Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 298: Don't Let Tangning Find Out

Chapter 298: Don't Let Tangning Find Out

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Father Quan was seriously ill...After being admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with gastric cancer.

After waking up in his hospital bed, the first thing Father Quan did was instruct his secretary to call for his lawyer and invite Mo Ting to see him.

Star King's people quickly heard of the news as they slowly piled into the hospital. Some told Father Quan to take care, while others requested for him to hand over his authority; these people had long had their eyes on the position.

Because his anger was triggered, Father Quan's stomach began to hurt even more. Seeing this, his secretary asked whether she should contact Quan Ye.

Father Quan shook his hand weakly. At this moment, in his current state, he didn't want Quan Ye to witness it.

Inside the hospital room, a few shareholders tried to convince Father Quan to hand over his shares. At least, they believed, it was better than giving the shares to Quan Ye.

However, Father Quan held on with all his life; not saying a word. His frail expression was filled with stubbornness and resentment.

If only he didn't fail at teaching Quan Ye.

If only he had put more effort into teaching his son, would today have turned out different?

"Chairman Quan...for the sake of the big picture, you should nod your head and agree to handing over your authority. If Star King is handed over to Quan Ye, we won't feel right."

"I'm not dead yet," Father Quan said in a raspy voice.

"We don't mean it that way..."

Not long after, Mo Ting entered the hospital room accompanied by bodyguards. As soon as they saw Mo Ting, the shareholders reacted with caution, "President Mo, why are you here?"

"I invited President Mo here..." Father Quan signalled for his secretary to help him up and to bring the lawyer over.

"I created Star King with my bare hands. I am well aware that I can't hand it over to my son because he is too incapable. But, there is no way I will hand it over to any of you!"

"In order to protect Star King, I have decided to sell my shares to Hai Rui. Star King will now become a part of Hai Rui."

Before Mo Ting could even sit down, Father Quan swiftly grabbed the contract out of his lawyer's hands and handed it to Mo Ting, "I know you are the only person that can make Star King better. So, Mo Ting, I am willing to use the lowest market price to sell all my shares to you. Are you interested?"

"My only condition cannot fire anyone from Star King."

Mo Ting received the contract and flipped through a few of the pages. He could suddenly sense the persistence Father Quan had towards Star King; he'd rather give it to an outsider than to leave it for his own people to destroy.

"What about your son?"

"I haven't done anything wrong to him. From now on, he will need to walk his own path," Father Quan shook his head as he held back his tears. He knew, even if he was to hand Star King to Quan Ye, it would one day end up in the hands of Mo Ting.

Rather than letting Star King feel defeated, he might as well hand it over now. At least this way, he could feel rest assured.

"I am a businessman, there is no way I would pass up an opportunity like this," Mo Ting replied.

"President Mo, this isn't right," Star King's people immediately protested.

"I am handing over my money and Old Man Quan is giving me his shares in exchange. In what way isn't this right?" Mo Ting asked. "Is it because you all want to take over the authority of Star King?"

"Did you think, as the CEO of Hai Rui, I wouldn't be able to control Star King?"

After feeling the full force of Mo Ting's might, the old men secretly wished at that moment that Quan Ye would show up to stop the deal. However, Quan Ye was still hiding out on his boat with no intention of returning to the mainland anytime soon.

"President Mo, Star King is in your hands from now on."

"Old Man Quan, as long as you don't regret this decision."

All Father Quan wanted was for Mo Ting to take over. He didn't care whether Mo Ting continued to run it as a modeling agency or something else. He knew, no matter what Mo Ting's decision was, it would be for the better. So, he did not worry at all.

"Too bad, though...I am worried about my son but there is no way I can watch over him for the rest of his life."

After hearing this, Mo Ting didn't know how to respond. As he was already married, to a certain degree, he could understand how Father Quan felt. After all, he too would someday become a father.

"Old Man Quan, take care."

"I'll leave Star King with you," Father Quan said solemnly.

So, within a day, a few big events happened within the entertainment industry. Firstly, it was Hai Rui's chain of PR successes, followed by Mo Ting's revelation and lastly...whispers amongst the industry rumored that Hai Rui was about to take over Star King!

Hai Rui taking over Star King...

Star King's staff were suddenly in a panic. At this time, Father Quan asked his secretary to pass on a message: Mo Ting had agreed not to change the structure of Star King and not to fire a single person!

So, did this mean, Star King was really going to be taken over by Hai Rui?

News quickly spread to the spoilt heir from his friends. As soon as he heard, he quickly rushed to the hospital. As he arrived, Hai Rui and Star King were finalizing the contract with their lawyers.

Quan Ye's eyes were red as he pounced towards the men, however, he was stopped by Mo Ting's bodyguards.

"Mo Ting, if you want revenge, you should come after me. Leave Star King alone and leave my father alone."

"If you had been this responsible to begin with, Star King would not have needed an outsider like myself to protect it," Mo Ting sneered. "Over the years, have you contributed the tiniest bit to Star King?"

Quan Ye breathed heavily as he clenched his fists.

"From today onward, you are no longer the heir to Star King..."

Quan Ye looked at Father Quan in disbelief as he handed the completely signed contract to Mo Ting, "Mo Ting, from now on, I am really depending on you!"

"Father, would you really rather give Star King to an outsider than to me?"

"Star King has a lot of people to support. Someone like you, who only knows how eat, drink and play, won't be able to support them," Father Quan replied harshly. "So they say, ' to feed without teaching, is the father's fault 1 '. Right now, I am receiving my retribution!"

"I am going to leave first, you two can continue to catch up." After receiving the contract, Mo Ting turned to leave, however, Quan Ye pulled a military dagger, which he kept for protection, out of his pocket and pointed it towards Mo Ting's waist.

Everyone was shocked...

Luckily, Mo Ting reacted quickly and dodged just in time. His waist only suffered a slight scratch on the surface. Although there was blood, it wasn't serious.

Mo Ting's bodyguards immediately held Quan Ye against the ground, "Watch it!"

Father Quan's emotions were once again stimulated, causing his stomach to be in so much pain that he fainted. Meanwhile, Quan Ye collapsed to the ground screaming, "I dare you to kill me!"

"You think too highly of yourself," Mo Ting covered the left side of his hip as he knelt in front of Quan Ye, "Without your father and Star King's protection, I wonder how you will continue to survive in Beijing."

After speaking, Mo Ting stood up. At this moment, Lu Che noticed Mo Ting holding onto his waist and immediately ran up to him, "President? Is it serious? Do you need the hospital to look at it?"

"Don't let Tangning find out..."

Lu Che looked at Mo Ting awkwardly as he replied, "I'm sorry President, I've already given the madam a call. She is on her way."

"So, I think it's best if you behave and go get your wound bandaged..."

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