foundation work," Tangning shook her head. The only reason she was practicing in front of the mirror was because she felt a strong interest towards the character.

"You underestimate yourself too much," Long Jie shook her hands and sat beside Tangning, "However, that is exactly the reason why I am here." Long Jie handed an invite to Tangning, "Chanel's Perfume Launch. I've rejected all other invites."

"OK," Tangning nodded her head.

"Tangning, these days, only the big brand names have been looking for you. It makes me so happy," Long Jie exclaimed as she leaned against Tangning. "Especially after your relationship with Boss was revealed, those wanting to invite the two of you to attend their events together, have formed a line right out the door."

"Be honest with me, have you been trying to lose weight lately?" Tangning felt that Long Jie looked a bit skinnier.

"I can't hide it from you. During the times when we weren't at work, I've dropped by the gym a few times. Not bad, right? You can see the results?" Long Jie stood up and spun around a few times.

Tangning cleared her throat. She still had an opinion towards Long Jie's stomach...

"Why did you suddenly decide to lose weight? Don't you think it's alright for you to be a little chubby? You need a bit of meat on you to look good."

"Every time..." Long Jie's face flushed red as she sat back down next to Tangning and said, "Every time I go over to Lu Che's place and we end up kissing passionately, he would suddenly look like he's in pain and go to sleep on the sofa. It must be because of my figure..."

"You don't know why he's in pain?" Tangning asked.

"I still want to lose more weight. Which woman doesn't want to appear perfect in front of the person they love?"

"I don't think he minds. After all...he's already seen how you are." Actually, Long Jie was only slightly chubby, but this was what made her look good. "Plus, your relationship seems to be quite stable. When are you guys planning to settle down?"

"Not that fast," Long Jie replied. But after she thought about how Tangning and Mo Ting got married as soon as they met, she couldn't help but laugh, "What I mean is, I still want to enjoy my freedom for a little longer."

"That's enough talking. I've already given you the invite. The event will start 7pm tomorrow at Gold Hotels; I'll come pick you up at 6pm." After speaking, Long Jie stood up and said to Tangning, "Lu Che wants to eat dessert from a store on the west end of town. I'm going to go buy it now."

"Go ahead. Drive safe."

A woman in love really couldn't be messed with.

As she watched Long Jie leave, Tangning shook her head.

The dessert store Long Jie spoke of, only sold 100 bowls a day. If she was to go at this time, it wasn't guaranteed there would still be any left. As she thought about how Lu Che had mentioned the dessert multiple times, Long Jie sped up the car. However, an old lady walking a dog suddenly ran onto the road. Long Jie was so shocked she immediately swerved the car and smashed into the roadside protective barrier.

Long Jie's head smashed against the shattered glass of the window. After feeling dizzy for a little while, she fainted...

By the time she woke up, she realized she was in the hospital.

Lu Che was standing by her bed discussing her condition with the doctor.

A moment later, the doctor left. Lu Che then leaned over and asked, "You're finally awake? Do you feel unwell anywhere?"

Long Jie shook her head.

"Do you know how busy I've been the past few days?"

"Have I wasted your time?"

"It's bad enough that I was busy, I was even frightened half to death by you," Lu Che sighed, "You're not usually this impatient..."

"I wanted to buy dessert for you and was scared they would close before I got there," Long Jie explained. "You've mentioned it quite a few times. I know you've been working hard on Star King's take over and haven't got much rest. I simply wanted to cheer you up."

Lu Che let out a gentle laugh. He suddenly felt his tiredness disappear...

"I kept mentioning that dessert because I wanted to tempt you away from losing weight. I didn't actually want to eat it."

Long Jie: "..."

"So, I got myself into an accident for no reason?"

"Not exactly," Lu Che leaned over and whispered in Long Jie's ear, "At least you've given me half a day off work."

Long Jie threw a punch at Lu Che, however, Lu Che caught it and stopped her, "Fatty, let's go home."


Lu Che helped Long Jie up. At this time, the old lady that was walking a dog earlier, appeared in the room and started apologizing to Long Jie, "I'm so sorry little lady. I'm getting too old to control my dog."

"It's OK, I'm fine," Long Jie quickly responded, "Don't take it to heart."

"I've already paid your hospital fees. A person should live by their conscience. It's a shame though, I don't think I can keep the dog."

Long Jie looked at the rope burn on the lady's hands; it definitely took a lot of effort to take care of a big dog. So she offered, "How about you give the dog to me?"

Lu Che was helpless against Long Jie. They both obviously had no spare time, but he couldn't bear to turn down her enthusiasm. In actual fact, this was exactly the Long Man he knew in his heart; no matter what she experienced and no matter what situation she was put in to, she would still treat the world with curiosity and passion.

So, in the end, the couple returned home with a dog...

However, after they got home, Long Jie started to worry, "We should buy a kennel. Tonight we have no choice but to let it sleep on your sofa. But, where will you sleep?"

Lu Che hooked his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into the bedroom, "Tonight, I'm sleeping in bed!"

Long Jie nervously crossed her arms across her chest, "I am against pre-marital sex..."

"Who's to say you aren't the one that will want to sleep with me?" Lu Che teased.

Truthfully, over the time that Lu Che had been with Long Jie, Lu Che had opened up a lot...

Long Jie couldn't help but lower her head. In actual fact, she was indeed quite tempted.

She was already 30-years-old. Why was she still acting like a 17/18-year-old? But, even though they were both adults, she couldn't slap herself in the face and ask him to sleep with her.

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